Another Hot One

Good Morning Bloggers! A beautiful shot from our One Park Place Skyview of the clouds and a peak of the sun.



Rain is currently ongoing as of 7:45 AM in the same spots that saw it yesterday. Gentry, MO down through Cameron moving to the southeast.



The Kansas City metro area will stay dry today with the main  forecast point being the heat. High temperatures will once again get up into the lower 90s.  The farther southwest you go in the viewing area the closer it will get to the triple digits.

Wednesday is when the chance for rain will begin to increase and the temperatures will begin to decrease.


The front that is currently along the northern edge of the viewing area will drop south tomorrow and this will bring the chance for rain a little further south.  The timing is still a little uncertain for Wednesday, but let’s look at the NAM & GFS next to each other for precipitation.

NAM: 00z Thu (WED PM) & 12z Thu (THU AM)

5 6


GFS 00Z THU (Wed PM), 06Z THU (Midnight WED), 12z THU (THU AM)

7 89


Looking up at the NAM model the showers and thunderstorms will push south toward I-70 as early as the late afternoon and early evening, but the GFS keeps it north along the Iowa border until overnight and into early Thursday.  We will keep looking at everything, but forecast is on track to bring us several good chances of rain between Wednesday and the beginning of next week.

Kalee Dionne



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16 comments to Another Hot One

  • Hume-Dude

    What’s up with that annoying popup asking to log into ENERGTCAST? I don’t know what that’s all about, anybody else getting it?

    What I keep noticing about model trends is the energy keeps having tough time moving south. Most of the energy and storms stay in IA or Northern MO, little trailing stuff clipping my area. I am not that convinced I will see a drought busting rain down here. Maybe an 1″ , but I will take that if I can get it.

    • Dobber

      Irrigation Hume. It’s a cure all

      • Hume-Dude

        Can you stretch out your lawn hose and water my beans down here Dob?
        In order to achieve the same amount of water as a 1″ rain would produce, you only have to water about 27,150 gallons per acre. I have about 150ish acres of thirsty beans right now ,so I just need 4,072,500 or right about 4.1 million gallons just to give it a little drink. That would drain a nice pond!

        • Dobber

          no my hose wont stretch…..LOL, I wonder why farmers do it then? I mean its a fairly common practice for sucessful farmers.

          With all the brands/Strains (MONSANTO/GMO’s) of beans available they are able to withstain alot of drought like conditions. What brand of seed did you plant, did you get a short maturity or long? Hows the water hemp in vernon county this year?

          I assume the land you farm is mainly hill ground, that far south hill ground is best suited for raising hay.

          Another interesting thing farmers do is pay for crop ins, do you partake in this practice HUME? I know its costly, but it would let you sleep better at night.

          Farmers are a weird breed, always complaining about the weather, I know all my friends who farm are ALWAYS complaining. Their pay depends on it so I get it, but they show up to dinner in a brand new chevy duramax or dodge cummings pick-up, 4-door, leather, sunroof.

          I plow snow in the winter so I know what its like to have weather anxiety, but they dont sell “snow insurance”. It will rain soon enough, if not sell the farm and get a miserable 40 hour a week job like most folks. Heres to the rain HUME, cheers!

          • Hume-Dude

            Its the farmers that have access to aquifers mostly. That’s why the Ogallala is drying up SO rapidly, some farms easily drawing 10’s of millions of gallons annually. The water hemp is not an issue at all down here, haven’t even seen one plant.

          • Hume-Dude

            Honestly not 100% sure which brand we sowed this year. I will tell you these new bean strains are remarkably drought resistant, just incredible what they can tolerate. Even in 2012 we managed to get a meager crop out, 25 bushels an acre or so. Meager but something. We don’t farm enough to warrant insurance, it would negate our profit. We have a mix of ground, some nice creek bottom land but other areas are old CRP we decided to bulldoze and plant, you might consider it “hill ground”. LOTS of old CRP has been planted lately, but once the grain market crashes this fall from the record worldwide harvest, there will be less acres planted next year no doubt.
            latest models STILL keeping majority of rain/storms near KC and northward with little trailing mini-storms my way. I’m calling for a little rain down here but not what we need.

        • FARMERMIKE

          when he is done drag the hose over to my beans
          no need to water the whole field though
          I noticed last nite from the road they were suffering
          so after walking thru part of one field I would say 25-30% of them are shot no amount of rain now will save that part of the crop. Sunday I noticed the pastures are shot too.
          they need rain bad. cows will need handouts before long if the rains do not come!!!!!!!!

  • Hume,

    I just replied to that on the other blog. Is this just on these last few updates. I don’t know why you be getting this, but I’m going to check into it. Can you take a picture of what is popping up and email it to me, so I can have a visual. kalee.dionne@kshb.com THANKS!

    • Hume-Dude

      Oddly enough, it is not doing it anymore. You fixed it Kalee! If it does it again I will try to see if I can get a screenshot of it or something. Thanks

  • frigate

    Seems NWS and others are all on board with some beneficial rain starting tomorrow night…so I’ll try to keep thinking positive.

  • AW

    Why don’t my comments post?

    • AW

      I guess it did post… finally…

      Well, NWS says for the Kansas City Metro that we could get 1.5-1.75 inches of rain over the next 7 days… This will definitely water our lawns (and beans)… but more rain farther east…

      In other news, this could be the first time ever that Hawaii gets 2 tropical systems only 3 days apart, Iselle and Julio. This could be interesting…

      My preliminary winter outlook (for the Kansas city Metro): Lots of winter storms and blizzards. An above average snowfall year due to the jet-stream being centered over us. Slightly above average temps. Could be warm one week and a blizzard the next. 32 inches of snow, or 16 inches above average.

  • VerySkeptical

    Do you believe in the LRC?

    • AW

      Personally, yes because Gary has proved it several times. I don’t think it’s always exactly the same place, but pretty much the same time period.