April Forecast

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Today, we will look through April and show the forecast of some of the bigger weather events showing up using the LRC. The weather pattern is cycling and here are the first three cycles of this years pattern lined up on the LRC Index. When you see a dip in the lines, that indicates a  storm just passed by. I am really just showing you here that the pattern is cycling and regularly. It is far from perfect. You can see the first three cycles of this years pattern:

LRC Index April 1

We are near the end of this rather exciting and rainfall producing part of the pattern. March will come in with above average rainfall.

KCI Airport March Statistics:

  • Highest Temperature: 87° (19th)
  • Lowest Temperature: 19° (15th)
  • Total Rainfall: 2.81″ (0.45″ above average)
  • Total Snowfall: 0.4″
  • Average Temperature: 48.1° (4.0° above average)
  • There was a major severe weather outbreak on March 6th with a dozen tornadoes in the KC viewing area

It went from a major severe weather outbreak to snow, very cold, then very warm, and the month will end up cloudy and damp. Kansas City had a wetter than average March. It was warmer than average with below average snowfall. Incredibly, the lowest and high temperatures of the month came just four days apart. It was 19° on the 15th, and then 87° just four days later on the 19th.

April Forecast:

  • Below average rainfall
  • Above average temperatures
  • A good chance of a freeze around the 10th to the 17th
  • A huge warm up in the second half of the month. The part of the pattern that produced huge warm ups in late December and in late February will be cycling back through
  • There is a very good chance of a major severe weather outbreak between the 24th and 30th. Kansas City may be on the western edge of this outbreak

The current weather pattern:

Two weeks ago we described a series of six storm systems that fit the LRC that would impact the United States. Kansas City has been affected. It just rained seven days in a row with measurable rain on six of those days.

  • Storm #1: This first storm went by dry
  • Storm #2: 0.49″ on the 24th-25th
  • Storm #3: 0.45″ on 26th-27th
  • Storm #4: 1.45″ on 29th-30th
  • Storm #5: This weekend and we are forecasting between 0.10″ and 1.00″
  • Storm #6 and the last in this series: Tuesday-Wednesday….too early to call on amounts as the track is still highly uncertain

After this sixth storm we are expecting a long break before the middle of April system, related to the storm that produced Kansas City’s first inch of snow around December 17th, which is due in during that colder stretch in our April forecast.

Have a great day. We will look at the developing Saturday night-Sunday system in tomorrow mornings blog!  And, we will go over all of this on 41 Action News tonight on Friday Night In The Big Town!


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