Labor Day Forecast


Good Morning Bloggers!

Wow…Loud thunderstorms last night and much needed rainfall for our area.  The rain is gone now with most moving southeast of Clinton, MO to Sedalia, MO.

So, if you are just getting up and get to enjoy the day off here is what it looks like now that the rain has passed. We still have . . . → Read More: Labor Day Forecast

Sunday Night Update


Good Sunday evening bloggers,

The thunderstorms area heading this way.  They have formed along a cold front and are now marching through central Kansas.  They are timed to arrive at the state line between 1130 PM and 1230 AM.  There are signs that this could evolve into more of a flash flooding situation over a damaging wind . . . → Read More: Sunday Night Update

A Loud Late Sunday Night?


Good Sunday bloggers,

The weather will get interesting around here tonight and Labor day as a cold front associated with strong upper flow aloft moves across the Plains and Midwest.

We are on the southeast edge of a slight risk of severe weather today as we expect big thunderstorms to form later this afternoon and evening from central . . . → Read More: A Loud Late Sunday Night?

One Main Holiday Weekend Rain Chance


Good Saturday morning bloggers, We had scattered showers and thunderstorms on Friday as a weak system and front moved by.  Today the front will be drifting by I-44.  So, that is where the chance of thunderstorms will be located today.  Our weather will be nice with highs in the mid 80s.













Tonight will . . . → Read More: One Main Holiday Weekend Rain Chance

Evening thunderstorms


Good late Friday evening bloggers,

The thunderstorms are weakening at 8:41 PM, and the south side gets missed again.  It looks like a few of you had some very heavy rain from these thunderstorms.

Have a great evening!


Rain chances through the holiday weekend

1 PM

As we go through the next few days, we have chances for rain. Some may have “heard” that it’s going to rain all day and be a washout. Not true at all. While we do have chances for showers and a few thunderstorms here and there, it will *NOT* be a washout weekend.

This morning we are . . . → Read More: Rain chances through the holiday weekend

Accurate Summer Weather Forecast


Good morning bloggers,

As August comes to a close this weekend there is a weakening storm system approaching. There will likely be a few showers and thunderstorms forming during the day with the chance of wide spread heavy rainfall once again being quite low. This has been the theme of this entire year as we have been . . . → Read More: Accurate Summer Weather Forecast

And, it happened again!


Good morning bloggers,

Another large area of rain is missing most of our area once again.  It’s like the same thing keeps happening over and over again.  Of course it is the same thing, as we continue to cycle through the same weather pattern. Fortunately a new weather pattern will be evolving in the next four to . . . → Read More: And, it happened again!

More Thunderstorms Miss KC


Good Wednesday bloggers,

Well it is another day this summer with heavy thunderstorms not in KC, but just 20-100 miles north and northwest.  Some days they are south and east. Right now the weather pattern is set up for thunderstorms to form in the western Plains then turn east and northeast into Nebraska, northern Kansas and Iowa . . . → Read More: More Thunderstorms Miss KC

Waiting for the Front


Good Morning Bloggers!

To the sound of J-Lo: “Waiting for the front…ohhhh…I’ve dreamed of this for so long.”

The front is currently stationary in the northwest portion of our area.  It will not move until late week until it lifts back north as a warm front on Thursday then FINALLY a cold front passes through Friday into Saturday. . . . → Read More: Waiting for the Front