Another Freeze Is Likely

Good morning bloggers,

It will start out cool and cloudy this week with a chance of some light precipitation.  And, then it will warm up big time, but then this will be followed by a strong weekend cold front that will bring a chance of thunderstorms and the likelihood of another freeze by early next week.


The weather pattern is cycling into the part of the weather pattern that brought Kansas City it’s first inch of snow on the Plaza to end the snowflake contest.  A strong cold front will likely move through by Sunday with a good chance of rain and thunderstorms, and it will be followed by a freeze next week.  Read more about the pattern and the accurate weather forecast made for the Master’s Golf Tournament on the Weather2020.com weather blog:  Another Accurate Long Range Forecast

Have a great start to the week. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the ActionWeather Blog!


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22 comments to Another Freeze Is Likely

  • mowermike

    The EURO has been showing snow here or very nearby late Sunday into Monday next week.(last 4 or 5 runs) Probably unlikely, but it is basically giving you the idea that he air mass will be a cold one for this time of year. It does appear another good precip. event will unfold region wide this weekend. Let’s hope so.

  • NoBeachHere

    I always hold out till late April before I put the Plows and Shovels away. Except for 2012, there has always been that late last chance over the last few years.
    Question, When was the latest measurable snow in KC?

    Gary, have you ever seen a negative AO and NAO in the summer before?

    • The AO and NAO are weak and rarely factors during the warm season. These indexes are just an indicator for what is going on now, but you can also see a cycling pattern within the indexes. The weather pattern will continue to cycle into this summer so these indexes will likely continue to be near neutral as they have been most of the past few months.


  • AW

    I’m, of course, not Gary, but 1.7 inches in May 1907 and .5 inches in May 2013

  • Henley

    If I was to take a guess, we’ll miss the precipitation and just get the cold and wind….really going out on a limb, right?

  • Hume-Dude

    Gary – Do you think this will be the last freeze of the season? Any indications there could be another blast at the end of the month? I have some tender Veggies I want to put out. I’m with Henley , there will be some precipitation around next weekend but it won’t be widespread or heavy enough for most of us. It appears this would be just a front with no Low, so I see a definite limitation on our precip. potential. Fronts just blow through dry anymore…..

    • There will likely be a strong late April cold front, but the chance of a freeze will be low. The chance of a freeze early next week is rather high.


  • Terri

    According to weather2020.com. the cold fronts go through every 57 days.

    The next possibility of frost is next week. Fine. Does that mean the the possibility of frost will be over for the spring, as 57 days afterwards puts us into June????

    • Hume-Dude

      Terri – This particular front and its associated storm system came through 57 days ago , and will again 57 days from now. However, there many other systems in play as well, so we will have many more fronts in-between this system and 57 days from now. The system after this could also bring a freeze/frost, it just depends if it has a lot of cold air to work with. This time of year it gets tricky as spring is starting to win out the battle and these systems become more starved for cold air as the entire continent begins to moderate. I am also very curious when our last freeze will occur, but its tough to call when a matter of +/- 3F can be all the difference. I am thinking this freeze next weekend has a 65% probability of being our last considering the date.

  • AW

    My potatoes are going to ROT if this storm doesn’t miss us! We’ve had too much rain, but, sadly, I feel as if the rain and snow will hit us. Hoping it redevelops into Missouri as usual this time.

    • Hume-Dude

      You have had TOO MUCH rain? Consider yourself lucky, as 98% of us need the rain. And it really looks like the KC metro will get little if ANYTHING today. The chance for rain this afternoon/evening looks to be drying up like the many similar scenarios that would have given us rain is years past, they go by dry

  • smiley10

    Please tell me it will NOT be windy this weekend! I am so tired of seeing warm weekend days in the forecast, only for them to be accompanied by 40 mph winds, making it too unpleasant to enjoy the weather. Give us a warm day in the 70s with just a light breeze, pretty please?

  • batman

    In your press release you state that “United States Scientist” Who exactly are the scientist? Did you say this in response to the scientist in Europe who cliam they have the computer program for long range forecast? Please clarify who exactly the scientist are. Thanks.

  • AW

    Weather Underground says over an inch or rain for KCMO Metro.

  • AW

    For Saturday into Monday BTW

  • Hume-Dude

    4 drops to a brick here in overland park…..this is pretty much what I was expecting from this. When is the last time a system OVER-performed…been awhile

  • AW

    February, 2013, when we got a total of 20 inches of snow in that month alone. Weather Underground says morning thunderstorms, then rain all day long with an inch Sunday night and an inch of snow Monday morning. For Leavenworth anyway. Tell me your location and I’ll tell you what it says.

  • luvsno

    El Nino is growing…going to be a monster for 2014. It is in the tropical Pacific….as big as the U.S.A. 300 ft deep……what will this mean for KC..another scorcher like 2 summers ago ? God I hope not.


  • Drought Miser

    The Masters forecast was another home run by the Lrc…. pull a patent Gary do it now more and more blogs are a fire talking about cycling winter spring weather patterns and your name come up now and then….
    April showers bring the May flowers and we had just that this afternoon at the new Ikea plant here in Downtown Merriam Ks… The smell of spring rains took my thoughts of our current drought cycle and to a tropical rain forest for around 5.2minutes then the sun blazed down and dried up all the rain :/

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    Thick gray sky and rain’s a falling here in Paola! Love it! Didn’t think there was supposed to be rain today… Glad to have it though!! We didn’t have anything yesterday that I know of.