Biggest Christmas Day Severe Weather Outbreak On Record

Good morning bloggers,

A major winter storm that had a strong spring component to it is continuing to move east and northeast this morning.  Here are the storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center on Christmas Day:

This will go down as the worst severe weather outbreak ever on Christmas Day.  Take a look at where the storm is heading with this surface forecast map valid at 6 AM Thursday:

A very strong 990 mb surface low is forecast to be on the Jersey shore tomorrow morning.  Does this sound familiar? There have been many of these types of storm systems already in this year’s cycling weather pattern.  This will be continuing to produce severe thunderstorms near the mid-Atlantic coast today and snow inland.  The orange shaded area off the New England coast indicates 50 to 60 knot winds, or around 70 mph.  While this strong storm is moving off the New England coast we have a system approaching Kansas City as you can see below on this next surface map valid at 6 PM Thursday:

Arctic air will continue to be in place. It was EIGHT DEGREES this morning in Kansas City. The black dashed line shows an inverted trough extending from a weak 1005 mb surface low over northern Mexico.  This would usually be a set up for some snow in our area, but conditions just aren’t quite coming together.  This next map shows the 500 mb flow valid at 6 PM Thursday:

The trough moving off the east coast has a very strong negative tilt to it, leaning from northwest to southeast, whereas the trough in the plains and west stretches from northeast to southwest, the exact opposite of the eastern trough which is a positively tilted trough.  We are “lucky” that we had last week’s functioning storm here and a little snow. But, now, when is the next one?

Have a great day after Christmas and thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog!  We will look ahead into 2013 tonight on 41 Action News.


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24 comments to Biggest Christmas Day Severe Weather Outbreak On Record

  • heavysnow

    Well, I didn’t see one flake of snow from this last storm in St Louis. One thing I should always learn……it never snows where I live

  • ChiefsFan

    Gary, what about the chance Friday, or next Tuesday? I see you have a chance of snow for them days

    • There is really nothing lining up for us right now. There are systems going by, but we seem to be in the wrong spot each time again. We will monitor it closely.


  • JohnNCWX

    A low pressure off the northeastern coast should sound familiar, as it happens a couple dozen times a year, Gary.

  • mukustink

    Looks like it’s going to be quiet in KC for a while as far as weather goes.

    Dodge has come a long way! The Challenger SRT8 that the wife received for Christmas is one bad car! You would think the muscle car era of the late 60’s early 70’s is back. The car has power and plenty of it! Hard to stay off the throttle for the break in period. The 6.4 L Hemi is a beast! Anyone looking for a true sports car look to the Challenger! I would argue it’s better then the Camaro or the Mustang.

    • Justin

      Ed, did she enter a contest?

    • chopperHD

      MUKU..Wow, we agree on something LOL The challenger is an amazing car. Not quite sure I would go as far as to agree it is better than the camaro but certainly a very nice car. Hope the wife enjoys it as they are a a lot of fun.

      As a side note, you can increase the horse Power and fuel economy by adding a cold air induction kit to it for about 3-400 dollars.

      • mukustink

        She liked the Camaro but she was in love with the Challenger. One thing for sure about both of them is that it is hard to see out of for sure. The blind side alert sysyten is a must lol. She’s going to like it for sure. I told her I expect to see a 69 Chevelle with a 396 and a 4:11 rear end with a functional cowl induction hood in the garage one day.Burnt Orange in color, lol. I bought the car for her and it’s Jonathan not Ed dumas.

  • mikeholm33

    It seems like we don’t really know much about the causes of weather–but we are learning at an exponential rate. I believe we are warming although I’m not alarmed. I just accept it.
    Does a period of time like we’re in now correlate with say the dust bowl days. Doesn’t weather patterns repeat and it took us 80 years to repeat the drought pattern of the 30s? Albeit a little bit warmer. Perhaps we just don’t have enough cumulative data over a wide period of time to recognize the pattern. What caused the 3 year period of the 30s? Sun spots, industrialization? How about now?
    Yes I know about arctic ice core data and al gore–like I said we are getting warmer and I’d bet we are the cause. What do you think?
    I’m an avid skier and snowboarder and I am worried about lack of snowfall.

  • Kole Christian

    I like the Challenger as well, especially how it looks.

  • Kole Christian


    I looked up the weather for Wolf Creek and they’re supposed to get some snow tonight and tomorrow, do you agree with the forecast amount of about 8-12 inches?

  • yewtrees

    “There have been many of these types of storm systems already in this year’s cycling weather pattern”. “Many”?? So far, LRC is just going through two cycles!!!

  • Henley

    Dodge Challenger, lol. ‘See we got some old bald guys that never (mentally) made it out of high school

    • mukustink

      Are you jealous you weren’t around for the muscle car era? That’s ok neither was I but I was able to get some of the cars by the time I was able to drive. If they would bring back the Roandrunner with 426 hemi that would be nice. I had one of those and a 69 Chevelle as described above. The only bad thing about them were the tickets that came with them lol.

  • restull

    Only 3 days of precipitation in most of central Kansas since October 14.

  • cweb

    Back home in Dayton OH. 6-8 inches on the ground. Awesome!

  • Terri

    We have gone from being incredibly warm and dry to being very cold and dry.

    Do you think that we will flip back to last weeks unseasonably warm weather, or is the cold weather going to hang on for a good bit?

  • Emaw

    Cweb, you just made many blogggers here cry! Dayton is a good place for it , enjoy. Like I always say if it’s going to be cold , it might as well warm up!

  • stjoeattorney

    well back in the weather dulldrums for 3-4 weeks, just hope the temps get to normal for my heat bill.

  • paxman

    I’m very thankful for the little bit of excitement we got in the weather department last week. Us snow lovers had some serious issues last winter so at least we got a little fix for now. The next several weeks look very bleak. And the beat goes on…

    mukustink: That Challenger is the baddest hot rod that has rolloed out of Detroit in 40 years!!! I heard recently that Dodge is going to discontinue making it next year. Don’t worry though…they are bringing back the Baracuda to replace it. Supposed to be every bit the hot rod that the Challenger is and then some!

  • JohnNCWX

    The winter is just beginning, this will end up being at the least an average year for snowfall, if not slightly more!

    And yes, Gary they do…we have already had about 4-5 of them since early september! I know it doesn’t jive with your theory, but let’s not ignore facts here….low pressure systems are VERY common in the said area.