Another dry day

Good morning bloggers.

Did it feel nice this morning?  Temperatures were in the upper 30s in KC around 7 am.   This is almost 20° warmer than Saturday’s 18° morning.  It actually felt nice walking into work!

If you’re going to the Chiefs game today, weather will be great.  My friend offered me 4 free tickets and a parking pass for the game.  The sad thing is many fans are giving up their tickets and abandoning this season’s 1-9 Chiefs.

1-10 by the end of the day?

Early this morning, around 7 am, a cold front was beginning to push into St. Jo and Topeka.

As the front passes KC early this morning, the winds will shift from the northeast.   Because the air north of the front isn’t much colder than the air south of the front, it’s a weak front.  So even though this front passes KC, we’ll actually be warmer today than both Friday and Saturday.

A couple of things to remember about fronts like this: 
(1)  Temperature contrasts across the front are more subtle during the overnight/early morning hours.  So the true strength of the front may not be apparent from the above map. 
(2) Cloud cover on one side of the front can mask the true temperature contrast.  This morning there was considerable cloud cover north of the front and clear skies to the south.  Overnight clouds had kept the air on the north side of the front from getting too cold, whereas clear nighttime conditions south of the front allowed temperatures to drop off a little more. 

The true strength of the front will be more apparent this afternoon.

Nonetheless, today will be a nice and pleasant day in KC.  Highs are in the low-mid 50s.

Tonight we’ll track snow across the great state of Nebraska. By Monday morning, there’s a small chance for a few snowflakes or rain drops near the Iowa state line.

For KC, it’s just a colder, cloudier and windier Monday.  By Tuesday afternoon the winds return out of the south, temperatures will react by warming for the second half of the workweek.  Next weekend has the potential to be really nice…in the 60s.  I’ll have a full update to next weekend’s forecast at 5/10pm.  Enjoy your Sunday!


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9 comments to Another dry day

  • JohnNCWX

    If my winter forecast decides to cooperate, things should start picking up in the area in a week and a half or so…in the meantime this is nice weather you guys are having!

  • f00dl3

    We will not have a significant snow until the last half of Jan 2013. Jan – Feb will be our snowy period, then March it will start warming up and it will be another record warm March for much of the U.S. – April and May will be mild and dry, and summer 2013 much like 2012 will be hot and dry.

  • JohnNCWX

    I hope you’re wrong, fOOdl3! What constitutes significant snow, btw? 4+”?

  • JohnNCWX

    I hope you’re wrong, fOOdl3! What constitutes significant snow, btw? 4+”?

  • f00dl3

    Significant = 1″ or more, as far as I’m concerned anymore.

    It’s obvious since mid-November we have turned a corner, we have been running quite a bit above normal once again – in fact, 10 degrees or more for a good 6 or 7 day stretch. I feel December and will continue to run 3-6 degrees above normal, until just after the Christmas holiday. December to Jan 15 should be near normal, and then Jan-end of Feb should run 0-3 degrees below normal and produce our winter’s 7-11″ of snowfall.

  • dogsinkc

    Screw it… I hope global warming kills us all

  • ChiefsFan

    George, should we expect any of the snow from Nebraska here in the metro kc?

  • ChiefsFan

    Thank You George