The Last Cold Blast!


Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern is going through a huge change. We are at the end of the current cold wave. This is the third cold wave of the cycling weather pattern.  You can learn more about this on the blog at Weather2020.com.  We also have an announcement tonight, something that has been a 365 day . . . → Read More: The Last Cold Blast!

Snowfall totals & the next chance for snow


Like a hungry kid holding a cookie in one hand and a cupcake in the other, we’re left wanting more. A fair amount of snow blanketed the area Saturday into Sunday, yet some are already asking when the next chance will be.

Let’s list off some snowfall amounts. These are listed from highest to lowest and come . . . → Read More: Snowfall totals & the next chance for snow

Storm Mostly Over, Next One On The Way


Good Sunday bloggers,

There is one last batch of snow with this storm.  It is tracking south of KC with snow showers, some very heavy.  Some spots could see a quick new 1″.



The rest of today will be mostly cloudy and dry after this last snow area moves away.  Our next storm arrives Monday . . . → Read More: Storm Mostly Over, Next One On The Way

Saturday snowfall update

1 PM

10:30pm Update Saturday
The first round of snow is still hanging on in the area as some new bands are trying to redevelop just to the Southwest of KC. These should pass through over the next two hours or so, moving to the East/Northeast, and then we’ll get a break overnight.

This activity may wind up adding another . . . → Read More: Saturday snowfall update

Snowy Saturday


Good Saturday bloggers,

The snow is heading our way as if 7 AM. It will arrive between 9 am and 11 am. The snow will continue all afternoon, tonight, ending 8-10 AM Sunday. The intensity of the snow this afternoon will be light to moderate, 1/8″ to 1/2″ per hour. Then, tonight the rates will drop to . . . → Read More: Snowy Saturday

Prepping for Saturday snow


11am Saturday Update
As I am sure many know by now: the snow has started. We’ll likely see two rounds out of this system. One round of snow this morning into this afternoon. Then another round later tonight into tomorrow morning.
The RPM model suggests this first round will end around 7pm or so tonight. This is the . . . → Read More: Prepping for Saturday snow

The latest raw snow output for Saturday/Sunday


Obviously a lot of eyeballs on the weekend forecast. Plus a lot of fingers on keyboards talking about it. Guilty.
And now that we are within 48 hours, more short-range models (with higher resolution detail) can pick up on things. This is good!

With this post I simply want to show you the latest forecast raw outputs in . . . → Read More: The latest raw snow output for Saturday/Sunday

Cold Friday, Snow for the Weekend


 10 AM Update from Gary:

Good late morning bloggers. Kalee posted a blog below, and I am adding in some thoughts on this storm. There area still a few details to work through as this system approaches. There appears two be two waves of energy that will produce snow between now and Sunday afternoon.  The first wave . . . → Read More: Cold Friday, Snow for the Weekend

An in-depth look at the weekend

18zWed GFS

The wild ride is about to begin, I hope you’re buckled in and ready to go. Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle; we don’t need any accidents. And I hope you can stay with me on this blog. There is a lot to talk about!

This may turn into a blog for our more . . . → Read More: An in-depth look at the weekend

A bright, sunshiny day


What a difference a day can make, right? If yesterday was Dr. Jekyll then today must be Mr. Hyde. If only that good doctor could write the atmosphere a prescription to control these mood swings. I mean seriously, we drove off a cliff in terms of temperatures Wednesday night. This simple meteogram shows the dramatic drop . . . → Read More: A bright, sunshiny day