Tracking Two Storm Systems


Good Saturday bloggers,

We have a storm system moving across the region today and we will have a second storm system to track Monday and Tuesday. The storm system today has brought our area a few showers, drizzle, low clouds and much colder air. This system has brought northeast and east Iowa 10″-20″ of snow! My goodness . . . → Read More: Tracking Two Storm Systems

Trending to a Tricky Storm System


Good Sunday bloggers,

Our next storm system arrives later tonight and exits Monday afternoon and it is becoming a tough forecast as to who will see rain and who will not. What else is new around here? If you forecast for New England, all locations will see heavy rain and snow. And, if you miss the snow, . . . → Read More: Trending to a Tricky Storm System

Looking for Rain can be a Pain


Happy St. Patrick’s day bloggers,

The best way to describe the weather is using limericks. We had a storm system on Friday that brought about .05″ to .25″ of rain. The next storm system arrives Monday and the data that was coming out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was suggesting a widespread rain event with a possible change . . . → Read More: Looking for Rain can be a Pain

And the Beat Goes on, Another Dud Storm


Good Wednesday bloggers,

Today we have 100% sunshine, southwest winds gusting to 35 mph and humidity values between 15% and 25%. This is nice weather, but it leads to a very high fire danger. The only way to solve the fire danger problem is to receive a widespread soaking rain. Well, there is a storm system that . . . → Read More: And the Beat Goes on, Another Dud Storm

A Huge Warm Up and Storm System


Good Tuesday bloggers,

We are tracking two main weather events the next five days as we motor towards Spring. First, we have a huge warm up for Wednesday and Thursday, into the 60s. Second, we have a storm system Friday and Saturday. Will this storm system finally bring us widespread decent rainfall?

WEDNESDAY: The day will start with . . . → Read More: A Huge Warm Up and Storm System

Another Storm, Another Miss Part 3


Good Sunday bloggers,

We are tracking a storm system moving into Missouri and it is missing western Missouri, shock. It is not only missing our area, but it will become a big storm for the Tennessee Valley and New England. So, the beat goes on.

Here is Weather Track Radar from 630 AM Sunday. There is a large . . . → Read More: Another Storm, Another Miss Part 3

The Most Tame Part of the Storm, Again


Good Sunday bloggers,

Well, here we go again. We have a storm system tracking into the Plains and eastern Kansas/western Missouri will be in the most tame part of the storm. A blizzard will occur in the northern Plains, high winds will occur in the central Plains and the most rain and thunderstorms will occur east of the . . . → Read More: The Most Tame Part of the Storm, Again

The March Wind Machine


Good Saturday bloggers,

Gary has been snow chasing at Lake Tahoe as a strong storm system enters from the Pacific Ocean. That system is going to track into the middle of the USA by Sunday night, exiting Wednesday. It will act like all the other systems and do everything it can do to bring our area the . . . → Read More: The March Wind Machine

Pre-March Madness


Good Sunday bloggers,

We have just completed a wild week of weather where Kansas City received the least from four storm systems. That, being said, we had all kinds of weather, except that allusive snow.

Here is a recap of the last week and then we look ahead to the next storm system. Next week does not look . . . → Read More: Pre-March Madness

In Between with Everything but Snow!


Good Saturday bloggers,

We have had all kinds of interesting weather this week, ranging from thunderstorms with freezing rain and sleet, to freezing drizzle, drizzle, rain, fog, peeks of sun, an overcast sky and even temperatures 65°-70° Monday morning.  What we have not seen is snow.

This current storm system will bring snow to Nebraska and Iowa and . . . → Read More: In Between with Everything but Snow!