Thunderstorms Will Be Developing Soon


Good afternoon bloggers,

Here is a quick update before thunderstorms develop and affect our area. A pretty strong July cold front is inching our way. Here is the 1:30 PM surface map:


Dew points are quite high and this extreme humidity is going to result in very high rainfall rates. The amount of flooding will depend on how . . . → Read More: Thunderstorms Will Be Developing Soon

A Month’s or More of Rain


Good Monday bloggers,

I hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.  It was dry all weekend, and as you know we cannot more than 2-3 days without rain and our time is up.  There is a very good chance of thunderstorms later today and tonight.  Rain chances will linger through Wednesday and Thursday. . . . → Read More: A Month’s or More of Rain

Severe weather potential Monday night


As expected, the dew points really shot up today leading to a much more humid afternoon compared to yesterday and Friday. These are the heat index values as of 5pm Sunday.

Now with this “juice” in place, we’re setting ourselves up for some strong to severe thunderstorms Monday. The SPC has placed us in a “slight risk”.

Powercast . . . → Read More: Severe weather potential Monday night

Keeps eyes on Sunday


First off, a very happy independence day to you and yours.

It’s going to be a great night tonight for pretty much anything you have planned. The Royals game should be great.

If you plan to catch a fireworks show tonight or just have one of your own, it is shaping up to be an awesome night.

Turning our . . . → Read More: Keeps eyes on Sunday

An enjoyable holiday weekend


I am not sure if it can get any nicer than this. Given the amount of rain we’ve had over the last several weeks–and how it’s rained pretty much every weekend since the middle of March–it is surprising that we have no rain in the forecast this Saturday and Sunday. The other side of the coin: . . . → Read More: An enjoyable holiday weekend

SPC Risks This Evening


Good late afternoon bloggers,

Here is this afternoon’s surface map.  A low pressure area has developed over eastern Kansas and as of 3 PM there was a slowly sagging front near Kansas City. This front is slowly moving south.  There is also an outflow boundary that is still well defined over southern Missouri weakening as it tracks . . . → Read More: SPC Risks This Evening

A risk of severe weather this afternoon


We experienced some more strong overnight storms early this morning. This is a radar grab from 1am when a strong little line of storms developed almost right over the same area that was hit last week.

The NWS office at Pleasant Hill reported a 60mph wind gust as these storms rolled through. It also knocked out more . . . → Read More: A risk of severe weather this afternoon

Severe Weather Risk Later Today


Good morning bloggers,

Welcome to July! Right after midnight, on July 1st, rain and a few thunderstorms were increasing.  The weather pattern is quite interesting as we move into the second half of 2015.  There is a severe weather risk today.  The risk is slight, but there are a few features that have our attention.  We will . . . → Read More: Severe Weather Risk Later Today

Another Odd day of Weather


Good Tuesday bloggers,

The sky today was not your typical looking sky.  It was very white/orange/brown from the thick smoke overhead from the Alaska and northwest Canada fires.  Then, throw in some afternoon mid level clouds and you get a unique color to the sky.  This smoke has come in on northwest flow.  Now, will thunderstorms come . . . → Read More: Another Odd day of Weather

Smoke and Thunderstorms


Good Monday evening bloggers,

The weather has calmed down a bit, but that will change in a day or two.  First, during this calm weather we have had a milky, whitish haze in the sky.  Sunday evening it became thick and gray.  This is smoke at 20,000-30,000 feet from massive wildfires in Alaska and northwest Canada.  We . . . → Read More: Smoke and Thunderstorms