Afternoon update & snow totals

Bloggers,  Good afternoon, I am sleep deprived so try to be nice to me!  Sort of just kidding,

Anyway, We just had our second major snowstorm within five days of each other. 9.2″ of snow at KCI Airport last Thursday and now 5 to 13 inches of snow across the area today.  Somehow you guys helped crash the blog by having so much traffic come to the site. We had 125,000 page views last Wednesday as the first storm approached, but somehow the system handled that one.  Thank you so much for participating in this weather experience together.  I was able to direct some of the traffic to my new Weather2020.com blog, but for now it appears this blog is back up and functional.  Here are some snowfall totals:


We had 8 inches of snow here on the Plaza, and if you combine that with the 12 inches last week we have had 20 inches of snow in the past six days. WOW! And, guess what?  We are likely not quite done.  There is a band of snow still rotating around the big storm. It has shifted west to near Manhattan, KS as I am writing this and it extends into Nebraska and then around the main storm pulling away to the east.  As the storm moves away tonight this final band of snow may very well come back across our viewing area.

We will go over more details of this weather pattern in tomorrow morning’s blog.  In the mean time I have to get ready for the weather on many newscasts tonight including starting at 2 PM.  Have a great day.


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94 comments to Afternoon update & snow totals

  • HeatMiser

    Weird…hearing thunder in Lawrence right now.

  • HeatMiser

    Hmmm…or mabye the sound of ice sliding down roof…must listen for next one.

  • olathe-snowkid

    How much snow are you expecting from the next round later tonight?

  • cmw8r8

    Gary whats the morning commute looking like for Wednesday? Should I stay in the hotel I have already downtown?

  • stormstalker

    I just saw that Belton has canceled school for tomorrow. I wonder if the other districts will follow suit, considering that there’s more snow forecasted to come overnight.

  • erock89

    ya how much snow do you think we can get tonight? What are the chances of an inch+?

  • momoftriplets

    It’s sleeting in Olathe, just west of Johnson County Executive.

  • Suzq

    we are getting something in the Northland. Kinda a cross between sleet and snow. but it is accumulating.

  • sedsinkc

    Not top of mind today, but still relevant to the Big Picture…KCI will break its streak of 10 consecutive months of below average precipitation with February’s precipitation total. KCI “almost” ended the streak last month. Is the worm beginning to turn with respect to the drought, or is this just a stutter and the beat will go on?

  • Kcchamps

    looks like another 1-3″ for tonight>>>



  • Perky

    Light snow falling again in Spring Hill.

  • Some places in backyard have over 12″. It looks so,so beautiful! One of the reasons I love Winter.

  • weatherfreaker

    Gary-What is your etimation for how much we could get tonight now that we are in a Winter Weather Advisory???

  • siraluce

    From the NWS RTP product:

    BASK1:BASEHOR 3NE :DH0700/ 37 / 29 / 0.72 / 7.2 / 12
    BNRK1:BONNER SPRINGS :DH0700/ 37 / 29 / 0.70 / 5.5 / 10
    CNVK1:CENTERVILLE 4SW :DH0700/ / / 0.70 / 6.3 / 10
    DESK1:DESOTO :DH0800/ / / 0.76 / 6.0 / 10
    OSAK1:OSAWATOMIE :DH0700/ 37 / 32 / 1.80 / 3.0 / 6
    OPSK1:OVRLND PK S OF 87TH :DH0700/ / / 0.70 / 7.0 / 11

    Average precip for the event 0.71 (excluding the high 1.80″ reading).

    Average snowfall at those sites = 6.2″ (throwing out the OSAK1 reading, an outlier).

    KCI has a total through noon of 0.64 inches of precipitation from the storm, including yesterday afternoon. The snowfall total there is 0.5″ to 6 PM, 4.6″ more to 6 AM and 3 inches more to noon, for a snowfall total at noon of 8.1 inches with 10 inches of depth reported.

    How one gets 8.1 inches of snowfall with 0.64 inches of precipitation is a good question, considering it was wet, heavy snow and should have less than a 10;1 ration, unless the precipitation gauge is reading low there.

    Six inches of snowfall is more reasonable with 0.64 inches of water equivalent at KCI. This agrees with the 4 other sites disseminated on the Kansas side by the NWS averaging 0.71″ of water and 6.2 inches of snowfall.

    This also agrees with my own measurement of 0.70″ of water (melted from the snow in a 4-inch gauge) and 6.0 inches of snowfall (average of many measurements in my backyard to the nearest quarter inch).

    As for the 3-5 inches of snowfall in the forecast for today, most of this already fell this morning, in would seem.

    • Ruthiez

      Unfortunately I’ve found these readings from the NWS to be quite unreliable at times. They will show a cumulative sum (of all those hourly totals) of (FOR EXAMPLE) 1.5″ but the official reading at the end of the event will be 8″. I’m not sure what they’re basing those hourly readings on, or if the apparatus they’re using to publish the numbers to the web is somehow dysfunctional…but I’ve rarely gotten a reading that matched between their published hourly rates and their official after event totals.

