Quickly Changing Weather


Good Tuesday,

We are tracking a developing storm system for today and Wednesday and another for the Memorial day weekend.  These systems will lead to quickly changing weather not just day to day, but hour to hour.  So, let’s go through this crazy forecast.

TUESDAY MORNING: The main system is located in southwestern Minnesota.  There have been countless . . . → Read More: Quickly Changing Weather

Current Storm Exits, One More to Track


Good Saturday,

This was one heck of a storm system, but our region lucked out as we dodged any serious severe weather.  If Friday was in the 70s instead of the 60s,  we would have had some significant weather issues.  The storm on Saturday morning was moving into Nebraska where there has been some wet snow!

The storm . . . → Read More: Current Storm Exits, One More to Track

Excessive Rainfall Possible

Good evening bloggers,

This is Jeff Penner with an update:

We have been tracking two storm systems this week the first one is now in eastern Canada.  This was the system from Wednesday, now we are dealing with the second storm system and this is much bigger.  So, let’s get into the forecast as it is a complex . . . → Read More: Excessive Rainfall Possible

Warmth, Wind, Thunderstorms


Happy Mother’s Day,

The weather is looking great this Mother’s day as highs reach the low 80s with sunshine, just a bit windy.  The dry weather will last through Tuesday, then we have increasing chances of thunderstorms.  Let’s go through the next few days and look at some interesting Kansas tornado statistics.

MOTHER’S DAY: It will be mostly . . . → Read More: Warmth, Wind, Thunderstorms

Marvelous May Weather for Mom


Good Saturday,

We are in for some great May weather this Mother’s day weekend as an upper level ridge dominates the weather pattern.  This will change at the end of next week and we will talk about this below.  First, let’s go through the great weather.

SATURDAY: It will be sunny with low humidity and a light south . . . → Read More: Marvelous May Weather for Mom

Very Warm Start to the Week


Good Sunday,

Sunday started about exactly the same as Saturday.  This is what happens when you are in an “Omega Block”.  We are in the nice weather part, so we had another great sunrise.

We are in for a big Monday warm up as temperatures will come close to 90°.  Let’s go through the weather for the upcoming . . . → Read More: Very Warm Start to the Week

Great May Weather!


Good Saturday,

This weekend will be a 180 weather wise from last weekend as we are in for abundant sunshine, light winds and highs well in the 70s.  The next chance of rain arrives Wednesday, so let’s go through the forecast.

This is how the weekend started with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.


SATURDAY AFTERNOON: It will be very nice . . . → Read More: Great May Weather!

One More Storm System

KS snow

Good Monday,

Wow!  What a storm we had over the weekend as it brought flooding and severe weather along the I-44 corridor and a blizzard to western Kansas.  This storm is now moving away and the next storm is already showing up for Wednesday.  We will get into the forecast in a minute but let’s look back . . . → Read More: One More Storm System

April 30th Blizzard Warning


Good Sunday,

This has been quite a storm this weekend.  We have seen 1″ to 4″ of rain and some flooding with 7″-10″ of rain across southern Missouri and much more severe flooding.  There is a Blizzard warning today for northwest Kansas where 6″-15″ of snow is falling.  This big storm is on the move and will . . . → Read More: April 30th Blizzard Warning

Large Plains Storm


Good Saturday,

Our weather this weekend will be dominated by a huge storm system tracking from the southwest USA to Great Lakes.  There will be flooding, severe weather and snow with this storm.  KC seems to be in the more tame part with just periods of rain and thunderstorms (heavy at times), not severe and no snow. . . . → Read More: Large Plains Storm