April 9th-10th Storm

Good morning,

  • At 4 PM yesterday:  it was 8° in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the exact same time it was 108° in Laredo, Texas!
  • 14 inches of snow in Boulder Colorado
  • Freezing rain as far south as northern Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas

An extremely strong April cold front moved across Kansas City very early this morning around midnight. Thunderstorms finally formed ahead of and behind the front, as initially all of the thunderstorms had been forming behind the front.  I saw some very small pea sized hail on the Plaza around 9:30 PM as the thunderstorms moved through.  1

And, by 3:30 AM the next round of showers and thunderstorms approached Kansas City with the first round actually creating an outflow boundary as shown on this 3 AM surface map:


There is a disturbance moving our way with a large band of rain associated with it. Rain will be increasing during the next few hours and possibly become heavy, especially near the state line and eastward.

Please let us know how much rain you received and thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Action Weather blog every day!


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57 comments to April 9th-10th Storm

  • grassmankc

    Occasional showers has brought the total for Greenwood up to .08″ Looks like the radar has begun to fill in to the south. Rain should be increasing. Current temp of 50 with NNE winds.

  • grassmankc

    Finally had some downpours. Up to .37″ in Greenwood.

  • yewtrees

    The temp is 46 right now, not as cold as we thought.

    NWS: Highs today will range from the lower 60s across the southeastern CWA to near 40 across the extreme northwestern CWA.

    • It is actually doing exactly what we thought. The temperatures are still dropping, possibly into the 30s in the next few hours as this next band of rain moves in.


      • yewtrees

        But this next band of rain moves in from the south, drawing some warm air to the region. We probably won’t see the 30s until tonight.

        • Yewtrees,

          It is colder to our southwest and this is where this rain is coming from. It is down to 40 degrees now at KCI. The rain is increasing and heading our way, all beneficial rain. I love it!


    1.02 ” in my rain gauge from last night in Platte City. Between the two rain events I am at 2.14″. Sure seems like it rained alot more than that last night. Heavy downpours an wind was kicking.

    Hope to get another inch out of the next wave.

  • Emaw

    Just under 1″ so far in north Olathe , nice!

  • ChrisS

    Had some awesome rumbles of thunder last night. The kind that sound like someone smacking a large sheet of tin. Must have had lightening hit real close. Out here in Oak Grove, getting some really much needed rain. I was trying to explain to my daughter how thunder happens. Am I wrong when I told her that it is the displacement of air from the lightening? Heard that I think many years ago. I love weather but know nothing of it, sorry.
    Thanks for the updates in your forecast Gary.

  • McCabe58

    Are we going to see just rain today? Is there any chance of frozen precip tonight?

  • WeatherorNot


    Can you tell us if this storm is related to our first snowstorm 48 days ago back on Feb 21st?

  • Gary what caused the forecasting problems with this front? It just wasn’t you but everyone made bad forecasts with this storm. It was difficult just getting 3 hours ahead correct. According to last nights timeline it was suppose to be in the 30’s right now. Is this front stalling or just moving a lot slower then forecasted.

  • Craig

    G-man: Out here in W Lenexa, I had exactly 1.00″ of rain on Sunday night. Followed that up with 1.60″ of rain last night.

  • .5″ of rain in this part of Lawrence during the overnight hours.

    On the temp front I’m currently at 39, with some light rain starting to move back in.

  • LibertyJeff

    South side of Liberty had 1.4″ last night and .75″ Sunday. What an awesome flood of rain to fill the lakes and ponds! We may not be out of the long term issues of the drought, but at least we’re making progress for current moisture levels. And there’s more coming!!

  • mowermike

    Drought, you’re getting a slap down again.

    NWS radar estimates(another couple inches for some on top of the heavy rains Sunday night. Some folks are already above average for April.


    Still raining….

  • pjjayhawk

    we had just a hair under 2″ last night (Shawnee MSN PKWY & 435). We had 1.3″ the night before.

    My soggy yard (and a bit of my basement) now have over 3.25″ for the event.

  • lsx347

    Gary here is a picture of the ice on the trees in Newton,KS that I took arriving this morning.


  • Drought Miser

    Earthworms are drowning here on the plaza I talked to one and he agreement with Drought Miser “Droughts Over”

  • grassmankc

    Up to .73″ in Greenwood. Most of it came after 4:00 AM. Still at 43 degrees not to bad for porch sitting.

  • Alex Pickman

    Had some verry intense lightning strikes around 1:30am in St. Joe last night. It was pretty wild.

  • Sv7Fooster

    Gary, are we going to get this Royals game in tonight? This low pressure system is just inching along.

  • Greenstein

    Looks like we may see a break in the action for an hour or two before another wave to the south heads up this way (assuming it holds together).

  • Are we not going to get as cold as forecasted? It’s still 43 and we were suppose to be in the low 30’s by now.

  • mowermike


    Nobody predicted low 30’s right now, if that was the case, then the rain moving in now would be the frozen variety.

    • Mike 33 is the low 30’s correct? 34 is the low 30’s correct? Gary even said temps around 35 right? Get off the kool aid my friend and look at the weather time line? Even now at 4:15 it’s still 43!

