Heat Wave Ends with a Bang!


Good Sunday bloggers,


I hope you did not lose power last night and if you did that it has come back on or will come back on ASAP.  We had a weak front along I-70 as a disturbance drifted east out of western Kansas,  These features interacted with about as much atmospheric juice you can . . . → Read More: Heat Wave Ends with a Bang!

Excessive Heat and Rain


Good Saturday bloggers,

This has been an interesting week across the Plains and Midwest as there has been excessive heat and rainfall.  The pattern will cycle back to the pattern we had at the end of May and this will lead to cooler days and increased chances of rain across all of the middle of the USA.

KANSAS . . . → Read More: Excessive Heat and Rain

Today May Be The 1,412th Straight Day Below 100°


Good morning bloggers,

The Heat Wave will become official on Saturday as we will then reach Kansas City’s third day in a row of 95º or higher.  It was 97 yesterday. It may hit 100 degrees today, but I think it will fall just short at 98 or 99, and then the best chance of breaking this . . . → Read More: Today May Be The 1,412th Straight Day Below 100°

Tracking the “Heat Wave Creating Machine”


Good Saturday,

We are in for a nice and typical summer weekend of weather.  We will go through the next few days and then use the CPH (Cycling Pattern Hypothesis) to track where the “heat wave creating machine”, anticyclone, is likely to go in the next week.

Here is the forecast for the next three days.

TODAY: This will . . . → Read More: Tracking the “Heat Wave Creating Machine”

Temperatures Rise, Rain Chances Drop


Good Sunday bloggers,

Today will be warmer and more humid than Saturday, but highs will stay below 95°, so our heat wave does not start yet.  Remember, we need three consecutive days of 95° or higher to have a heat wave and it looks like tomorrow is day 1.

MONDAY: The “heat wave creating machine”, or anticyclone will . . . → Read More: Temperatures Rise, Rain Chances Drop

Heat Wave Watch


Good Saturday bloggers,

We have been targeting this next week for a potential heat wave for quite sometime based on the CPH (Cycling Pattern Hypothesis), and well it is on its way.  The anticyclone, upper level high, or also know as “The Heat Wave Creating Machine” will be heading out of the Rockies this week and extending . . . → Read More: Heat Wave Watch

Tricky 4th of July Forecast


Good Sunday bloggers,

The forecast between this afternoon and Wednesday is quite a challenge, not in the fact that rain is likely, but on the timing and coverage.  So, let’s go through this forecast.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

Now to 3 PM: Dry with highs warming to the mid and upper 80s.

3 PM to Midnight: 20% chance of scattered . . . → Read More: Tricky 4th of July Forecast

4th of July Weekend Forecast Update


Good Saturday bloggers,

The 4th of July weekend is here and it is starting great, but we simply cannot keep rain out of the forecast through Tuesday.  Before we get to the forecast, it is July 1st, or better known as “June Statistics Day!”

The month was drier than average on the 28th, then we had a series . . . → Read More: 4th of July Weekend Forecast Update

Active Severe Weather Days


Good Wednesday night bloggers,

This afternoon has been quite active with severe weather in Iowa as a weak front moves east and there is just enough shear with high dew points to create quite a day of weather.   There have been several tornado reports as of 5:30 PM.

There is a Tornado Watch until 10 PM for . . . → Read More: Active Severe Weather Days

One Day at a Time


Good Sunday bloggers,

The forecast the next several days is not easy and it will be wise on our part to take the forecast one day at a time.  Let’s start with today.

SUNDAY: It has started with 100% sunshine, but clouds will increase as weak disturbances come in from the northwest.  There may be a few showers . . . → Read More: One Day at a Time