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Happy Sunday bloggers,

In reading yesterday’s blog comments I decided to ask a survey question today.  One of the guidelines and rules of the blog allows us to create a “positive” experience for all of us to share in this weather blog and Kansas City’s exciting weather.  I spend a lot of time and energy every today in attempting to do just that, create the “positive” experience. If there is a negative tone in the blog comments, then it does not create the atmosphere, no pun intended, to want to come back and read comments every day.  Again, we are allowed to do anything we believe is necessary to create this positive experience.  So, here is my survey question:

On a scale of 1 to 10, with ONE being a very negative experience in reading the blog comments, and TEN being a very positive experience, where would you rate the blog comments section of this blog:

Thank you for participating, and  add comments if you would like.

Another storm is going to develop this week, and it will again likely end up with another strong cold front, as you can see below:



The thunderstorms are, once again, forecast to be behind the front in the colder air, which will likely result in a much lower risk of severe thunderstorms in our area, even as we move into May. We will be going over the details of this developing mid-week weather pattern on 41 Action News tonight.  In the mean time, the weather is beautiful, let’s get out there and  enjoy it.  And, go Royals. They play two today in some great weather. It is about time.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog. I will do everything I can do to make this a more positive experience for all of us!

Gary Lezak

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35 comments to Blog Question Today


    Gary, 9/10 times the blog is awesome the comments are apropo and enlightening. I could do without the juvenile attempts to turn this blog into a personal spat between a few of the contributors. Those attempts to hijack the thread into personal vendettas detract from the fun and educational experience on the blog.

    So I would grade this blog an 8 due to those moments the blog degenerates into name calling and just downright mean spirited jabs at other contributors.

    Keep up the good work I visit multiple times daily.

  • I give a rating of 8. I guess it depends on your definition of “positive”. There are bloggers that defend every forecast and everything that anyone at 41 says. There are also bloggers that point out deficiency’s in a forecast. There is give and take and I beleive that’s how it should be.

    I have said this before what do you want? Do you want a love 41 blog that does nothing but praise and give love to you and your theory or do you want an honest and open discussion about all topics that are brought up on the blog.

    When soemone has a valid observation that points out a missed forecast or something then they get “attacked” for being a troll by the same people all the time. You have bloggers that like to pick fights by going back into previous blogs and pointing out something that was said months ago and then tries to validate his thoughts by doing this.

    I find the blog entertaining and informative. I find it a good read and enjoy the “battles” of your forecast and theory. There are the lrc believers and the non believers and both have great and valid points.

    I think there are people that just like to complain about others. My goodness it’s a blog not testimony before congress or a judge. It’s a freaking blog. There are bigger things to worry about in the world then a weather blog. I don’t see what the big deal is. I find it easy to skip over peoples posts that I don’t care to read.

    You talk about all kinds of things that have nothing to do with weather. Your dogs, sports, your workouts, vacations, family, etc. If you want just a weather blog then talk nothing but weather. You tend to open it up to discussions other then weather and so do other bloggers and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I find it rather simple. It’s a blog open to all kinds of opinions. If you want just a I love Gary and agree with everything he says then it’s not really a blog. People call that a cult or a following. Have a great day!

  • blueskies

    Ten. I love to watch children play.

  • kellyinkc

    I guess a 8 There is good banter most of the time, its just a few who make it not positive,
    this blog is talking about it being cold too.

  • shawneechiefsfan

    TEN……..despite some of the petty personal stuff between certain bloggers.

    I do maintain those of us who are not LRC believers have the right to state our opinions as well……….a truly “positive” experience does not equate to censorship of those who disagree.

  • Fred Souder

    The banter doesn’t bother me, especially when it is clever.
    Love the blog; rarely post.

  • f00dl3

    10. This blog is an awesome tool. Let’s not let a few bad apples ruin the orchard.

  • weatherman brad

    hello gary and other bloggers.

    I rate this blog a 10/10 percentage because of all the posts I read that Gary says and tells what it going to do, I don’t really read all the comments that people say but when there is nothing else to do around in Lawrence I just sit back and read them every once in a while just for fun.

    and Gary I do have one question for you.

    I am heading to Washington Kansas on Friday may 3rd to visit a friend, I hope you don’t send me any snow on the way. I know it spring and all but really I am sick and tired of the talk about snow, I just want it to rain so we can continue to get rid of the drought.

    weatherman brad

  • mattmaisch

    I give the blog experience a 9/10 as I don’t worry too much about the people who like to stir the pot. This is an extremely useful tool that has provided an education to a lot of interested parties, myself included.

