Another Storm, Another Miss Part 2

Good afternoon bloggers,

We get a late blog today.  I forgot that Jeff took the morning off, and he is working tonight and tomorrow morning. We should feel for Jeff Penner a bit, because when he agreed to do this back to back shift he had forgotten about the time change. So, tonight when he goes home at 11 PM, and he comes back to work at 4 AM to get ready for the 6 AM show, well, he will not get much sleep because Daylight Savings Time happens tonight and Jeff will lose that extra hour. Do the math here: the most sleep he may get is around 2 to 3 hours. Ouch!  And, he will do the blog tomorrow.

So, here we are again. Another storm, another miss, part 2…..or really part 22. I am not sure how many this season, but this one is one of the more ridiculous ones. Let’s take a look:


The upper low is forecast to track just northeast of KC. And, we will get almost no precipitation from it:

12These two maps show the total precipitation forecast by the NAM model ending Tuesday night. As you can see, Kansas is left dry, while another storm produces just northeast of KC and intensifies near the east coast. And, there is a system coming into California with a subtropical plume of moisture spreading in from the Pacific. It isn’t quite the “Pineapple Express” but close.

We may see some light rain showers, or maybe even a few snowflakes Sunday, but this is another miss for KC. Will this dry trend change later this month? Last year it did. So, we are on the lookout for  any hints of this pattern producing better precipitation producing storms in the next few weeks. The drought is contracting right now towards Amarillo. In the next few weeks we will know if it continues to contract, or if it starts expanding.  This month is the first big test.



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