      • MIDNIGHT TO 5 AM: Periods of showers, thunderstorms and drizzle with temperatures 35 to 43. Hail will still be possible with a few thunderstorms having 3/4″ or larger.
        5 AM TO 4 PM WEDNESDAY: A cold rain and drizzle with thunderstorms at times. Small hail will be possible. Temperatures will be in the 30s. By the way, freezing rain will be likely in central Kansas. This is very rare for April!

        • kcpurpledog

          I would consider the low 30’s to be 30,31,32 and 33. Mid to be 34,35,36 and high 37,38,39. You and right and wrong. No where does it say lower 30’s like you said. Gary did say 30’s, which it has not gotten to over much or all of the forecast area. So, he’s wrong about that, but he never said lower 30’s, just 30’s, with the low point of 35.

  • RTBlue

    It started raining pretty steady and fairly hard again here in the Zona Rosa/KCI area.

    I don’t know exactly how much we got last night, I need to get a new rain gauge but we definitely got some very good down pours with the thunder storms. If I had to guess though, I’d say maybe anywhere from an 1″ to an 1 1/2″ maybe close to 2″. Also, a lot of pretty loud thunder and bright lightening. Although, a bit after mid-night, it was lightly raining but lots of lightening flashes off to the West / Soutwest but that particular cell didn’t come right over me. The latter night ones got pretty loud with lots of rain too.


    Drove by a farm just now, dude out front building an Ark. Got home and my yard gnome was playing lifeguard to some poor waterlogged earthworms.

    Loving this rain. Puddles all throughout my yard. Now let it soak on down.

  • grassmankc

    Looks like I’m going to make it to the magical one inch mark. I’m at .95″ in Greenwood and still having on and off showers.

  • j-ox

    Nailed up my new rain gauge yesterday afternoon and we’re also close to 1″ of precip, but not quite there yet…finally bringing us back to avg for the year thus far.

  • Gary maybe your newsroom can go out to the farms that had ponds way low that you guys covered during the worst of the drought to see how much they have recovered with the recent rains and snows. I think it would be interesting to see the difference.

  • mowermike


    That’s a good idea. I know my father-in-law’s pond is just 6 inches from full. He was down to just a muddy spot in the middle last August. Now, almost full again. He’s in clay county.


    Ended up with just at .5 inches more from today’s rain. Here in Platte City. So from Sunday so far received just over 2.5″ of much needed water.


    That is an impressive line if strong storms stretching from Chicago to Houston. They formed off to our east in impressive fashion.

  • davidmcg

    0.82″ in McLouth KS today

  • OlatheMatt

    I never thought I would be burning firewood in my fireplace April 10th!

    What a cold, dreary, drizzly night.

  • dpollard

    Too bad we didn’t celebrate the 75th anniversary of the April 6-8th 1938 blizzard with another snowstorm. Being stuck at 42 is depressing. Either drop to a temperature that gives us freezing precipitation or stay warm. Teasingly cold is a drain on the emotions! Seems like I remember some areas around here getting up to 3″ on April 15th of about 1995!

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton 1.35″ Better than snow and much better than ice.

  • OlatheMatt

    Why did Gary just say he is bringing the most accurate forecast? I thought that went to another station in KC?

  • McCabe58

    We know who’s the most accurate, c’mon Matt….

    • OlatheMatt

      Oh I know, just found it odd to claim it on live TV after it changed. Just curious thats all. Probably just slipped because he was so used to saying it so much lol.

  • Drought Miser

    Cold drizzle here on maple hill almost flurries couple more degrees and its either that or frozen drizzle

  • Hockeynut69

    OK not real accurate on a short term forecast. Last night on 6pm news, Gary kept showing a graphic of when the rain would end in KC metro area and pinpointed certain areas where it would end and what time. Left church around 8:15pm and it was still raining despite his radar showing 6:30. Oh and how about those at the game last night, rain was suppose to end by 7:00 at the latest. If you watched the game or were there, plenty of rain still to be had even by 10pm. This morning on the way into work, rain/snow mix on east side of town along 435 loop. I still believe in Gary’s forecast for the most part, but struggling with how he and others can still be so wrong about the precipitation ending.

  • Theo

    Wiki definition of minion:
    A minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly.

    To Gary’s minions, he will never be wrong. That’s just the way it is. Minions:


    The rest of us are objective and look at both sides.

    • Skylar

      Wonderful. Could you please post a list of all the objective, non-minion bloggers we should strive to emulate?

      Because we all care so much what you think.

  • RickMckc

    Wiki definition of troll:

    In Internet slang, a troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

  • jjcoolman

    rickmckc is perhaps a troll minion !!!!!

  • Emaw

    After looking at some of the extended forecasts out there I am now convinced that we live in one of the coldest major metropolitan areas in the country. Bright side – we are getting decent moisture. Question is, how does this line up with the LRC ? I don’t recall 2 straight months of below average temps early on in this year’s version. Is going to warm up by June?

  • dpollard

    How much longer will it be before discussion begins to blossom on what the 18 UTC GFS is showing for next Thursday morning. The last 5 runs have consistently showed snow in our viewing area and the latest gives us moderate to heavy snow north of I-70. If it still shows up by the weekend it will be very interesting to see who wants to talk about the “S” word on t.v.? It has been awhile since we had accumulations that late in April!

  • Skylar

    “Given the QPF scenarios proposed, we could potentially end
    the long term drought with several additional inches of rainfall
    through the 5 day stretch.” -EAX

    Basically wet but cold next week.