Back To School Weather

Good morning bloggers,

Incredible summer weather has returned this week.  Most of our area has received 3 to 6 inches of rain during the past eight days and this has left our region with adequate moisture as the summer without a heat wave continues.  The Missouri state fair is going on this week and it is usually rather hot out at the state fairgrounds in Sedalia, but not this year:


The potential for rain increases again later in the week, but for now this excellent summer weather is perfect for some of the kids heading back to school.  The weather pattern continues to cycle according to the LRC and one of the key points we made in our summer forecast was that there would be no major heat waves, and we have only had a few days in the 90s all summer.  My presentation of the LRC at the conference in Lake Tahoe was posted and here is a link if you want to hear it.  This presentation concentrated on the Super Bowl weather prediction showcasing how we made that prediction.  Here is the link:  Accurate Long Range Weather Forecasting

I am back from vacation today and will be on beginning at 4 PM this afternoon.  We will look at this weather pattern and look ahead to our next chance of rain.  For now, it is a gorgeous day and let’s enjoy this mid August cooler air mass that is now settling in.  Have a great start to the week.

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10 comments to Back To School Weather

  • luvsno

    Welcome back Gary !!

  • luvsno

    Something is wrong with that link…..when I clicked on it, it says “this video is private”

    • It should work now. I think it was on a private setting, but it says that it is public now.


      • luvsno

        Thanks Gary ! Will go check it out.

      • luvsno

        Great presentation Gary ! Enjoyed listening to it.
        So in El Nino / La Nina years the cycles are most often 42-45 days rather than the 57 day cycle of this years LRC. Very interesting.
        Looking forward to the new LRC pattern !

  • Hume-Dude

    Missed the rain yesterday morning and afternoon down here. Woke up at 5am Sunday morning to a wall of water to the west moving in quickly, but I was shocked to see how quickly it weakened as it approached state line. It maintained its strength further north by KC, but the southern half of the system completely fell apart and I got little more than a dust settling shower ( .01″ ). Probably the 10th time I have had a good rain completely dissipate on my doorstep this season. I had plenty of chores to do and wasn’t too disappointed with the dry weather. Looking like good chances by next weekend, so I think we will be in good shape in the region moisture wise for next couple of weeks.

  • luvsno

    This weather is just incredible !! I have small calendars dating way back, and for the year ’91-92 I noted on the cover that it was “the winter and summer that wasn’t”. A warm, snowless winter followed by cool wet summer. (Dec of ‘ 91 no snow all month.)
    August ‘ 92 first week was 70’s and 80’s. 2nd week Sun-Sat was Sun 86, Mon 95, then 70’s until following Sunday. Then 60’s, 70’s 80’s to finish out the month.
    And by July 22 KCI had broken the previous record for the wettest July to date.
    So this summer is very reminiscent of the summer of 92.

    Now how did the Royals and Chiefs do during that period ? No clue :)
    It’s my weather calendar, not sports calendar :)

    • Hume-Dude

      Good stuff there , journals and weather diaries are a thing of the past fun to look back on. I kept a weather journal with my Grandma , happened to be a period of 1992-96 so we got the flood of 93′ well documented for our area. Crazy to look back and see a summer with 4 different rains over 4.5″ and 9 events over 3″. Also, the little details in which we would describe the way the storms came in, and their behaviors are the best thing about keeping a journal like that. I also like to see Granny’s handwriting, its like seeing her face again in a way.

      • luvsno

        Good stuff :) I also note things like kids coming home, etc. Or aches and pains ! haha…I am a grandma 9 times and about to be a GG for the first time in another month. So seeing you talk about your granny brought a tear to my eye. Warm thoughts. My mother used to do the same thing with her calendars. That is where I picked it up.

        At any rate, I am loving the EOI ! And it was good to see Gary back to put out the blog.
        Enjoy the evening everyone. Meteor-showers tonight ?

  • Hockeynut69

    First place weather and first place Royals!!! What a combination!