Countdown to launch

Hello Bloggers,

This is Bill Smith, Site Director for NBC Action News. I wanted to thank you all for your patience as we updated and went through many growing pains with the blog. You spoke and we listened to what you were looking for, namely a better two-way conversation with Gary, Brett, George, Jeff and your fellow bloggers.

With this new blog, we hope you all can better enjoy the community you have grown over the years. We have added some new tools to improve commenting, and as many folks have already seen, we have added Facebook connect, allowing you to log in to the blog using you Facebook profile and pic.

This version of the blog is still being crafted, and some visual elements may be changing, but Gary and the team are excited and ready to go with this new version. As always, if you have thoughts our ideas on the blog, let me know.

Bill Smith
Site Director, NBC Action News

July Test

Good afternoon,

The thunderstorms are not forming allowing me to have a relaxing day.  Take a look at Breezy, Stormy, and me as we awakened this morning.

Have a great day!  This works great…..

Gary Lezak