Christmas In August & Hurricane Lane Threatens Hawaii

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Major Hurricane Lane with 150 mph sustained winds with gusts to 190 mph is going to make a strong turn towards Hawaii.  This tops the weather news today.  In a comment yesterday I explained how we are in the same pattern as we move through August into September.  The new LRC evolves from the moment the jet stream reaches its weakest strength and farthest north position in the first half of August until it is set by the first week or so of October.  The old LRC, however, dominates and continues through late September.  Right now we are likely 98% the old pattern and around 2% of the new.  So, in other words, it is still the same pattern in this seventh cycle of the LRC.  And, you can see the comparison below:

LRC Comparison Christmast Week & August

We are moving through the part of the cycling pattern that finally had our first accumulation of snow around December 24th, Christmas Eve.  A system, quite similar to the one we just experienced, moved across the plains and we had snow, then two days later it snowed again the day after Christmas. And, we just had a storm system, and two days later another one is moving in.  It is not a coincidence. It is the same pattern.  Pretty fascinating right!  Just look at the maps above, and look closely. The same pattern in the heart of winter has returned in the heart of summer.  Speaking of summer; there is a huge warm up that will arrive by the weekend, and there will be a good chance of thunderstorms on the leading edge of this big warm up around Thursday into early Friday.


This second system will track across the region later this week, and some heavy thunderstorms are possible by late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning as you can see above.

Major Hurricane Lane:

Hurricane Lane Hawaii August 21 2018

165 mph mph winds were measured by hurricane hunters flying through the Major Hurricane Lane earlier this morning.  The Central Pacific Hurricane Center is suggesting that Lane has 150 mph wind sustained near the surface. Lane, on the latest Euro and GFS models takes a turn into the big island of Hawaii by Friday.  And, then weakens it rapidly.  This is a very dangerous storm, so hopefully it will lose strength as the big turn over slightly cooler waters happens.

Hurricane Lane 72 Hour Forecast GFS

The map above shows Lane right at the time it is forecast to make the hard turn north right into the big island. All of the islands will have impacts, but the question will be how much impact?  We will learn a lot more in the coming days. I was recently on Kauai, the farthest west main island. Honolulu is on the island just west of Kauai.  Let’s monitor it together in the next few days

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Go to the weather blog on Weather2020.com and join in the conversation.  Have a terrific Tuesday!


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