    As for the current weather pattern, I would rate it a 0/10. Today is nice, but appears to be just fools gold, as after the next few days of nice weather pass, we will be stuck in the miserable conditions of much below average temperatures for better than a week straight. The overnight data even showed significant snowfall in the viewing area during the first week of May!! The latest version of the GFS has backed off on this, but it is beyond annoying at this point. No real end in sight either. Can’t remember anything like it. Hope we never see anything like it again either. I honestly believe we will have water temperatures in the 50’s or 60’s for Memorial Day this year. What a joke.

    The blog’s great though Gary!


  • Dobber

    9, the banter is almost harmless

  • funwweather

    I have been a life long lover of anything weather related so I love how educational this blog is for me, since I have no formal training. For that i give this blog a 10!

    however, if you want honesty, the negativity gets old. there are plenty of ways to disagree on a point without all the insults. i would post my questions more often but don’t because I don’t like being a target…when I read the comments I just hope the answers are there. I know some folks on here would say, “then go read another blog”. No, I like this one, just not when it gets ugly. So for negativity I give a 5.

    Thanks for all the good info out there! So much better than just waiting for the weather to come on!

  • I would give it a 7. I know that Gary and the team try to make it positive, without being too sugary sweet and insincere. But there are several regular bloggers that just seem to want to spend their time being rude, mean, nasty and negative. Not to say that some criticism of Gary and the rest of the weather team is not welcome. People just need to quit making personal attacks and try to offer their opinion and criticisms in a more constructive/less offensive manner. Debate is healthy as long as people are respectful. I rarely post on this blog anymore and do not read it every day because of how bad it has gotten at times.

    As a parent who rarely is able to watch the forecast during the news broadcasts, I really on the web site and the blog to get the weather forecast. So anything that can be done to improve the web site and the blog is appreciated.

  • nbell31b

    7 or 8, depending on the day, due to the constant instigating attempts by a few highly annoying lifeless trolls every. single. day. When they were briefly banned for a bit it was easily a 10.

  • LuvsSummer

    I mainly read the blog and don’t post often. To me, it’s always a 10. If I see a negative post, I simply skip it. I take the high road and never give those posts a second thought. Loving today’s weather, and am more than ready for the hot, humid days of Summer!

  • mgsports

    Monday, April 29

    Isolated severe thunderstorms along a cold front in south and east-central IA, north MO and possibly extreme northwest IL, spreading by evening into northeast KS. TOR:CON – 3 north MO; 2 to 3 rest of area.
    Tuesday, April 30

    Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms along a slow-moving cold front in south and east-central WI, northwest IL, southeast IA, north MO, spreading by evening into northeast and central KS. TOR:CON – 3 northeast and central KS; 2 rest of above area.

  • Hockeynut69

    8-9. Most of the blogs are informative and helps some of us novice weather folks. The bickering is typical and the delete button should be used when necessary. With that said, I agree with the others that the deletion of posts should not occur just because of a difference in opinion to the 41 meteorologists. It’s a beautiful day in KC, let’s enjoy it.

  • Henley

    It doesn’t matter much, the trolling usually occurs when it’s boring and there’s nothing going on weather wise. How many comments did we get during those snow storms? 300-400 or so? With that, it’s hard to make a case that nobody is coming back, they just only come back when something (particularly snow) interesting is going on.

  • mukustink

    Great blog! 10+. Great weather (finaly). Great hire in Kalee! She has energy and being cute doesn’t hurt! I know Jeff is happy no more weekends! I hope she sticks around for a while.

    Even the Royals are doing well! Let’s hope they don’t go the way the weather is going to go later in the week.

    Happy, happy, happy.

  • Yea Kalee on the new job.. Boo on your forecast for this week! lol

    I do believe I saw Jeff Penner last night at the Royals game.

    Go Royals!!!

  • rred95

    easily a 10 when the trolls were banned.

  • powerlineman

    10 on the write up, 4 on the comments.. too many people moan and whine about insignificant things ie your wordage, your educated opinions and too critical of others opinions

  • Weatherfreak01

    I would say a 9 or 10 on the write ups you and the other mets. do every day. I do appreciate all the hard work you guys do, thank you! A month or so ago, when numerous people were banned, the comments section of the blog was wonderful. It reminded me of how the blog was when I first found it back in ’05 or ’06. During that time I would give it a 9 or 10. When fellow bloggers attack other bloggers and there is a lot of negativity, then I would give it a 4 or 5. It is hard to find nuggets of info through all the B.S. that occurs in the comments section.

