Calmer Weather for a Few Days

Good Saturday bloggers,

The weather this weekend will be rather calm after the crazy week we just completed. This is good news as there are many outdoor events. There is a weak front due in Sunday and there are thunderstorm chances next week, but severe threats are low.

SATURDAY: We have a ton of events today. Let’s take a look at the forecast for most of them.

The Brookside Art fair has had to deal with many weather issues the last several years, but not in 2018. Any rain tomorrow will be brief and mostly during the morning.


The Royals have a chance to win three in a row! They are also out of last place. The Royals have had to deal with some truly yucky weather this season, but not today. Remember it is a 3:15 PM start. Temperatures will rise to around 83° during the game, making it a bit warm in the sun.


Sporting KC is in first place and they will have winning weather out at Children’s Mercy Park this evening. temperatures will drift down through the 70s along with a light wind.


There is a pretty good size event today, not in Kansas City. The Kentucky Derby is in Louisville, KY with the start of the race at 5:34 PM. The weather for this event is not quite as nice as for the events in KC. There is a system that will track across Kentucky, but Louisville is on the northern edge. So, it looks like they will see periods of mostly light rain. The race is on 41 Action News with coverage starting at 1:30 PM.


Now, if you do not have any events to go to, then you can do something that is not that fun. Which day is best to mow? Well, either day is good. It will be a bit warm in the sun today and any rain Sunday will be brief and mostly during the morning. So, take your pick.


SATURDAY NIGHT: A weak front and disturbance will head south and this will bring more clouds and the chance for a few showers and T-Storms in northern Missouri. KC will have a near perfect evening.


SUNDAY MORNING: The front and disturbance will be closer. So, the chance of a brief shower/T-Storm moves into KC.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The front and disturbance will drift by, so the chance of showers and T-Storms shifts east and our area will have increasing sunshine and highs around 80°.


MONDAY-NEXT FRIDAY: There will be 2-4 chances of rain and thunderstorms as we track a series of disturbances and fronts from the Rockies. The flow aloft will be much weaker than last week and we are not dealing with a big storm system. So, the severe weather threat is quite low, but never zero. Rainfall will be in the .50″ to 2.00″ range. Some locations may see 2″-4″ of rain. This is good news as we need the rain and we are getting into the wettest time of year. We average about 1.30″ of rain per week in our area. The rain last week took KC from about 3.50″ of rain below average to about 2″ below average.  We are going to lose some ground before the next decent rain chance arrives Tuesday night.


Have a great weekend and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Stay safe and please don’t drink and drive.

Jeff Penner


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