A hot holiday weekend


If you’ve been waiting for a weekend to head to the lake or splash around in the pool, this may be it. We’re going to get a bit of a September sizzle. Almost fitting since Labor Day is the unofficial end to Summer.

It’s a copy & paste sort of forecast. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday will all . . . → Read More: A hot holiday weekend

How good are long range predictions?


Good late evening or early morning bloggers,

Many long range forecasts for this fall and winter have come out, and if you know me, then you likely know how I feel about any long range prediction that is made that includes dates past the first week of October. The new pattern sets up in early October, so . . . → Read More: How good are long range predictions?

September averages & could there be a brief shower soon?


Good late evening or early morning bloggers,

We hope you have had a great summer. We have finally moved into September and what was about to be a rather wet summer ended up drying out in spots, especially the northern part of the city.  KCI Airport ended up with 15.31″ of rain from June 1st to August . . . → Read More: September averages & could there be a brief shower soon?

Looking back at our summer forecast!


Good evening bloggers,

As we move into September, let’s look back on how we did in our summer forecast.  Our winter and spring forecasts were quite accurate, and it appears we have continued our hot streak of predicting the weather long range using the LRC. This past winter we forecasted 17 inches of snow and 14 inches . . . → Read More: Looking back at our summer forecast!

Morning Fog and Look into Labor Day





Good Sunday morning bloggers,

We are having a foggy start to your Sunday.  In some locations the clouds are just off the ground and visibility is 1-2 miles or more.  In other areas the clouds are on the ground and visibility is under 1 mile or zero.

VISIBILITY SUNDAY MORNING: As of 7 AM the lowest visibility was . . . → Read More: Morning Fog and Look into Labor Day

It Looks Like Rain


Good Saturday bloggers,

The system that brought us the heavy downpours that last 2 days is off to the east.  In it’s wake are low clouds.  These clouds will be hard to get rid of this weekend, but we should see some breaks later this afternoon and evening.  Now, it surely looks like rain, but 99.9% of . . . → Read More: It Looks Like Rain

Strange weather day!


Good evening bloggers,

Do you remember the day when snow fell in a band from north to south right over the KC metro area, I believe it was February 19th?  Today reminds me of that day as north to south bands of thunderstorms developed. Here is the first one that formed early this morning and by 9:11 . . . → Read More: Strange weather day!

Chance of Thunderstorms


Good Wednesday bloggers,

We are enjoying yet another very nice summer day with highs in the low 80s along with low humidity.  We have been talking about and tracking a storm system since Monday.  Right now it is over Utah as it comes north from the southwest summer monsoon.  This storm will turn east and be in . . . → Read More: Chance of Thunderstorms

Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday


Good Tuesday bloggers,

This great summer weather will last through Wednesday, then we track a change.  First lets discuss the great weather.

TUESDAY WEATHER SET UP:  High pressure will continue to dominate as it sits over southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.  Highs will range from the 70s in Iowa to near 90° in western Kansas.  90° is not . . . → Read More: Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday

Beautiful Weather


Good Monday bloggers,

The weather is about as good as it gets for this time of year.  Lows are in the 50s, highs are around 80° along with abundant sunshine and a light wind.

LOWS TODAY: The low was 50° in KC, 2 degrees from  a record.  St. Joseph dropped to 46° and Valentine, NE dropped to 39°.

MONDAY . . . → Read More: Beautiful Weather