Good Morning Bloggers!

This is Kalee writing this morning.  Who got up to see the “Blood Moon”?  If you did then post a picture if you took one.  My picture is really bad, so I’m not going to post it here, but I will post this picture I took as the moon was setting this morning on our Golf Skyview.


It is great that the clouds cleared out last night so we could see the Lunar Eclipse.  If you missed it don’t worry because you have 3 more times to see it over the next year and a half.  The clouds clearing and winds calming allowed temperatures to drop in to the upper 20s this morning for many spots. Here is a look at the morning low temperatures:


Boo to that right?  Who else planted some flowers a couple weekends ago?  I did, so brought some into my garage the past few nights.  We will start warming up this afternoon when our winds shift to the south and pump up the warmer air.  High temperatures today will be in the upper 50s.  Wednesday will be even better with temperatures back up into the 60s.  Enjoy!

Kalee Dionne

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23 comments to BBBBRRRRRR….

  • blue8091

    Hi Guys!
    I got really busy yesterday and missed rainfall totals. I tried to scan the comments from yesterday. I saw Shawnee was around 1.5″. I’m in South OP. Anyone close by know about how much rain we got? We had some really heavy downpours along with steady rain in between! I need to pick up a rain gauge!

    • Drought Miser

      1.43 here in Merriam Ks over last few days trace of snow yesterday and an overnight low of 26 degrees last night and this morning

  • Hume-Dude

    I am noticing a trend downplaying Thursday’s storm chances. Did that storm go poof over night? Say it isn’t so , I need this one to help fill the pond!

  • Hume-Dude

    All signs pointing to “POOF”…..very limited moisture for this next storm to work with. Best moisture is WAY down in Mexico thanks to that strong April cold front we just experienced and it won’t get back here in time to interact with incoming storm. Storm won’t get its act together until it gets east of here, Sound familiar?

    • Dobber

      Your starting to show some true colors….I like the fact its not going to rain. I’ve got a lot of jobs going on, rain rain go away!

    • Hume-Dude

      Sorry Dob, latest model does have rain in here Thursday. It might be heavier down south where I need it for a change. With the limited moisture in place probably only looking at 1/4″-1/2″ range I suspect, maybe the system will bring some pacific moisture with it. I sowed a little deer food plot two weeks ago so I’ll take a little more rain to keep the ground moist. As Gary would say, lets see what the models are looking like tomorrow as it takes shape

  • sam hill

    Very nice moon last night during the Eclipse. Thanks for the blog Kalee. Where did this last storm fit into the LRC does anyone know? I haven’t been able to follow for the past month or so and I was wondering how it fit.

    • kcbearcatfan

      Well, sam hill:

      Going back 55 days or so was the beginning of March. On March 1st we had a little snow. With more just East of here. I remember that because Friday night was the Eric Church concert and then the snow was predicted to come in hard and Saturday and it was mostly all sleet.

  • Fred Souder

    Since this Friday is a vacation day, I would love it if the 41 web page gave a consistent forecast for it. Michelle says 20% chance of rain, the top scroll forecast says 30%, and the bottom forecast says 50%. This makes it hard to plan.

  • Pete Capone

    Yeah, had to dodge snow plows all day yesterday. Boy, was that snow deep! I’ll bet D-bomb and Adrian both still have their crews in snow mode because there are 2 more plowable events this spring.

  • mowermike

    Hi Kalee, thanks for the update today:

    Here are my totals from my gauges for the most recent storm: I put a plus or a minus next to each to indicate if that location is above average or below average to date for the month on precip. totals.

    Round 2 of rain since April 1st:

    1-29 and Barry Road: (Platte county) .71 inches –
    152 and Indiana: (western Clay county) 1.11 inches +
    435 and 96th street: (Clay county) 1.22 inches +
    NKC(1 mile north of Downtown(S. Clay) .94 inches –
    I35 and 95th street(Johnson county KS.) 1.39 inches +
    I70 and 27th street(Jackson county Mo.) 1.35 inches +
    1-70 and Little Blue Parkway)(Independence) 1.22 +
    119th and Roe (Leawood KS. (Johnson county KS) 1.36 +
    I35 and the Holt exit(Clinton county) .94 +
    69HWY and 135th(Overland Park) 1.19 +

    For some of you bloggers that don’t have rain gauges, I hope you can find the nearest location to your house. The NW side of the metro had the lowest amounts and the southern side of the metro had the highest this go around. All in all, pretty wide spread event. Keep them coming!!

  • Hume-Dude

    Some folks did really well with the last system! hard to believe there are locations ABOVE average right now, considering we have only had 2 real precipitation events all month. Just a reminder April and May are our two wettest months of the year, so we better start getting wet at some point.

  • Drought Miser

    Hi Kaylee,
    Nice right up today and a beautiful day to go with it….! not sure if you have Reed Timmer on your Facebook page, anyway there were some really good pics of the Blood Moon last night on his post’s

  • mowermike


    April is a wet month, somewhat, but we actually average more rain in May and June, around 5.3 inches. We’re only 15 days old in this month, so we’ll need a few more good soaking rains to end the month or all these locations will be below average.

    We average 3.73 inches in April, so, we still have some work to do.

  • Hockeynut69

    MM- can you put a rain gauge at KCI so we can get an accurate reading from there? They always seem to be on the low side and your gauges are pretty darn accurate.

  • mowermike


    I have one 10 miles from there at my NW Barry Road and 1-29 location. I may install one at Tiffany Springs, I have property up there. That would be about 2 miles from KCI. Although, I think KCI was about right this go around, because mine 10 miles a way wasn’t much higher. They had a good rain, but the lower end in that part of the city. We need more! Looks like the Thursday one isn’t too wet, but the weekend one and next week at times looks wet.

    We’ll see…

    • Drought Miser

      Gary posted KCI totals at six oclock news …year to date we’re still behind but not by a whole bunch and he did downgrade Thursdays chances and wants to focus on this weekend as it may be better than Thursday, new data rolls in on the 10 pm news…..

    • batman

      Just the other day Gary was saying Thursday would be wet. Now not so wet. The models are a joke and are incorrect more then they are correct. You would think that Gary, the american scientist, and the LRC wouldn’t need models.

  • batman

    We all know who has the most accurate rain gauges in Kansas City!

  • Joe

    Kevin B. I noticed you liked Jack Harrys comments about Rex Hudler, I couldnt agree more. They need to bring Frank White back in!

    A much needed win for the Royals, I actually agree with Ed, I know it is early but, I dont see this year coming together for them…

    What say you Mr. Brooks?

  • yourmom

    Lots of outdoor activities at schools this Friday so hopefully that will work out.