The Hottest Day of the Year


Good morning Bloggers,

We have seen five days this year with a temperature of 90 degrees and above and this includes yesterday’s daytime high temperature of 92°.  Today will likely be the hottest day of the year with a daytime high of 97°, but it could feel 10 degrees hotter.

We have a Heat Advisory in place until . . . → Read More: The Hottest Day of the Year

The Heat is On

highs this month

Good Morning Bloggers!

After a great start to July, we are going to turn up the heat.  Here is a look at the last couple of weeks plus today’s high temperature:

So we can’t really complain about the next few days can we? Plus we have only had 4 days in the 90s  this summer…4 DAYS!  I’d say . . . → Read More: The Heat is On

Sunday afternoon update


Nothing major to report this afternoon. We’ve enjoyed a mostly sunny sky across the area. Despite that sunshine, our temperature CONTINUES to struggle to warm-up at KCI. I have noticed this a lot this year: on days where it should be warm; days with full-on sunshine, we still have a hard time getting the warmer readings.

Obviously, . . . → Read More: Sunday afternoon update

Summer Heat Arrives then Exits


Good Sunday morning bloggers,

I went to the pool on Saturday and it was just barely warm enough as we struggled to reach 80°.  Today we will rise to the mid to upper 80s, so it will be a better pool day than Saturday.  The thick haze may be playing a role in keeping us cooler than . . . → Read More: Summer Heat Arrives then Exits

Shed the sweaters & fire up the fans


For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to seeing my electric bill next month. A whole week with highs in the 70s gave many A/Cs a break across the area. When it comes to saving money, many will be thankful for that. Then again, the money saved might go into offsetting . . . → Read More: Shed the sweaters & fire up the fans

Temperature Trend is Up


Good Saturday morning bloggers,

Did you notice the haze on Friday and again this morning?  This is smoke at about 30,000 feet from fires in northwest Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  The smoke came down on northwest flow, now it seems to be stuck or drifting around.  We will see if it drifts out, but the flow . . . → Read More: Temperature Trend is Up

Next Storm System, A Miss


Good Wednesday bloggers,

We broke a record low this morning for the second straight day.  We dropped to 55°, which broke the old record of 57° set in 1985.  A large Canadian surface high pressure has been in control.  The humidity has been low, so with the clear nights, temperatures are allowed to drop with good radiational . . . → Read More: Next Storm System, A Miss

A Montana Storm Has Our Attention


Good evening bloggers,

There is a storm spinning in Montana, as you can see on this Water Vapor Satellite picture from 4:16 PM Tuesday.  The models are all handling this system in their own ways and the solutions vary widely.  This storm is forecast to move southeast across Kansas Thursday and then turn east.  How will it . . . → Read More: A Montana Storm Has Our Attention

A record-setting morning


Good morning Bloggers,

Let me start by asking how are you liking these refreshing and cool temperatures this morning?

Preliminary reports show that we broke two records this morning, one at KCI and Lawrence. At KCI, the low temperature bottomed out at 54° and in Lawrence temperatures bottomed out to 53°.

Here are the previous records for a few . . . → Read More: A record-setting morning

Welcome Fall to July


Good Morning Bloggers!

We have a great morning with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s.  Now the strong cold front we have been talking about for several days is dipping south into northern Missouri.  Here is a look at the surface map:

Showers and thunderstorms will fire along and ahead of the front as . . . → Read More: Welcome Fall to July