Another area of light rain showers

Good morning bloggers,

Pool Forecast:

  • Mostly sunny today with south to southwest winds 10-25 mph.  HOT! High: 95° to 100°
  • Wednesday:  Morning clouds with a few lingering showers.  High:  88°

It has now rained in our viewing area every day this month. The problem for area lawns and gardens is that the rain has been very light.  And, again this morning an area of rain showers is moving across north of I-70:


A weak cold front will move through early on Wednesday morning and there will be a good chance of heavier thunderstorms as it approaches our area.  How wide spread will the rain be, and how heavy are the two big questions for tonight’s forecast.

2Tropical Storm Chantal has formed southeast of the islands and it is forecast to curve west north west over the Bahamas.  It is not forecast to strengthen much at all during the next few days, but I guarantee Florida is watching this closely.

Overall, the weather pattern is just not producing in our area.  I mean, it is not producing any organization to precipitation. And, now, in the next week we will see the jet stream retreat farther north and an anticyclone has to be the  result over our area as it builds overhead and then shifts around. Where will it go?  It should shift to the east and then completely flatten out with the jet stream shifting farther south again within 15 days.

For now, let’s enjoy the summer weather. I haven’t watered yet, but depending on what happens with the thunderstorms tonight I may finally turn on the water this week. The lawn is still green.

Have a great Tuesday. We will go over these details on 41 Action News tonight.


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21 comments to Another area of light rain showers

  • whitelightning

    quiet on here today.

  • Farmgirl

    We have missed out on every single rain shower for a month. Extremly dry south of the metro. Huge cracks have developed in the yard and pasture. This dry weather is starting to get serious again for soybeans and corn.

  • MikeL

    My house in SW Topeka has had about 1.3 inches of rain since June 1. 0.80 fell in one morning. Yards are starting to brown and also getting large cracks in the ground. Some areas nearby are doing better but the heaviest rains always miss us.

  • sedsinkc

    This adjustable NWS map provides generalized estimates on areal coverage and precipitation amounts over various time frames. “http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge2/RFC_Precip/index.php?site=eax” The resolution suffers when you zoom way in and thus it is not completely accurate.

  • sedsinkc

    86 at noon at KCI. Hope Gary lowered his 99 prediction from 5 and 6 p.m. on the late newscast last night.

  • Drought Miser

    Huge cracks in the dirt here in Merriam and brown grass, this is early July what are we going to be dealing with in late August? We need mesoscale type rain tonight.

    I am betting these high clouds trump are temps today and squash are instability for afternoon and evening storm’s this is nuts folks

    • sedsinkc

      My lawn in KC North is also deteriorating, but by this time last year it was completely dormant and brown with temps near or over 100 every day. This summer won’t be as bad as last (20+ days of triple digits last year), but we’re now definitely trending toward drier weather and possibly moderate drought. If tonight’s rain chance fizzles out we will likely return to drought conditions in the next 2 to 3 weeks. We may not have a tropical system to help us out this summer, as the general odds of us having heavy rain from tropical cyclone remnants during two consecutive summers are low.

  • gardnerks79

    It’s 101 in Gardner KS. I feel like Winter Spring and Fall just raced by and we’re right back where we started from. And to all of you that were complaining about the rain and snow this year, I hope you’re happy! Grrr!!! I hate Summer with a passion.

  • sedsinkc

    Gary was right after all. Now 97 at KCI. Clouds depart and temperatures zoom.

  • j-ox

    I live for Summer’s heat and humidity…yeah, I’m a mutant. BUT, some rains would help our landscape immensely. Seeing turf stress here in Lawrence…and I’m pretty sure we receive less avg rain/precip than KC on an annual basis.

  • Theo


    Videos at ten.

    • The0

      You’re an idiot. You make no sense at all. I hope you are on meds for all of your paranoia.

  • Emaw

    Do you camp on here all day and wait for him to post something, who’s the real idiot here ? It’s not going to do jack squat tonight!

    • The0

      Hey peanut, no one asked you for comments from the peanut gallery. I think you must be the real idiot since you are a third wheel in this and you feel the need to repsond. So, you’re at least one level deeper on the idiot scale than I am.

  • HeatMiser

    SSW issued until 1:00 am.

  • Dobber

    Gary the temperature discrepancies between your 7 day and your video update, have been terrible? What gives?

  • Dobber

    Also , is it going to rain tonight?!

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    Don’t need a rain gauge to measure the moisture I had with this event…about 10 droplets… Missed again!

    Sad to think that 88 degrees is a cool down. Summer = UGH!!!!

  • Drought Miser

    Woke up early to see are storms this morning 70% chance ? hummm must have went around us again this is getting old

  • Hockeynut69

    Let the spin of a 70% chance of rain that missed the KC metro area begin. Unless Clinton and Butler are considered KC metro area.