Quiet Weather for Thanksgiving


Good Monday bloggers,

On Sunday we went day by day through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and we showed how there was going to be no big storm systems along with mostly mild weather.  Well, that has changed little as we look at the weather forecast today.

The main weather issues for today is the wind. At 10 am . . . → Read More: Quiet Weather for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Holiday, Day by Day


Good Sunday bloggers,

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving week is here, but it is, and we will take a day by day look across the USA through next Sunday. There is building Arctic air and we will look at the chance of any travelling hampering storm systems.

It was a cold Sunday morning across much of the . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Holiday, Day by Day

Fast Moving Storm System & Thanksgiving Week


Good Saturday bloggers,

We are tracking a storm system moving 60-65 mph across the Plains and Midwest today. Since, the storm system is moving so fast we will see rapid weather improvement this afternoon.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

Here is how fast the storm is moving as we look back at the surface pattern since Friday evening.

8 PM FRIDAY: . . . → Read More: Fast Moving Storm System & Thanksgiving Week

Warmer Week Ahead


Good Sunday bloggers,

Today is day 17 in a row with below average temperatures as a warmer pattern lurks around the corner. We will be tracking a series of fast moving systems that will bring a pattern of fast changing air masses, but since the systems are tracking west to east there are no big cold air . . . → Read More: Warmer Week Ahead

A Cold Stretch and Rain Chances


Happy Veteran’s day bloggers,

We are in for a cold weekend with a very good chance of drizzle and light rain. Has it seemed cold for awhile? If your answer is yes, you are right. We have seen below average temperatures for 16 straight days, including today. Sunday and Monday will take the streak to 18. We do . . . → Read More: A Cold Stretch and Rain Chances

Mostly Calm Weather Pattern…For Now


Good Wednesday bloggers,

Today we will see a full sunny day for the first time in about 7-10 days as the weather pattern is not to active.  We have one main system to watch the next seven day, and it arrives this weekend. So, let’s go through the forecast into the weekend and discuss potential changes after the . . . → Read More: Mostly Calm Weather Pattern…For Now

Early Week System to Watch


Good Sunday bloggers,

Cool air will continue to dominate today as winds come from the north.  It was 65 to 70 this morning from Springfield to St. Louis, but the cooler air is heading that way.  A disturbance has been producing scattered showers this morning across northeast Kansas and northern Missouri.  This will exit by the afternoon.

Here . . . → Read More: Early Week System to Watch

Fog and Fall Back and 90° Weather


Good Saturday bloggers,

We are in a cloudy, but mostly dry weather pattern across the middle part of the USA. There will be quite a temperature difference in the Plains this weekend, but the main rain will occur from the Mississippi River and points to the east.

Remember to fall back tonight before you hit the hay. This . . . → Read More: Fog and Fall Back and 90° Weather

Halloween, Chiefs and Philippe


Good Sunday bloggers.

Today will be warmer than Saturday as we track a warm front moving across the Plains.  Then, we have a cold front moving through tonight which will lead to a cold Chiefs game and Halloween.  There is a small creepy little system to watch for trick or treating as well.  Also, for the fifth . . . → Read More: Halloween, Chiefs and Philippe

Hard Freeze and a Tropical System


Good Saturday bloggers,

Well, as forecast, we had our first hard freeze of the  2017-2018 winter season as lows dropped to the mid and upper 20s.  Lows were quite low from central Kansas to the Dakotas with lows 5° to 15°. Last year it took until the 12th of November, so this year was right on schedule. . . . → Read More: Hard Freeze and a Tropical System