The Dry First Half Of June May Be About To Change


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The weather pattern is fairly active across the northern third of the United States. This activity will attempt to shift south over the next few days. There continue to be many areas that have been very dry during this first half of June. If you remember, it was dry for the first 17 days . . . → Read More: The Dry First Half Of June May Be About To Change

Moderate Risk Over Wyoming Today As Heat Builds Over The East

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.14.44 AM

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Listening and watching the national media today discuss “a major heat wave is happening today and 155 million people are in the path of above average temperatures” is making my eyes roll this morning.  I just saw it again on one of the networks, “Intense Heat Wave”.  I am rolling my eyes again.  The . . . → Read More: Moderate Risk Over Wyoming Today As Heat Builds Over The East

Dry Start to June


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May 15th to June 15th is on average the wettest time of year for the Plains and Midwest as we average 0.15″ to 0.20″ of rain per day.  So, for it to be so dry this time of year is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Here are some rainfall totals for the first eleven . . . → Read More: Dry Start to June

Here Comes Some Heat


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The drying trend will continue through at least Tuesday.  There is no chance of rain at all over the entire Kansas City viewing area, and this rare at this time of the year.  Thunderstorms usually form out west and northwest across the Rocky Mountains and high plains of eastern Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming,  and South . . . → Read More: Here Comes Some Heat

Summer Heat Is Developing


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Blog Update: We are in the process of combining the Weather2020 blog and the Action Weather blog. This will take another week or two to work out the details, so thank you for your patience. The Weather2020 blog has been a great place for the die-hard weather enthusiasts to share in this weather experience . . . → Read More: Summer Heat Is Developing

Another Great Afternoon In KC


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Wow, what a day. Take a look at this picture from over the stadium complex at 5 PM:

There was barely even one cloud in the sky. I did see one.  The weather pattern will be gradually changing over the next few days as discussed in our previous blog.  We are about to open . . . → Read More: Another Great Afternoon In KC

A Storm Moves Into The Western States


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As a storm heads into the western states, high pressure is dominating the Great Lakes back into the plains states.  Remember, the wind blows away from high pressure and towards low pressure. A high pressure area is right near the Mississippi River this morning and you can see the wind flow around this system:

This . . . → Read More: A Storm Moves Into The Western States

Six More Dry Days


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We will look into the shifting weather pattern in today’s blog entry.  The weather pattern continues to cycle as described by the LRC. We are in the same pattern that produced very little snow during the winter, but a adequate rainfall during the spring. Our west, the storm systems continue to come into the . . . → Read More: Six More Dry Days

The Backdoor Cold Front Has Moved Through & A Look Into Our Next Storm


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Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

Today-Thursday: GREAT WEATHER with sunshine, low humidity and warm.  Highs 77-80 degrees with no chance of rain
Friday: Becoming humid with south winds returning. Highs warming back into the 80s

The Cycling Weather Pattern

We often show the biggest, most amplified features to showcase the LRC. These are usually deeps storms or big ridges. . . . → Read More: The Backdoor Cold Front Has Moved Through & A Look Into Our Next Storm

90° Watch


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We may very likely reach 90° today ahead of a back door cold front.  It has been 257 days since we officially reached 90° in KC.  The average first 90° high is May 27th, so we are just a bit late.  If we miss today, there will be a chance by the weekend.



The hottest day . . . → Read More: 90° Watch