      I am curious to know if anyone has totals from anywhere else in the Northland? Unfortunately I am unable to do any kind of measurements, even ruler-based estimate.

      I am also wondering, Gary…which part of the metro might get the heaviest of this evening’s snow?

    • kcpurpledog

      siraluce, where are you at? I can say for sure I took a reading on a flat surface protected from wind and it could have compacted just a bit when I took it, but we had 7.5 on the nose at 143rd and Nieman in south OP.

      • siraluce

        Westheight, KCK (just NW of N 18th and State Ave).

        Sounds like a good reading. We spent lots of time in between bands of convergence here it seemed on the radar.

        I wish more people would melt the snow down in a good gauge and post those readings. 4-inch diameter opening at least is best for obtaining a fairly representative sample. Estimated radios can then provide further guidance on snowfall amounts.

  • BILLWatkU

    Gary, what’s your best guess for the date we next see 60+ temps? Within the next two weeks? Longer?


    Snowing again in Platte City. Moderate snowfall

  • snowbird

    Light rain or drizzle at Weatherby lake , 33 degrees, hmmm

  • stjoeobserver

    I’ve seen snow pretty much all day. It’s really light now but it hasn’t stopped. I’m curious what Gary is thinking for tonight as the NWS has the entire area seeing up to 3″??? That sounds incredibly high compared to earlier estimates of <1". 1-3" is much different.

    • kcpurpledog

      So are you at 8 or 9 inches like you thought you would be? I’m seeing that St. Joeseph was in the 4-7 inch range.

  • Lilydale

    Why doesn’t the WWA cover Harrisonville, Butler, Paola? Seems odd that those four areas are not covered within the WWA. Wouldn’t the circular motion from the back edge of the storm cover those areas too?

  • Cacti51

    10″ officially in my yard from this storm at 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe. and I am more than happy to take an extra 1-3 tonight :)

  • Farmgirl

    Still without power in La Cygne. Went out at 5:30AM.

    Gary – how much more snow is going to fall down south? I am conserving my latop battery as long as I can so hopefully you’ll add to the blog or reply to this post.

    Snow is flying again. UGH!!! Getting pretty cold now even though we have Kerosene heater and wood stove going.

  • weatherkcmo

    Cable went out!

  • HeatMiser

    So Gary after today/tonight, do you see anymore potential snowstorms for us (somewhere in the Gulf of Alaska mabye?), or do you think we are in the clear for the next week or so?

  • stjoeattorney

    The 1-3 is for north of I-70 STJOE can ad it its 6.2 inches, neighbor just called from 8:00 to 3:00 2.2 more inches at home. If we are in the SWEET SPOT TONITE I could have 9 inches in 28 HOURS, NOT bad.

    Now we turn cold, does March come in like a LION or lamb??

    Next Monday is already popping up as potential snow maker day!!!

    • kcpurpledog

      6.2 I buy. I would agree I would think that northern sections should see more of whatever we get than southern sections tonight. I’m in south OP. More than an inch here and I would be very surprised.

  • tigerscott

    A solid 12 inches in SE Lees Summit.. Lees Summit R7 Schools already closed tomorrow! snow was heavy but driveway finally done.. totals are in line with other agencies. now i am ready for spring!

  • john9892

    One more big snow event please

  • scottinamsterdam

    I’m 50 miles south of KC. Wasn’t worth my time to go out in morning to measure. Did measure just after noon and was a solid 5, but I’m sure a certain percentage of it melted.

  • Olathe schools cancelled already for tomorrow also. Kinda of surprised

  • kiwifruit

    Updated snowfall forecast is about to be given by Gary on 41 Action News TV

  • TSC

    Gary just pegged some of the pessimists on the air perfectly…more snow coming.

  • kiwifruit

    Gary Calls 90% chance of 1-2″ in the KC Metro area. 60% chance South of the Metro and 90% chance North of the Metro

  • blue8091

    ROFL@Gary’s newscast just now! Hahahahaha. BIG Laugh!

    • Twistersis

      The man has got to be totally exhausted. You know that even when he’s not at the station his mind is whirling! So, yeah, what did he say that made you LOL?

  • weatherkcmo

    What did he say?

  • Perky

    Spring Hill schools closed on Wednesday too!

  • madnick44

    My kids are going crazy…..their friends in the neighborhood have tomorrow off ( blue valley & olathe ) but Prince of Peace has not been called….everytime the phone rings , I get an email or text they run to me as ask if school is cancelled. Between you and me I hope they have to go back :)

    • Lolapaws

      I don’t think anyone who has been snowed in with their children for the last week blames you. ;)

    • Twistersis

      From what I understand (and I am familiar with one of the parochial schools) the administrator consults with other districts. Bet they’ll be out too.

    • Lolapaws

      Just heard Catholic schools in JOCO are closed tomorrow. Looks like you are home with the kids tomorrow for at least another day.

