A Work Week Warm Up and Chance for Rain

Good Sunday Morning bloggers,

Today will be a sunny, colder and calm as a surface high pressure moves across the area.  Monday will warm back to the 40s as the surface high pressure moves off to the east, which will bring our region increasing south winds.  See maps #1 and #2.




We then turn our attention to the upcoming work week as we will having a nice warm up and also a Thursday chance for rain.  Lets go through a series of upper level maps to explain the pattern the next 5 days.

First, A storm system will be dropping into Mexico the next 3 days then head to southwest Texas as the northern branch of the jet stream retreats to the USA-Canada border.  This will put much of the USA in above average temperatures.  The storm system will bring some nice rain to drought stricken areas of Texas and Oklahoma, 1″ to 2″ will be possible.  See map #3.


Based on all of the new data, the Texas storm will track northeast along I-35, so that by noon Thursday the center will be near KC.  This wil greatly increase our chance of rain on Thursday with the potential for .10″ to .50″.  Now, remember we are 17″ below average, so this will not dent the drought, but it will be nice to see.  Also, at least, the salt and sand will get washed off of the pavement!  See map #4


After this storm system we will then look to the west as a new trough moves into the western USA.  This could mean a storm system next weekend, but most likely we will be on the warm side.  So, we would have a period of rain with the snow well north.  The jury is still out on this storm and we will be updating the details all week.  Regardless of what we see from the system, it will likely be followed by a cold blast.  See Map #5.


Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

Jeff Penner


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6 comments to A Work Week Warm Up and Chance for Rain

  • Freeze Miser

    A “cold blast.” That sounds fantastic!

  • Weatherwatcher

    Good morning, Jeff,

    First and foremost, thanks for all of the hard work you do for us.

    As a Middle School Science Teacher for “Advanced Students,” my students and I were wondering why the word storm is used so often?

    In your professional opinion, what is the definition of a “storm,”
    and why couldn’t the words weather systems be used in its place?

    Do you believe the word storm is overused?


  • HeatMiser

    Hmmm, no snow and a really small amount of rain. How incredibly boring!

  • west shawnee

    What are the opinions on how the spring storm season will turn out… this past month seems at least more active compared to what we went through this summer with nothing coming through our region?

  • sedsinkc

    Last winter, we never went more than 11 days between days with highs of at least 50 degrees. We’re currently at 19 consecutive days since our last 50 degree day at KCI (December 18).