Calmer Weather for a Few Days

Good Friday bloggers,

The big storm from this week is racing away through the Great Lakes.  So, what is next?

First, today, is the home opener for the Royals and this afternoon we will see less wind and more sun as the storm moves away.  So, we should reach the low 50s by the 7th inning.  It will be cool, but not nearly as unpleasant as this morning.  Also, this season 41 Action News is the official forecast for the Royals, exciting!  So you will see our forecast on the big screen before each home game.

Here is the forecast for this afternoon.


Now to the weekend weather.  A surface high pressure will be overhead tonight and early Saturday.  This means a clear, calm and cold night with perfect radiational cooling conditions.  Lows tonight will drop to the mid/upper 20s, a hard freeze.  There may be 1-2 more freezes this month so you may want to hold off planting the delicate vegetation until early may.

Saturday afternoon will be a nice day with highs near 60° and a light wind along with plenty of sunshine.


Sunday will also be a nice day with highs around 60°, but there will be more clouds as a new storm system organizes in the southern Plains.  We will talk more about this storm this weekend, but it will likely stay south bringing heavy rain to southern Missouri into the Midwest.  We will get lots of clouds and some showers Monday.


Remember our entire weather team will be out at Nebraska Furniture Mart between noon and 3 PM Saturday.

Have a great weekend!


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16 comments to Calmer Weather for a Few Days

  • Pete Capone

    By later next week KCI, JOCO Exec & most of the other metro reporting locations will all be below average precipitation for April. The exceptions are Lees Summit and Pleasant Hill.

    This was no drought buster. Not even close. With temps predicted to climb into the 70s and 80s, we will dry right back out again.

    For the first 3 days of April (with no rain in sight):

    KCI: .28 above normal.
    JOCO Exec: .72 above normal.
    Downtown: .32 above normal.

    Facts continue to beat no facts Adrian Adonis.

    • Dobber

      Peter, rubes will be rubes. I like that you are equally interested in us being in a drought as others are insisting we are not. who cares? do you have control over these things? maybe the farmers wont be able to grow enough food and people will starve and die…..natural selection id say. If it gets that bad should we take away food stamps and let those people die off first? that would indeed be natural selection. what say you peter? or batman, or AW, JB, Gary the great, garyrocks41, MUKU? where’s TUSH been?

    • Hume-Dude

      I was expecting more out of this system as it was our big snow maker in Feb. However, we must learn from the LRC! Gary always says each cycle the systems behave differently, so the big storm back in Feb was not as big for us this time around. It is likely one of the systems that didn’t pan out last time around WILL produce this cycle. I sure do miss the way spring USED to be….remember when storms came through with big comma head areas of precipitation that would give our area WIDESPREAD rainfall? Nice gentle rainfall, we would get several systems like that every spring. NOW, some scattered storms that some get some do not. That’s the pattern I am seeing evolve, what say you?

    • batman

      I agree Pete we are in a DROUGHT BOOM!

  • Kole Christian

    Snowflakes in Maryville last night. Probably the last of the season. GO ROYALS!!!

  • Jeff in St. Joe

    Oh Pete..

  • batman

    Well I don’t think the low 50′s is going to happen. The official forecast station for the Royals blew the first forecast for a home game OH OH BOOM! You have 81 dates left so don’t sweat it.

  • luvsno

    Jeff……Where is the sun and wamer ?? My furnace just kicked on. Oh wait..I know how this goes…..just like so many times this winter….cloudy all day, then towards late afternoon/ early evening the clouds roll away and the sun cimes out just before it gets dark. LRC for sure ..not a coincidence. :)

  • Dobber

    I like the BOOM! VERY UNIQUE

  • Drought Miser

    Nice right up Jeff… wish I could make it out there tomorrow but I have to work at the new Ikea plant tomorrow they are pushing the overtime out there trying to catch back up on the schedule, they had a lot of cold weather shut downs out there this past winter was a harsh on for Merriam Ks standards!!

  • batman

    Well the forecast may not have been a winner but at least the Royals were!

  • blueflash

    Well, I was there today, the sun never really came out, the wind never died down, and the temperature never broke 45. But it was a great game anyway. Just not a good idea to stand too close to the fountains!

    • Dobber

      Fountains need to be shut off!!!! We are in a biblical drought. Please shut them down. We need the water to flush our toilets! Imminent drought!