An Historic Record For Lack Of Snow In Kansas City

Good morning bloggers,

The weather enthusiasts that live near Kansas City are experiencing an historically incredible record for lack of snowfall. The last time Kansas City had 3″ of snow in a storm was February 4, 2014. This is almost four years ago.  As of yesterday this is 1,442 days without one storm that produced only 3″ of snow. This breaks the old record long streak for this lack of a 3″ storm of 1,018 days.  This is over one year longer than the previous record.  Incredible.


KCI Airport didn’t really come close on Sunday with two systems moving across the area in less than a day.  There was an Arctic snowfall with temperatures in the teens in the morning, then a wet snowfall with rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow across the KC metro area on Sunday evening. I live on the south side and it was so frustrating to have rain, yes, rain was the main type of precipitation in one small area of the KC metro area, while snow was the main type just a few miles away. And, considering just south of KC it changed back to all snow with Joplin, MO receiving their first 3″ snow in 4 years breaking their streak, as they had 5″.


Just as incredibly, in these last four winters, including this one, there have been 39 days with measurable snowfalls, and these 39 snows have added up to 32″ of snow. This means that each snowfall has averaged under one inch of snow.


Kansas City is now just 0.2″ from last years winter total, so I guess that is a good thing for us winter weather fans.  Think about being “weather geek” in Amarillo Texas. Today is their 96th day in a row without any measurable rain or snow. That is right, Amarillo has not had any snow this season and their last measurable rainfall was October 13th when 0.01″ fell.  Houston, San Antonio, Austin, an other areas of the Lone Star state have all had multiple measurable snowfalls. Schools are closed in Houston, TX today due to icy roads and cold. Wow.

So, what is going to happen this weekend. Well, read the title of yesterdays blog entry. The most likely scenario is another miss, but we still have to monitor it closely. The big thing now is the warm up beginning this afternoon as the Arctic air retreats out of the United States by Friday. Let’s see how the models trend with this next storm coming into the west coast.

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2 comments to An Historic Record For Lack Of Snow In Kansas City

  • kuwxman

    If my gut feeling of ~40″ of snow I had from mid-2017 thru the end of year is going to pan out, the next ~2 months are going to be interesting. That’s a lot of snow to make up. Time will tell!

  • overlandpark4me

    Shouldn’t if be “A historic” ……