Rain Misses Us


Morning Bloggers!

Here is a screen shot of ESP Live as of 8:30 AM:

At least some of our viewing area is getting rain from Junction City, KS to Garnett, KS where there is a line of light to moderate rainfall.  Most of the rain will be in Oklahoma today and this will impact their temperatures.  Tulsa’s high . . . → Read More: Rain Misses Us

Broken Record


Good Morning Bloggers!

I’m about to sound like a broken record for the next week.  Very quiet and boring pattern with the neighbors to the southwest getting a nice soaking of rain tomorrow.  Look at the Day 1-3 QPF from the Weather Prediction Center!!!

It is very sad to have the rain that close, but get NOTHING!  The . . . → Read More: Broken Record

Fall-like Weather Returns


Good Morning Bloggers!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  It was REALLY nice yesterday with high temperatures staying in the upper 80s.  Well, today is even better with temperatures staying in the lower 80s.  We are starting off in the lower 60s, but a few spots including Kansas City dropped to 59° this morning.  As of . . . → Read More: Fall-like Weather Returns

Dew points make the difference


What a difference a 20° drop in the dew point makes, huh? This morning when I was on the air, our dew points were in the 70s.

Now, here at 4:00 in the afternoon, these are the dew point values:

If you’ve been outside at all, you can tell a big difference. Despite the fact our temps are . . . → Read More: Dew points make the difference

Summer goes on vacation — again.


Waking up this morning, it’s still a little humid outside. I have yet to see the outdoors since about 1p Saturday, but the production crew that just arrived tells me it still feels sticky out there. Our dewpoints are high still this morning (as of 6am):

Going through the day, we’ll continue to pull in drier–and nicer–air . . . → Read More: Summer goes on vacation — again.

The Summer Sizzle will fizzle by Sunday


8p Update
Here are the high temps for today around the region. The hot air was sitting just to our East.

The late-day sunshine helped us rally, a-la the Royals, to get closer to the high. Still, the forecast I had from this morning was for 94 at KCI. Yesterday’s forecast was for it to be 97. We . . . → Read More: The Summer Sizzle will fizzle by Sunday

Friday early AM update

1 PM

We are still on track to heat up this afternoon, however we have dropped the temperature for today. We’ve pulled it down to 98°. But again, that’s not the full story. There is a heat advisory in place for the area.

This is because surface temperatures will combine with high dewpoints (in the 70s) making it feel . . . → Read More: Friday early AM update

Putting the “fry” in Friday

3 PM

You think it’s been hot this summer? You haven’t felt anything yet.

As we go into Friday, a warm front is set to move across the area. This will swing the winds to the South/Southwest and increase to around 10-20mph. We will be in the perfect setup to see highs temperatures soar. By now, you’ve probably heard . . . → Read More: Putting the “fry” in Friday

80 Degree Dew Point Watch


Good evening bloggers,

8:20 PM Update:

I am not sure if I have ever experienced this before, but the dew point is now right around 80 degrees and there wasn’t a cloud in sight when I was writing this.  The part I don’t believe I have experienced is the fact that there wasn’t one cloud and there is . . . → Read More: 80 Degree Dew Point Watch

The Hottest Day of the Year


Good morning Bloggers,

We have seen five days this year with a temperature of 90 degrees and above and this includes yesterday’s daytime high temperature of 92°.  Today will likely be the hottest day of the year with a daytime high of 97°, but it could feel 10 degrees hotter.

We have a Heat Advisory in place until . . . → Read More: The Hottest Day of the Year