  • Lolapaws

    Starting to snow again in S OP. Husband was just broadsided by some man running a red light. I am officially over this snowstorm!!!

  • Morham

    I saw several north facing stop lights completed blocked with snow. As a result I saw almost two accidents due to people running the red light. Stay safe and keep your head on a swivel! :)

    • Lolapaws

      That would easily explain why the car that hit my husband, which was heading south, would’ve been in the intersection at a time he shouldn’t have been. Always drive defensively out there! Stay safe, everyone!

  • Kcchamps

    from the latest NWS Forecast Discussion:

    With the system tonight, it`s difficult to find anything for snow to
    really focus on. Rather, there appears to just be an area of broad
    lift that will produce a more widespread or perhaps more uniform
    snow distribution. Forecast soundings show the dendritic growth area
    to be deeper than the previous storm so snow ratios should be
    higher, probably closer to 12 to 18 to 1. With this kind of ratio,
    the light precipitation amounts forecast yield 1 to as much as 3

  • what is a dendritic growth area champs lol?

    • UNIPanther

      Dendritic, from what i’ve learned, is a fancy word for lighter snow. If there is dendritic growth it is looking like the snow will be lighter meaning the ratio would be higher, which in essence would mean more snow or the snow accumulating faster, and not being as heavy. hopefully i helped a bit!


      • UNIPanther

        if youre wanting to read more into it heres a website that explains it more in depth than what i did… lol.

  • Twistersis

    KCchamps, that’s like Latin to me…dendritic growth area? I do get 1 to 3 inches, though! Thanks for posting.

  • madnick44

    It seems on even dry days people think stop lights as well as stop signs are optional. When is the last time you saw anyone come to a complete stop at stop sign. Most people treat them as yeid signs..

  • lol dendritic growth area..sounds like some kind of skin graft or scalp/hair transplant

  • sdsfcc

    I am a long time follower of the blog and this is my first time posting. Thank you very much to the 41 Weather Team for all of the hard work you do. We appreciate everything you do to keep us up to date. Here in Sedalia we have a little under a foot. There have been numerous reports of roofs collapsing. State Fair Community College cancelled classes today and tomorrow. Many roads have not been plowed even a few bocks from downtown. Power outages across town. I am a theatre major and our show is cancelled for tomorrow which marks the third cancellation. I love the snow but we worked hard on this show just for it to be cancelled. Oh well thats Mother Nature!

  • snowbird

    Snowing again at Weatherby Lake

  • thundercolt

    Light snow here in Merriam !1!

    Awaiting Gary’s thoughts on next weeks storm TWC says we dry out NW flow and drier air on the way but seeing signs of a mid week blast again!!

  • moderate snow in Olathe!

  • bethhatessnow

    light steady snow in Liberty!


    Good snow falling in Platte City. Temp just dropped to 32. Sticking on plowed surfaces and cleared autos again.

  • micshell13

    Snowing again in Parkville!

  • Teachermom

    Shoveled 9 inches off my driveway today for a grand total of 22.5 since Thursday. Oh, in central OPKS. It can stop now. I think we’re good.

  • HeatMiser

    LoL…Gary just said 100% chance of snow tonight…possible 1-2 inches, then chance of snow on Friday, then chance of snow again on Tuesday. March Madness?

  • weatherkcmo

    This is ridiculous. I’m a snow lover and even I want a break from the white stuff.

  • kellyinkc

    well, here in Raytown we received a solid 11 inches. It was wet and heavy to snow blow, thank goodness for the Toro. :)
    A few small limbs down but power still on.

  • mwnavyvet

    moar snow please!!!

  • Kcchamps

    I would like to see another 3″ tonight, but it will most likely be 1-2″

  • yewtrees

    Here is a great summary report of today storm from NWS.


    Most of the heavist snow totals fell in the SE region of MO.

  • Perky

    Grateful for the dedication & professionalism of the 41 weather team. You can never be accused of not giving it your all!

  • StormyWX

    I really hope there’s a nice little tribute for Elizabeth Alex tomorrow as it’s her last day there at the station, but boy! What a way to go out! An explosion on the Plaza and two winter storms all in a week! What an exciting way to end a career in TV.


    Been snowing steady for past 1.45 min in Platte City. Only about an additional 3/4 inch so far.

  • Grumpy

    I spent the day helping neighbors. Just saw that three people posted messages on City of Lee’s Summit public works site … Saying that their street needs to be plowed! Really? Like the city didn’t know. People.

  • Got almost 20in last Thursday in Hays and my street hasn’t been plowed yet. I did see a tractor plowing on Vine St. at 130am Friday morning. Lol.

  • smiley10

    Is there really a chance for another storm next week?? I love snow, but this could get old fast! I guess the old adage, “be careful what you wish for”, is appropriate, right?

  • thundercolt

    Gary mentioned us tonight faithful bloggers its the trolls that crashed it they only show up at d day events!!

  • boy this blog is quiet tonite. Guess everyone is worn out lol.