Another Area of Rain Limps In

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

As expected a large area of rain and thunderstorms formed over much of Kansas Saturday night.  It is now moving east towards KC and is weakening.  We are familiar with this scenario.  When will our region end up being the bullseye?  That is a question without an answer at this moment.

Here is the amazing stat of the day since July 1st we have seen 3.34″ of rain while Wichita has received 13.50″!  WOW!  Overnight, 2-4″ of rain occurred in Hutchinson and Wichita where the red cross is now helping with flooding issues.

MAP #1: Radar Image from 7 AM today.  The rain is headed into KC, but likely we will see just scattered rain showers.


So, for this Sunday in August it will be a cloudy day with scattered showers along with highs well below average in the 70s.  Total rainfall through the day will be disappointing.

MAP #2: Rainfall forecast to 7 PM Sunday.


Looking at the radar most areas around here will see .10″ or less.  The above map is a bit optimistic.

Have a great rest of your weekend!




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20 comments to Another Area of Rain Limps In

  • Hockeynut69

    Yesterday there were slight winds from NE that dried our atmosphere. This rain is being chews up by the dry air. We are in the cursed zone. In the spring there was flooding in St. Louis area. Now floods to our west. While we are caught in the middle. Very frustrating to say the least!

  • Hockeynut69

    So funny, several of the stations are saying after this wet weather the next three days, it will dry out for a bit. BREAKING NEWS! It is not wet now and we have already been dry and continue to be. Hutchinson does not equal KC metro area or are they part of the 44 county viewing area?

  • Greenstein

    I did have a nice downpour at 159th and Antioch and we’ll certainly take it but we still need more. Excellent forecast Jeff, as the rain disintegrated as it reached KC’s door step.

    I’ll take the cool temps today however, and hopefully there will be more chances for rain in the metro this week.

    Have a great Sunday and tonight is the first NFL preseason game!!!!

  • willy

    Current radar is pretty humorous. Seems the progress of the rain is impeded just as it hits southwest of the KC metro area and is developing more to the NW or SE. Maybe there’s a hot spot like that which caused the Hawaiian Islands or Yellowstone super volcano that’s messing with the flow of the atmosphere above, less gravity. (please don’t take this serious, I’m being tremendously creative here)

  • Greenstein

    Some additional light rain has arrived which is a nice bonus. This should all but guarantee leaving off the sprinkler system for this upcoming week.

  • Emaw

    Nice steady rain in north Olathe, up to about .25 already.

  • greek

    No rain here yet. If we had gotten all the rain that was forecast over the last couple weeks, we’d probably have flood watches in effect. All these clouds and humidity and we can’t squeeze out a drop.

  • LibertyJeff

    Looks like in the Northland that Gladstone is getting rain but Liberty isn’t. Just our luck!

  • Jrock

    7 tenths of an inch here in Easton, KS this morning. Weekly total since last Monday
    Is now at 4.3 inches. KC metro got the classic “under the dome” split again,
    heaviest rain was to the north & south.

  • trinlivco

    Gary and Crew, Please don’t forcast any rain for the chillicothe area. Why because we are cursed!! Can’t get crap for rain!!! Mother Nature is having her way with us. Its very hard to take but can only hope some day it will be our turn to see rain again. What we have gotten the last month or so has really been spotty around here. Its still very dry. TR

  • frigate

    Jeff, sadly you nailed the forecast…as once the rain reached the city, it just died. This has become more than frustrating at my location in Grain Valley, MO. I honestly don’t think it will ever be our turn. After 6 weeks of this, I am at a loss as when I’ll ever even see a T-storm let alone anything over .50. The most aggravating part is how just a few miles to the south there are flood watches and warnings while this time…recieved a whopping .04!! ARG!

  • Emaw

    .50 in north Olathe.

  • greek

    I’m swearing off weather forecasts. Life will be less aggravating without the constant disappointments.

  • sedsinkc

    .11″ total in KC North. Same old pattern. More of the same to come, I fear. Drove to Liberty today and it was dry there.

  • Hockeynut69

    I would like to thank the weather people for calling for rain. People that listened to them, decided to skip going to World’s of Fun, but not us. The lines were short and on some rides, we were able to ride three cycles without getting off. Great day out there and weather was mild. But it did make me ready for fall!

  • OlatheMatt

    It has been raining for a while now here in Olathe. Its a light, yet soaking rain. Its nice!

  • Hockeynut69

    Instead of .10-.50″ of rain, we got 10-50 raindrops. Semantics I guess.

  • mukustink

    This is getting old. I think the clouds need some of that male enhancment medicine to give them staying [power!