Over One Year Since Our Last Tornado Warning….WOW!

Good Saturday morning bloggers,

The jet stream is dipping south across the upper midwest and this will help bring a colder and drier air mass into our region today.  The winds are going to shift to the northwest and increase for a few hours today before calming down tonight.  With the clear sky and lighter winds later tonight we can expect temperatures to drop into the 30s in a few spots. There may be some patchy frost in the morning, especially across northern Missouri.

Here is the 8 AM surface map:


With another cold May air mass coming in we continue to have no severe weather.  This next map comes from the Iowa Environment Mesonet and it shows how long it has been since a National Weather Service Office issued a tornado warning. Wichita, KS must have issued one with those thunderstorms a couple of days ago, but look at Topeka and Pleasant Hill. It has been over a year:


This statistic really shows how quiet it has been in our region. Remember, in 2012 the KC metro area was not even under one tornado watch. Yes, the entire year did not have one watch. We have had one so far this year.

On Sunday a weak disturbance will be approaching Kansas City from the northwest.  There will be very limited moisture, but the clouds will likely thicken up and there is a good chance of a small area of rain showers developing with Kansas City being on the northeastern edge of this system.

Happy Mother’s Day!  It should be a cool Mother’s Day this year.  A big warming trend will begin late Sunday and by Tuesday we will make a surge deep into the 80s approaching 90°.   Have a great weekend.


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6 comments to Over One Year Since Our Last Tornado Warning….WOW!

  • Drought Miser

    Why would we not have some sort of severe weather with cool air in place and a warm front surging north next week?

    • Miser,

      I think there is a decent chance of severe thunderstorms around Wednesday near a stalling/slow moving cold front. But, the winds aloft will be weak enough to keep the risks to hail and potential straight line winds. Let’s see how it sets up.

  • mukustink

    The lack of severe weather is just amazing. It’s not just us but the entire nation. I can’t remember a year where there has been such low totals for tornados ans severe weather across the entire nation. Truly amazing!

    Was looking forward to Kalee’s first blog today. I guess she’s not into blogging. That’s ok it’s not a mandatory thing. I like seeign how high her chair is compared to the other anchors on set. Gary must look like a giant next to her LOL.

  • Emaw

    I can handle this kind of cold front, highs in the 60s behind it not 30s and 40s! The lack of severe weather so far is also a good thing , I just hope the moisture doesn’t completely shut off.


    I agree Emaw if this is a cold front it’s fine by me. Also really hope the spicket doesn’t get turned off and we can continue to get some moisture. I think Wednesday we will see some pop up storms but looks to be scattered. Hope it scatters over this way.

    Enjoy the weekend bloggers. And to the mothers Happy mothers Day.

  • stjoeattorney

    record low of 32 in STJOE this am KCI too 33.

    Warm is coming. . . .