April 24th Thoughts On Rain Potential In The Next Two Weeks

Good morning bloggers,

Well, it’s April 24th!  I am not sure how you feel when you say your birthdate out loud, but is just feel special.  It can also be overwhelming.   For my birthday, all I want is an exciting weather pattern, and boy have we had one in this year’s cycling weather pattern.  I know it has dried out, as shown yesterday in this last cycle. We had only average rainfall in the past 50 days or so.  Well take a look at this:




The first forecast is the GFS, the second the GFS FV3, and the third one is the European model.  In the next ten days to two weeks just about every model has 2″ to 10″ of rain in our area.  The part of the pattern that produced the bomb cyclone will cycle through in the next seven days, early next week, and the pressure will be on Mother Nature to come through.

The weather will be calm between now and then.  I am on my way to a breakfast fundraiser right now, and I will check in later.  Have a great day, and thank you in advance for any birthday wishes. Here is a picture that was tweeted out this morning:


Have a great day.


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