Wet Storm on The Way


Good Tuesday,

It looks like we will have the wettest day since October 6th, tomorrow, March 29th.  All we need is 0.68″ to break the streak and tomorrow we could easily see over 1″.  Some locations will see 2″-3″.  The storm will have in general three main rounds of heavier rain and a few thunderstorms.  In between . . . → Read More: Wet Storm on The Way

Two Rain Systems Down, One to Go


Good Monday,

The second rain system we have been tracking is now exiting Missouri.  We are now turning our attention to a third rain system that is due in Wednesday and Thursday.  This system has the best  chance to bring widespread rainfall amounts over 1″.  The rest of today through Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and dry . . . → Read More: Two Rain Systems Down, One to Go

Three Storm Systems


Good Saturday,

Well it is no secret that we need rain and we are in the midst of the first of three storm systems the next seven days.  This storm is fairly strong, but the rain areas have been scattered and some locations have seen as much as 1″-4″ of rain, while others have seen a trace . . . → Read More: Three Storm Systems

The Drought May Be About To Get A Little Break


Good evening bloggers,

A drought has been growing over Missouri and it has been expanding in recent weeks. There is a series of storm systems now approaching and Kansas City and surrounding communities should get some rain. The question will be “will it be enough”?  Hopefully by next week we will have had two or three inches . . . → Read More: The Drought May Be About To Get A Little Break

Simple, We Need Rain!


Good Wednesday,

We are about 7.50″ below average rainfall since October 7th with a total rainfall of about 3.79″.  So, we need the rain and there are good chances in the forecast.  Before we get to the rain we are going to have a Thursday warm surge.  So, let’s go through this series of weather changes.

THURSDAY MORNING: . . . → Read More: Simple, We Need Rain!

Six Storm Systems Are Showing Up For KC


Good morning bloggers,

There are six storm systems showing up in the next fifteen days. At the end of this blog we will look deeper into the first two of these storm systems. This will be a big test for our dry pattern that we have been in since the LRC set up almost six months ago.

This . . . → Read More: Six Storm Systems Are Showing Up For KC

Another 80 Degree Day & Lake Tahoe Fills Up


Good morning bloggers,

Spring began this morning with lightning and thunder over Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio while Kansas City continues to be dry.  The day started with a very rare March MCS tracking through The Ohio Valley this morning. This is the type of feature we may see in May or June, definitely not March. Kansas City . . . → Read More: Another 80 Degree Day & Lake Tahoe Fills Up

Several Rain Chances


Good Sunday,

Well, we need the rain, and the first of several rain chances this week is occurring today.  The rain today is a symbol of the kind of rain we will be seeing this week with coverage and amounts a concern.

SUNDAY 7 AM WEATHER TRACK RADAR: You can see the few downpours.  Hopefully your yard or . . . → Read More: Several Rain Chances

In Search of Rain


Good Saturday,

It was a beautiful sunrise with the cirrus and altocumulus clouds.

We are in for a nice end of winter day with a mostly sunny sky and highs in the low 60s.  The forecast for Sunday becomes tricky as a warm front approaches.  Highs will range from near 90° in western Kansas to 40s in eastern . . . → Read More: In Search of Rain

The Great Kansas City Snow Drought


Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

While New York City is about to get hit again this weekend with up to 5 inches of snow, Kansas City has had less than 5″ of snow the entire winter. The weather pattern is cycling as described by the LRC. In our winter forecast, made four months ago, we discussed one of . . . → Read More: The Great Kansas City Snow Drought