Arctic Blasts

Good Tuesday bloggers,

Well, we went from 50° Monday to 3° this morning as 40-50 mph wind gusts rattled windows all night.  The weather pattern the last 10 days and for the next 7 days will continue to be conducive to bringing in blasts of cold/wind followed by warm ups.  We are having all of these wild temperature swings and yet no moisture.  The main storm track remains to the north and east, we just get the cold and wind.

There has been a huge, blocking ridge in the western USA, preventing storm systems from entering California from the Pacific Ocean. This is exacerbating an already historic drought. Instead, these systems track north into northwest Canada then southeast through southern Canada to upper Midwest then New England.  See the maps below



As you can see, the main low tracks to the northeast of our area, keeping our region out of significant precipitation, but putting Chicago in the snow every few days.  We are on the southwest side of these systems, so we get roller coaster temperatures, wind and flurries.  If you look in western Canada on the above map, you will see the western USA warmth extending north.  Ahead of each blast of cold, a piece of that warm air breaks off and also heads southeast, so that is where we get the warm ups.

This pattern will break down in February and we should start to see moisture, but California may still be out of luck.  Hopefully, they will get a little something.

Now, here is the weather through Thursday.  And, yes here we go again, another Arctic blast.

First, Wednesday morning will have a light wind with temperatures in the teens.  It will feel 30 degrees warmer than this morning!


Around Noon Wednesday, the next Arctic front will race through.


By Thursday morning the next Arctic high will be settling into the area, and ouch, the low will be around 0° with wind chills about -15°.  The wind will be coming down at least.


There is good news.  Warmer air will surge in from the northwest just in time for the weekend.  Highs will at least be in the 40s, maybe low 50s!

Have a great day.

Jeff Penner

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3 comments to Arctic Blasts

  • KUweatherman

    I’m OK with this. I used to be in the ‘If it is going to be this cold, it better snow’ camp, but I’m past that phase. Let us just get through the rest of winter with nothing eventful happening.

  • ksloco

    how does this pattern translate into more moisture in feb?

  • getitgirl

    Do you think the artic blast coming on Thursday morning will close schools like earlier this month?