At Least Four Storms Are Lining Up

Good morning bloggers,

It’s Good Friday!  And, it may snow on Easter Sunday.  The weather pattern is getting a bit wilder as we move into April. I often play an April Fools joke on the anchor teams I work with on 41 Action News where I say that snow has shown up and a few inches may fall. This year, I may pull something on them tonight, but snow is really in the forecast, so maybe I should say 75 degrees has shown up or something like that, because 75 degrees is not showing up at all.  What is showing up is a series of storm systems. Look at the next 7 days. Four storm systems:





This is a lot of activity in the next ten days. Storm #1 shows the Canadian model with snow forecast on Easter Sunday. Most of the models have this system, but amounts vary. The European Model just became the most aggressive with 1 to 3 inches on Sunday. What did I say? In KC? Well, remember a few years ago we had a 1 to 3 inch snowfall in early May and a Royals game was snowed out.  So, it can happen. The problem is that this winter has not been able to come together at all in our area. There was one exception when we had that two to three hour “complex of snow”, like a complex of thunderstorms move through a few weeks ago, but the seasonal total still sits at 5.8″, and there hasn’t been 3″ of snow in a storm since February 2014, or over four years ago.

Then, look at storms 2, 3, and 4……..all lined up between now and nine days from now.  That last one is a big one a week from Sunday. The biggest ones continue to show up around a week out, but until we get within a few days of one of those bigger ones, I wouldn’t count on it.

I will close for now. Let’s see how all of this sets up. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Happy Easter! Happy Passover!  Have a great weekend and join in the conversation over at Weather2020. It will be a lively one this weekend if that snow begins to materialize.


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