Some Rain Enters The Forecast


Good morning bloggers,

The weather pattern continues to go through it’s seasonal transition.  Right now, as we continue to wait for our first freeze, the weather pattern is anything but a cold one.  Back in 1996 on this date there was a 6 to 8 inch snowstorm in what was called “the October Surprise”.  Rain changed to . . . → Read More: Some Rain Enters The Forecast

Great World Series Weather


Good morning bloggers,

Can you believe it? The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. Every morning, when I wake up, I just can’t believe it. It is like a dream.  Well, it’s real and it begins tonight. The weather could not be any better as we move into the last . . . → Read More: Great World Series Weather

Boring for us is great for you!

2 PM

Meteorologists across most of the country are having the same problem today: finding something to talk about! Another day of benign weather for most of the USA. But boring for us is good for you!

The map above shows current alerts across the country. There is an area near the East Coast that is under active frost . . . → Read More: Boring for us is great for you!

A warming trend coming our way


Days like this, it’s tough to find things to write about in the ol’ blog! Despite a chilly morning with lows in the lower 40s, we managed to bounce into the lower 60s this afternoon with lots of sunshine.

As I pointed out in the newscast tonight, there is a subtle little swirl in the upper atmosphere . . . → Read More: A warming trend coming our way

Minor change for Friday, but steady as she goes for us


Still soaking in that Royals win? I know many are! If only the weather here was as exciting, right? We have a pretty ho-hum forecast in store for the next several days. That said, there is a weak little cold front knocking on our door tonight.

Looking at just the surface temps, it’s not easy to find.

However, . . . → Read More: Minor change for Friday, but steady as she goes for us

All that matters today…


Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals!!

If you’re wondering: right now the trends suggest that Game 1 of the World Series in Kansas City will be great: sunny to partly cloudy with highs near 70°.

Check out this sunset show from 6:30p over Kauffman. Amazing. What a season, what a team, what a feeling.

Congrats to the team and . . . → Read More: All that matters today…

Quiet weather tonight but loud at The K

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The rain is gone, the sun came back and yesterday is but a memory. However, the wind has been pesky. We mentioned several times yesterday that the wind would be a factor. As we move more toward sundown, the winds should taper off. They won’t completely drop off, but they will ease up. Here is what . . . → Read More: Quiet weather tonight but loud at The K

A washout for Game 3 Monday; what about for Tuesday?

1 PM

9:30p Update

The rain continues but is starting to taper off. Latest report from the NWS says rainfall for the month of October is now at 8.86″. So that means:

I’ll have more on this plus some new info on the Royals forecast for tomorrow night. Hope to see you at 10p.


As you do doubt heard by . . . → Read More: A washout for Game 3 Monday; what about for Tuesday?

Wettest October Ever?



The new data is in and there is very little change.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms will move in 6 AM to 9 AM Monday with the rain basically lasting into Tuesday morning.  So, Game 3 is in serious jeopardy and we will easily become the second wettest October ever and have our eyes . . . → Read More: Wettest October Ever?

Cloudy but mild going into Sunday

3 PM

Those up early this morning or who slept with the window open (like I did) woke up to a chill this morning! Our lows dipped down into the thirties in many areas.

Along our northern tier of counties, temps were close to freezing and some saw frost. This may happen again tonight in that same area. However, . . . → Read More: Cloudy but mild going into Sunday