Always in the wrong spot

Good morning bloggers,

Pool Forecast:

  • Sunny and hot with a south to southwest breeze at 10-20 mph.  High:  96°

Take a look a this beautiful picture of Breezy, Stormy, and a rainbow. The sky was stormy looking, but not much rain fell as it moved into the city Saturday morning.

Rainbow Dogs 1

Maybe we should use reverse psychology and forecast no chance of rain at all.  This is getting even more ridiculous and difficult to explain how our area almost always ends up with sprinkles or light rain showers while all around us heavy thunderstorms form. A band of thunderstorms formed early Saturday morning just west of Kansas City and as they inched eastward only sprinkles or light rain showers made it to the state line.  And, then Sunday morning very heavy rain tracked across southern Kansas with only a few sprinkle showers making it to KC.  By sunset Sunday night the sky had some beautiful clouds but with no bite:


Did you know that it has rained 10 of the first 21 days of the month at KCI Airport?  0.20″ has fallen, so this is an average of 0.02″ per rain event.  At this time of the year it is very difficult to have that little amount of rain with all of these rain chances. We just continue to be in the wrong spot every single time.  And again this morning the thunderstorms formed southeast of Kansas City and moved away.

day1otlk_1200Our next chance of rain is tonight, but is it worth talking about? The Storm Prediction Center has placed our area in a slight risk with wind and hail the main severe weather risk types. Remember for it to be called a severe thunderstorm the wind has be reach 50 knots, or 58 mph, and hail has to reach one inch in diameter or around the size of a quarter or larger. We will be monitoring the set-up closely and keeping you updated all day on 41 Action News, KSHB.com, Facebook, and Twitter.  The best chance of thunderstorms appears that it will arrive after sunset. Will it miss us again, or could tonight be the night we get a good soaking. We need it really bad as it is getting very dry.

Have a great day.  If anything begins developing we will update the blog later on this evening.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog.


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25 comments to Always in the wrong spot

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    Pretty pictures!

    Definitely hoping for some rain tonight! I’ll take anything right now.

  • John Sickels

    The obvious inference is that there is a “heat island” effect of some sort along a Topeka/Lawrence/KC Metro corridor that disrupts storms unless they are very strong. I don’t know if it empirically true or not, but it sure SEEMS like it is true.

    I’d like to know about similar patterns in other urban areas in the plains and midwest. Are there similar disruptions around OKC? Wichita? Omaha? Des Moines? Quad Cities?

  • Gary,

    Why does your wx.team give out high percentages(70%)forecasts of prec.over the weekend,when there are NO mid/upper level features to support your claims.


  • Gary, Go buy a pony,and set it next to your dogs.That would look more appropriate.

  • Greenstein

    Thanks for the blog update Gary. Sounds like a tough forecast, but here’s hoping for a widespread area of rain this week. Have a good Monday!!!

  • mmack66

    Who is the guy that drives his car down there on the golf course like a boss?

  • f00dl3

    Wow again that stuff is falling apart out west.

  • Ken

    It is certainly frustrating for everyone. For these multi-day events like this, when I see the first one or two chances turn out dry, I just put it out of my mind and quit listening/anticipating anything. The pattern has established itself, for this event, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Today’s rain, if there is any, will likely follow the same path as the last ones.

    I like to think about is the farmers. The farmers need the rain far worse than we need it for our our yards. So if it rains out in rural areas, it is benefiting the farmers who really need it. We can water our yards. Many farmers cant do anything but watch thier year’s livelihood wither away.

    Hope this makes the frustration a little more tolerable.

  • Ken

    Oh, and we are still a lot better off this year, at this time, than we were last year. Last year, it didn’t rain from April until Labor Day Weekend. We had a good spring. This is all fairly normal for late summer.

  • mukustink

    I’m out as KFC intern! Weatherman Brad will take my place! It’s my understanding he likes to be beat upon and yelled at so he’ll fit in perfectly at KFC! I also saw MowerMike at KFC looking for work as his lawn business is running out of gas and I’m not working with him!!

    Gary and his guests had to much to drink and someone parked their car on the grass at Lions Gate! Will the car be there tonight if he shows the shot of the pond and green from the back of his manison out there?

    Still waiting for that 1-3 inches of rain!!

  • luvsno

    Under the Dome ……again :(

  • greek

    NWS is already backing off on tonights rain chances. They’ve gone from 50% to 30%. We can’t catch a break.

  • WxCursed

    I hate to say it, but when in drought, leave it out.

  • Drought Miser

    This is crazy folks now we cant water and we cant catch a break on these T-rainshowers the build up all around us and then poof whats the deal ?? NWS scaling back on all rain chances come on guys lets get this closer enough of the teasing!!

  • ksloco

    where is that little goof ball that used to come on here and say droughts over!

    • chopperHD

      Dry spells are very common for this time of year. These do not constitute a drought. I believe we are approx. 2-3 inches below average for the year, that certainly doesn’t place us in a drought. I think Dobber is correct with this one :D

      • WxCursed

        It depends on where you are… The moderate drought has returned just west of the 435 loop. Places in Missouri are above average for the year and Olathe is around average, but KCI is around 4″ below average and Lawrence is about 6.5″ below normal (almost 7″ below normal just since June 1). Since the beginning of 2012, though, KC and points west are close to 20″ below normal.

        • chopperHD

          All good points…I was attempting to address the fact that having dry spells during the summer months is not all that uncommon.

  • Dobber

    it is loco

  • f00dl3

    Stuff is really struggling over northwest Iowa/Nebraska. This isn’t gonna happen tonight.

  • ksloco

    sure thought that at the time. Doobie

  • Greenstein

    Another frustrating evening for weather enthusiasts. Seems like the conditions are right, but nothing can get going for a widespread area. Some areas of the viewing area appear to be getting some good rain, but those of us in the metro (south side for me) aren’t getting much. I was hoping not to have to use the sprinkler’s tomorrow morning but I may have to.

    Hopefully the favorable rain conditions stay in the area and we finally break through and get something this week.

    Gary – are our chances for rain tonight quickly diminishing or are the conditions still favorable for the potential to get things stirred up later on?

  • KCsnowhater

    For those who are saying that this is “normal” because it’s usually like this in late Summer, well, this isn’t really late summer, more like mid summer, and the lack of rain isn’t just a problem now, it has existed since late May.