  • Weatherfreak01

    Also, I would love it if there was a link to the KSHB website at the top of the page.

  • Drought Miser

    I too would like a link at the top of the page… my rating is a 8.5 generally positive and upbeat with some useless banter by a few individuals.

  • mukustink

    Gary I just watched the video on the 2020 site and you had forecasted average temps for this spring. The temps have been way below average so far. What was it that you missed or that changed for us to have such far below average temps?

  • blue8091

    IMO the write ups are always 10. Mostly, the comments are informational or enlightening, but when it gets negative it’s a bummer. I’m all on board for asking a question, in a tactful, polite, non-agressive manner. I come here because I like the KSHB weather team, I like the weather and enjoy most of the comments. I think it’s normal to get a little defensive when we feel the team, or someone is being attacked, or someone is being unduly disrespectful. This could be cured if more thought was put into a post (the tone or way written) before hitting submit comment. I think the team does a great job at keeping it positive, and some days, reaching deep to do that! I have noticed for the past few weeks that if Gary isn’t authoring the blog posts, sometimes we gone a day or two w/o a post and I hope that Jeff or Brett have not been offended by some of the rude comments. Again, this blog is a luxury we enjoy – no other stations have anything nearly as successful, and I’m grateful for it. I’m hoping it’s because your department has been really busy getting ready for and welcoming your newest addition – Kalee.

  • weatherman brad

    OH-NO. he’s back.

    whazz up kumustink, hows it going


  • OlatheMatt

    Kaylee is killin it, she is already flowing naturally in her position. It is like getting a great draft pick. She spends more time talking about how you can prepare for the days weather in clothing prep than on herself.

  • mamaof3girls

    I give the blog a 9/10. Enjoy the write ups and ignore the immature comments.

  • Blizzard365

    9/10. I really dunno what the big deal is all about?

  • RickMckc


    10 on most days, 6 when the trolls show up during big weather events.


    I sincerely appreciate the effort that you all put into this blog and the vast majority of bloggers who post. They are interesting, informed and I like reading their comments and questions, including those who push back on your theory (in a civil manner). I have been a weather fanatic since I was a teenager (40 years ago) and consider it a privilege to have this resource.

    That said, I am mystified that you have allowed a user name of “Rock Hardon.” It’s adolescent, crude and offensive. Why is he/she/it still posting? Surely someone on your team is aware of this.

    I’m also surprised that, despite the many repeated warnings, the same few bloggers are allowed to post direct personal attacks. I saw Seds’ comment yesterday about the “other blog” having some kind of a filter. I don’t know what station he was talking about (and I really don’t care to know – I’m sold on KSHB) but I will tell you that more than once this winter I got so sick of it that I wondered if there were other weather blogs focused on KC weather.

    Rick McGinniss

  • kellyanne67

    It varies. I can start reading and getting the information I need and it’s a 10, then the crap starts and it drops to a 4 or 5. Then the comments by the trolls go back to weather which IMO drops it to a 3 because they are only playing a game by mentioning weather. It’s become a big joke and a silly game to some bloggers who appear to have nothing better to do than to start problems. I know who the other blog belongs to and I’ve been going to it more often because of the immaturity allowed on this blog.

  • Skylar

    Because the forecast for the first week of may should be ‘turning colder with occasional rain and snow showers’. The Euro is far better for us than the GFS, so lets hope it wins out.

    “Where exactly this system sets up will have large impacts on temperatures over the weekend, especially with 850 hPa temps in the core of the system expected to be well below zero and 3 to 4 standard deviations below normal…suggestive of record low temperatures and even some occasional light snow. Should the GFS verify, temperatures over the weekend would remain stuck in the 30s and 40s with off and on rain/snow showers, while the ECMWF would be warmer with temps rebounding into the 50s and 60s. For now took a blend of the two solutions which would prevent any wintry precipitation but still keep damp and cold conditions in place over the weekend.” -EAX


    8/10 I am a daily reader of the blog and find it informative and most of the comments ok.However,there are some of them that are just rude and personally attack Gary or each other and thats not acceptable.On another note,think that Kalee did a wondeful job on her 1st weekend and it must be a killer to have to be on-air at 10PM and then back at 7AM.That almost doesnt seem fair.Keep up the good work

  • Applejack715

    Gary, I was out of town over the weekend and just read the blog this morning. I have the same opinion as many others. I give the blog a 10 overall and just ignore the trolls. The comments are informative in most cases. I rarely comment except for snow or rain amounts, but enjoy reading the information from others. I hope you and the staff keep up the good work and I look forward to reading blog updates from the new edition to the Team. Have a great day