Another Storm Moves to the Deep South

Another storm will move across the deep south. It will contain a mix bag of precipitation with rain, ice, and snow in the forecast. It will move south this evening affecting Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

A look at HPC graphical forecasts.


By Tuesday morning, much of the deep south will be canvased with precipitation.  Southern Arkansas will have an average of 2 inches of snowfall.  Southern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to Georgia will have rain and thunderstorms.


By Wednesday morning, the storm will move east still affecting Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Turning over to snow for much of these areas.

The storm will take a turn to the north and affect the mid-Atlantic states in the middle of this week where some areas through the eastern part of West Virginia, the western half of Virginia, Maryland and the southern half of New Jersey could potentially see half a foot of snow.  Much of these areas are under a Winter Storm Watch for Thursday.

A look at GFS 12Z model run for Tuesday morning from Penn State’s e wall.


And by Wednesday night, the system is still planted in the south


Through the latter half of the week, it’ll move along the eastern seaboard. Rain along the coast, with snow/sleet further inland about 50 miles.


The storm that will move across the southeast will help areas like southern Texas and Louisiana that are in need rain.

The Drought Monitor that was posted last Thursday still shows isolated areas like southern Alabama and isolated pockets across the coasts of North and south Carolina still are ‘abnormally dry.’


Closer to home. We will have a chance for light snow early Wednesday morning and then we are in for a warm-up! Much of the snow will melt off, however we still run the risk of refreezing during the overnight hours.

Have a good Monday afternoon,





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6 comments to Another Storm Moves to the Deep South

  • AW

    Accuweather is saying, for Febuary 20th, as of 02-11-2014, that we can see Thundershowers! This would be the first thunderstorm of the year for Kansas City. I hope it comes

  • Jerry

    It’s a shame this blog essentially died, and in its place, Gary started one where he stifles good scientific debate about his theory.

  • mowermike


    Simply not true. Go ask your questions, you will get answers when time allows. This blog was full of trolls and KSHB did nothing about it. That’s why this blog died. Over at the weather2020, it can be moderated by Gary. Here, they did not allow him too. In return, this comment section was a mess. Over there, not a mess. There’s a difference between professional critique and bashing, you know this Jerry.

  • Jerry

    Mike –

    I’ve asked several questions, only to have my posts deleted and my ability to post blocked.

    • mowermike

      I’m not sure why that might be happening, but are you posting under a real email address and real name? Try again.

  • Jerry,

    We would love to have scientific debate. Why don’t you email me at gary.lezak@kshb.com and we can discuss anything you would like to discuss. On the Weather 2020 blog it is open to any and all discussion.