Above Average Rainfall in April

Good morning bloggers,

We could almost see the sunrise this morning, but the clouds will once again win out today as we are still in the circulation around the big storm. As April comes to a close it will end up being an above average month of rain:



There will likely be a few more showers forming today as it is quite cold aloft and thus, even as cool as it is, the atmosphere will become unstable later this morning into this afternoon. A few convective showers will likely develop.  We are going for 31 days in a row within 3 degrees today.

This storm has produced over 20 inches of rain in the Florida Panhandle.  This has been a very bad storm and it isn’t quite done yet.  Looking ahead, there is a storm that will affect the plains from mid to late next week with a few severe weather risks shifting back over our area.

Have a great day!


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27 comments to Above Average Rainfall in April

  • AW

    Weather Channel put out a 100% chance of rain on Friday. This, is what leads me to believe it’s not going to happen. You cannot say 100% chance even as close as 3 days out, let alone 10. I’ll be monitoring this system.

    • I am not sure where you got that information from, but there is no chance of rain on Friday. 0%


    • HeatMiser

      Actually that’s not true. There are times when you can predict 100 percent chance of preceip three days out. In any event, I can’t imagine why you are looking at what TWC or anyone else is for predicing for 10 days from now. Those are notoriously wrong that far out, and they change multiple times as time moves on. I thought everyone knew that, at least everyone who follows weather at all.

    • f00dl3

      Next thing you know they’ll say TORCON 2 months out.

  • davidmcg

    We had mostly sunny skies here in McLouth at sunrise. But its all clouded over now. Wait till the weekend, we’ll have sun and fun.


    this storm next week – will it bring some rain to kansas..

    • The Winter Wheat crop is going to be the worst one in 20 years, and there is likely going to be a freeze over southwest Kansas tomorrow or Friday morning, as predicted by the LRC 57 days ago. It continues to be excessively dry out there and next week could continue that struggle.


  • chris

    Above average rainfall..hmm seems like you knew what you were talking about when you made your spring forecast. Good job Gary.

  • Hockeynut69

    And to toot the horn for Gary a little more, I recall Gary making a wetter spring prediction way back on his winter forecast using the LRC. Pretty gutsy call since we did have many storms throughout the winter that missed the area. Nice job G-man!

  • Hume-Dude

    Let’s keep our pants on here. .4″ above in rainfall is not that impressive, and there are many locations with a lot more and some with less. Ask farmer Mike if he is above average in rainfall , I know he is struggling like me to get a big rain everything has been in wrong spot for me or it’s moving 50mph and I get a hard rain for 7 minutes and it’s all she wrote. I am at approx. 2.75″ for April with lots of 1/4″ or 1/2″ rains so pasture looks good but my subsoils could use a good drenching before heat becomes a factor. Oh yes, next week is in 80s so now evaporation will really pick up and we will need the rains to keep up.
    Farmer mike, where is your place?


      north central kansas
      my month total is .88″ thats almost 5″ below normal for the year
      my pastures are more brown than green and my ponds will not support cattle drinking very long.
      yea we need a rain here a good old toad strangler would be great.

      • Hume-Dude

        I really feel for you up there, I now feel bad for complaining about my 2.75″ for the month. Manhattan got slammed last week, but I know how it is. That rain was probably 50 mi
        away from you , but a miss is a miss. Especially frustrating when it happens over and over again and you seem to be the only place getting regularly missed. Really hoping May will get everybody some flooding rains, yes I said flooding. People think flooding is all bad, but it is a very natural occurrence that fills up impoundments for the other dry times that animals depend upon. I hate fixing the water gaps when the creek gets out, nut that too is an annual thing that feels weird it has not happened this late in the season.

        • FARMERMIKE

          what really hurts is like last weekend when you could see the storm hear the thunder even smell the rain and about say 10 miles from your farm water is standing in the fields but not one drop in your area. these little hit and miss storms have got to become big widespread events…..whats your area??

  • Hume-Dude

    I had one more point to make regarding the hoopla around Sundays storm coverage. I saw people on here complaining Ft. Scott did not need our extended coverage because they are out of our viewing area. First off, ft Scott does not have a TV so there is no outlet to cover this for them. Who do you think these people depend on for this ? KC is by far the biggest and best news source for them and everybody else that lives in small towns you never heard of between Nevada mo and st. Joseph Mo. I know Joplin has TV , but they like to forget about their northern zone too because it is 100 miles from them too. Point is there are 1000 s of people out there depending on you for news and many fall through the cracks because they are not inside of a 65 mile circle around KC. KSHB should consider at least 100 mile parameter around KC to be their true viewing area , so thanks for covering The Hume, Mo storm cause we have nobody else to do it!!!

  • sam hill

    That rain in Florida was just wild. I saw somehting like 24 inches in 26 hours. How long has it been since we have seen above average rainfall in a month.

  • Hockeynut69

    Just had a quick 5-8 minute downpour and gusts of wind just west of Liberty. Not sure how much we got but another welcomed quick rain. Looks like things will dry out for a few days and then late next week looks interesting. GFS is very bullish on rainfall amounts to the south and southwest of the metro. Looks like Wichita may get some much needed rain if it holds. However that is still 8-9 days away and could change.

  • AW

    I feel sorry for you. Up here in Leavenworth got 4.39 inches of rain this month.

    Hey Hume-Dude, where were you for the past couple of days? We didn’t hear from you. Of course, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Just curious.

  • jjcoolman

    as predicted by the LRC 57 days ago, i didn’t recall that much of rain in fl. how do u explain that?

  • yewtrees

    Los Angeles heat wave to bring close to 100 degrees for the next 4 days. It is not even summer yet! El Niño is coming….!!!


  • Pea size hail at 103rd and Nall at 6:30 pm. Very strange weather this afternoon.

  • sam hill

    So In my limitied understanding of the lrc I went back 57 days from Memorial day weekend which is around April 5th or so. I looked at weather history and it showed temps in the 60’s and a minute amount of precip like .11 on one day. Can i take that to mean that the holiday weekend should be around normal temps and very little chance of rain? Can a LRC knowlegable person check this?

    • Drought Miser

      Ummm if I’m remembering correctly the Spring Lrc forecast spoke of Storm’s next week for sure then two more times in May and half dry and half wet of the Memorial Day weekend, not positive of that though

  • MCIRamp

    I remember, this one time at band camp, when it was May 1st, 2nd and 3rd and it snowed!?! OMG, that was like, 1 year ago!