Will It Turn Wet Or Not?

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Good morning bloggers,

The only alerts that are numerous this morning are the smog alerts, the ozone alerts in gray.  It is a fairly quiet morning across the United States when it comes to watches, warnings, and advisories.  There are complexes of thunderstorms, however:

There is a disturbance coming our way, and yet we are not sure if . . . → Read More: Will It Turn Wet Or Not?

If we are going to avoid a drought, then………..


Good morning bloggers,

If we are going to avoid a drought, then a few things must happen and soon.  As we cycle into the summer version of this years pattern, the jet stream will continue to weaken and lift north. The jet stream is caused by temperature contrasts.  As we move through late spring and summer, the . . . → Read More: If we are going to avoid a drought, then………..

Same Pattern, Tough Rainfall Forecast


Good Tuesday bloggers,

It is no secret that we need rain as the drought is increasing, north of I-70, in Missouri and continues across much of Kansas. It is also no secret that we have come to this position due to the weather pattern that set up in October and November and continues to cycle.

Let’s think back . . . → Read More: Same Pattern, Tough Rainfall Forecast

Sprinkler Warning Update


Good Monday bloggers,

We should be talking about a large area of rain and thunderstorms today tracking across Kansas. Why? Well, it is early June, which is on average the wettest time of year and there is a nice disturbance heading across the state. However, since we lost the higher dew points, we are talking about thick . . . → Read More: Sprinkler Warning Update

Sprinkler Warning


Good Sunday bloggers,

Today is starting totally opposite of the way Saturday began as we have a clear sky, almost no wind and temperatures in the 50s. This afternoon will be spectacular with highs in the low 80s. Now, most locations still need rain as we teeter on drought conditions. The thunderstorms from Saturday in the KC . . . → Read More: Sprinkler Warning

Saturday Morning Severe T-Storms


Good Saturday bloggers,

We were tracking an area of thunderstorms all night that started in Nebraska. We felt they would turn southeast and affect eastern Kansas and western Missouri this morning and that is exactly what happened.  A pocket of dew points around 75° moved in ahead of these thunderstorms allowing them to stay alive. Some locations received . . . → Read More: Saturday Morning Severe T-Storms

The Cap & The Chance Of Overnight Thunderstorms


Good morning bloggers,

Get ready for a hot Friday afternoon in Kansas City. Today may be a rather exciting day for me, as I will likely be interviewing Al Roker this afternoon on our 4 PM newscast.  What should I ask him?  There is a risk of severe weather to our north tonight.  There is also a . . . → Read More: The Cap & The Chance Of Overnight Thunderstorms

Another Miss For KC


Good morning bloggers,

I titled the blog “Another Miss For KC” because it is sprinkling this morning despite a spinning disturbance perfectly located to bring a solid inch of rain to the Kansas City community.   Take a look at the rainfall totals estimated as of 7:15 AM:

This system did about what I expected it to do. . . . → Read More: Another Miss For KC

Severe Weather Risks Next Few Days


Good afternoon bloggers,

This weather pattern continues to amaze us with some extremes.  Just look at the difference from April to May.  This is a huge contrast. KC has been thrust from Winter to Summer with around a three week period of spring, well it seems anyway.  A front stalled just north of KC and we ended . . . → Read More: Severe Weather Risks Next Few Days

Thunderstorms Approaching Tuesday Night


Good late evening or early morning bloggers,

6:50 aM Update:  The thunderstorms did end up falling apart, but after they produced a few heavy downpours.  St. Joseph, MO finally had one of the better thunderstorms with over an inch reported.  Other areas were hit and miss, including my place in Overland Park that only received 0.17″.

I have . . . → Read More: Thunderstorms Approaching Tuesday Night