A Preliminary Look Into The Winter Forecast


Good Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning bloggers,

This storm system is spinning north across Kansas, which finally broke the ice on the long dry spell that was shattered apart yesterday with over two inches of rain in many spots. There is another system approaching us on Friday and I will be discussing that one over on the . . . → Read More: A Preliminary Look Into The Winter Forecast

Tornadoes and Snow


Good Tuesday bloggers,

The significant storm system we have been talking about for days arrived Monday, and wow what a bunch of crazy weather it produced.  First, there were about 40 tornado reports from western Kansas south to the Texas panhandle.  This was quite rare for this time of year.  Usually when you have a tornado outbreak . . . → Read More: Tornadoes and Snow

The Main Rain Arrives Tonight


Good Monday bloggers,

Last night we had the first round of rain with a lead disturbance.  Amounts were more generous across Missouri.  We need much more than this as most locations are in either a moderate drought or abnormally dry.  Let’s go through the forecast and time out the rain.


TONIGHT:  The first round will arrive between 9 . . . → Read More: The Main Rain Arrives Tonight

Rain still on track | Taste of Winter next weekend


The main focus will be for the rain coming our way tonight into Monday and again Monday night into Tuesday. As of this evening, everything is still on track. This is the radar as of 5:20p.

That rain should continue to work this way and arrive in the general Metro KC area after midnight. Best window, to . . . → Read More: Rain still on track | Taste of Winter next weekend

Needed rain headed our way


Plenty of wind again this afternoon and temperatures soared well above average. We topped out in the 60s today.

Tonight, we’ll keep the breeze going. That’s going to help keep the temperatures up just a little bit. You may still need a jacket if you have plans outside.

For Sunday, the sun will mix with clouds from time . . . → Read More: Needed rain headed our way

Tracking Two Storm Systems


Good Saturday bloggers,

The last two months we have gone from normal soil conditions to abnormally dry/moderate drought in many locations.  So, rain is needed.  We have 2 storm systems the next 5 days and lets hope we get that allusive widespread rain.  So, lets go through the forecast.

SATURDAY:  It will be a sunny day with highs . . . → Read More: Tracking Two Storm Systems

Fire concerns due to wind & dry conditions


No doubt about it, yesterday was just a bit on the breezy side. The wind speeds were pretty high through the entire day, but the occasional wind gusts were something else. Here is a list of just a few of the highest gusts recorded on Wednesday.

Lee’s Summit takes the prize with the highest reading. Not to . . . → Read More: Fire concerns due to wind & dry conditions

Snow & Tornadoes In The Same Spots


Good late evening or early morning bloggers,

Wow, what a storm. And, yes, it will be cycling back through in future LRC cycles.  For now, look at what it did.  I do not believe I have seen anything like this before. There were many tornado reports in Iowa today, and then this evening, just a few hours . . . → Read More: Snow & Tornadoes In The Same Spots

Severe Weather Risk On Wednesday


Good evening bloggers,

There is a risk of severe thunderstorms on Wednesday as a powerful storm system kicks out into the plains. It has already produced a third snowfall to the California mountains, and this energetic system is now moving our way.  As you can see below, there is a slight risk of severe weather, and as . . . → Read More: Severe Weather Risk On Wednesday

Keeping tabs on Wednesday


Just a quick update, since not much will change for Monday & Tuesday. Those two days look to be mild for this time of year, with highs in the 60s. I do think it will be a little breezy Monday, then a bit milder on Tuesday.

The big story is Wednesday. I’m still expecting a storm system . . . → Read More: Keeping tabs on Wednesday