And, it happened again!


Good morning bloggers,

Another large area of rain is missing most of our area once again.  It’s like the same thing keeps happening over and over again.  Of course it is the same thing, as we continue to cycle through the same weather pattern. Fortunately a new weather pattern will be evolving in the next four to . . . → Read More: And, it happened again!

More Thunderstorms Miss KC


Good Wednesday bloggers,

Well it is another day this summer with heavy thunderstorms not in KC, but just 20-100 miles north and northwest.  Some days they are south and east. Right now the weather pattern is set up for thunderstorms to form in the western Plains then turn east and northeast into Nebraska, northern Kansas and Iowa . . . → Read More: More Thunderstorms Miss KC

Waiting for the Front


Good Morning Bloggers!

To the sound of J-Lo: “Waiting for the front…ohhhh…I’ve dreamed of this for so long.”

The front is currently stationary in the northwest portion of our area.  It will not move until late week until it lifts back north as a warm front on Thursday then FINALLY a cold front passes through Friday into Saturday. . . . → Read More: Waiting for the Front

The First Heat Wave of the Summer


Good Monday bloggers,

It takes three straight days of highs 95° or higher to constitute a heat wave.  Well,  if we reach our forecast high today of 97° and this is going to be easy, we will have had highs 95°+ for three straight days.

Here are the highs since August 20th and our forecast high of 97° . . . → Read More: The First Heat Wave of the Summer

Our mid-week cool-down may be pushed back…

1 PM

As expected, we had some clouds develop over the KC Metro area and that has helped to stall our temps. My forecast high for today was 96°, so far we’ve only hit 95°. We may still muster one more degree, but that looks to be about it. This goes to show a little deck of clouds . . . → Read More: Our mid-week cool-down may be pushed back…

Hottest day of the year in Kansas City


For the first time since September of last year, the reading at KCI climbed to 97° today. So far, that is the official high temperature. It’s possible there was a spike and if there was, I will update this post. But for now, according to the NWS, 97° is the high and that means it’s the . . . → Read More: Hottest day of the year in Kansas City

An Evening Thunderstorm

Skyview 2

Good Friday Night In The Big Town bloggers,

Cloud cover and small showers and thunderstorms kept temperatures below 95 again, so we will likely not have a heat wave, unless it happens in the next few days. The small showers and thunderstorms become one huge one around 6 PM:

This cell formed south of Paola, KS and then . . . → Read More: An Evening Thunderstorm



Good Morning Bloggers!

We started off with temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s, so get ready for a hot one out there.  High pressure ridge continues to build east and blocks us from rain and cooler temperatures for the next week.  This will keep the storm systems off the west of us through the weekend. . . . → Read More: #hot

Heat Builds, Rain Heads North


Good Wednesday bloggers,

In order for there to be a heat wave you need three straight days of 95° or higher.  It looks like we are about to have our first heat wave this season as our forecast highs are in the 95° to 97° range Thursday through Saturday.  The hotter air may last into Sunday and . . . → Read More: Heat Builds, Rain Heads North

Nice Morning of Thunderstorms


Good Morning Bloggers!

Here is a cool picture that was taken by our storm chasers Leslie and Dean Burton:

Pretty awesome!  The thunderstorms are pretty much wrapped up at this point and we will stay dry for most of the day.  The reason I saw most is because we could see some development later on tonight.  Timing around . . . → Read More: Nice Morning of Thunderstorms