AFC Championship and Low Clouds

Good Sunday bloggers,

Saturday was quite a day as we had a band of snow come up from the south and sit along and east of I-35 during the mid morning to mid afternoon. It dropped an additional 2″-5″ of snow and this doubled the power outages as trees and power lines could not hold the extra weight of the heavy, wet snow.

And, also, the Chiefs had their first home playoff win since 1994 and are headed to the AFC Championship game. This will be played in KC for the first time ever and weather is going to be a factor. We will look at that below.

Unofficially, this was the biggest snowstorm in KC since February 2014 as many locations received around 10″ of snow. However, at KCI, only 4.4″ fell which did not exceed the 5.8″ from November 25th.





Even though KCI was one of the lowest snow totals, it did bring our seasons total to 12.6″. This is the first time we have exceeded 10″ of snow in a winter since 2014-2015.


What is next?  Today through Thursday the weather will be calm, but we will be dealing with low clouds issues. The data wants to clear the clouds Monday. That is not going to be easy to do. If there is a day where the sun could come out it would be Tuesday as we see more of a southwest wind. A weak cold front slips in Wednesday, and so low clouds will likely return at that time.

You can see all of the low clouds in the middle of the USA. There is not going to be much wind this week and this will not increase the chance of moving these clouds out. Also, if it clears, there is now so much snow cover, that fog could form. So, the bottom line is that today through Thursday will see lots of clouds with highs mostly 30-35 and lows 25-30. Tuesday has the best day to see some sun.


Now, to the weather situation for the next Chiefs game, which happens to be for the AFC Championship!

While we are dealing with cloud issues this week, a new series of Pacific storm systems will be lining up. Also, Arctic air that has been sitting in Canada for a few weeks will be getting ready to blast south. We have not had an Arctic blast this season and even in the tame winters you get a blast of Arctic air. What does this mean for next weekend?


FRIDAY-SATURDAY: The LRC suggests a decent storm system will be in the region and track to the north of KC. This would mean the heaviest snow stays north. Now, this is January and we have Arctic air pouring south while this storm is moving by. So, the track could shift farther south. We will need to watch this closely. The timing seems to be pretty certain, so this puts the snow chance a day before the big game as opposed to the day of the big game like yesterday.


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY AM: Regardless of the track of the storm, the Arctic air will be pouring in. So, by Sunday morning lows will be around zero with wind chill values possibly as low as -20°!


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY PM/NIGHT: The kickoff time is 5:40 PM. It looks like temperatures will be in the teens with south winds increasing. So, the south winds would bring in warmer air which means temperatures during the game would stay in the teens. That is still cold and with the wind at 10-20 mph that would bring wind chill values during tailgating and the game to around zero. So, this time the chance of snow is low, and the chance of very cold air is rather high.

We will follow this all week and update this next series of weather and sports convergence.


Have a great week.

Jeff Penner


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