A Windy Friday

Good morning bloggers,

Tonight on 41 Action News we have two special segments with Toby Tobin, one at 6 PM and the second at 10 PM.  And, then Monday night at 10 PM is our spring forecast. We will be showing our severe weather calendar as it appears we are going to have a somewhat active severe weather season in our viewing area.

On Monday night we opened the discussion about a fantasy snowstorm that was beginning to be predicted by the computer models.  At that time I thought we had a pretty good chance of having a winter storm early next week. Unless something changes significantly it now appears the winter part of next week’s storm will be way to the north.  Here is how it has looked day by day:

  • 7 Days out…….29 degrees and 1 foot of snow
  • 6 Days out…….49 degrees with rain
  • 5 Days out…….50s to near 60 Monday with a cold front & rain showers.  Cold air moves in with a few snow showers or flurries and a temperature drop into the 20s Wednesday.  A disorganized storm on this model run!
  • 4 Days out…….A cold front blows through Tuesday evening. One band of showers, possibly a few thunderstorms and a temperature surge to 65 degrees on Tuesday ahead of the cold front, maybe even warmer. The snowstorm develops over the far northern plains as the winter effects from this storm system go way to the north.  If you are wondering about severe weather with this system think about how low the dew points are forecast to be. They may inch into the upper 40s which just isn’t enough moisture.  
Well, there you go bloggers. I seriously thought earlier in the week that there was some potential for a winter storm next week.  I decided to track it this way because it may be our last chance of a winter storm this season. We still have to pay close attention in the coming days and weeks before spring completely takes over. I hope you enjoyed this little tracking I did for fun with the blog.  Let’s see what happens with this storm that is now just a series of waves out over the Pacific Ocean.
Today’s winter storm is moving across the heart of Michigan with about a half foot of snow up there.  We are going to be threatening the all time record low seasonal snowfall total very soon.  The only significant snow of the entire season was sort of a fluke when we had the 2 inches on February 13th. That was just 11 days ago, but it seems like even longer.  That was it and we are sitting at 3.1″, which is 1.4″ below the all time record low snowfall total of 4.5″.
Have a great Friday!
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47 comments to A Windy Friday

  • teamster83

    argh so aggrvating for snow lovers this winter is done blown this was our last chance

  • calikufan

    2 things…

    1: Gary…I heard you chose Missouri to win tomorrow. Can you back up your statement please? I don’t think that predicition fits the LRC pattern….

    2: I’m very interested in seeing your Spring forecast because we are overdue for an active severe weather season. Hasn’t it been over the last few years that we have been too cold? I remember cold fronts just shoving all the warm air down to the Yucatan over the past few years.

    Thanks…Rock Chalk Lezakhawk (even if you are a Missouri fan…)

    • Calikufan,

      First of all I am not a Missouri fan, far from it. I am neutral as I am a Sooner fan. I really don’t like either team that much. I appreciate the success both teams are having this season, however. I do think Missouri has a shot at beating KU tomorrow. But, realistically I know it will be very difficult to beat KU at the Field house. I hope it’s a great game.

      Stormy will make her prediction on the 6 PM newscast tonight. One bark for KU, and two barks for MU. Her accuracy has been around 50%.

      • calikufan

        Gary you know I’m just playing…I just am going to miss the rivalry. Its been great for Kansas City this year.

        Btw…I love the stormy prediction. Where can I find her so I can bribe her with a dog treat

      • Bananny

        Can’t wait for Stormy’s prediction tonight. Perhaps she could do some prediction on the upcoming storm next week. One bark for snow and two barks for rain. :)

  • R-Dub

    Gary, so what’s up with sooner basketball these days? Maybe OU was trying to fit in with the Pac-12 by having a weak hoops program…:-)

  • clintspencer

    Lon will make them very competitive. He does a good job wherever he goes. Coming from a somewhat bitter Wildcat fan.

  • oldsquid

    Light coating of snow/crud in Cameron early this a.m. on grass/vehicles, but ground/roads/sidewalks too warm to accumulate.

  • sansherm

    Gary, really this has been a very boring winter so far. But you always make it exciting. If I was a betting man I would bet we have seen our last snow of this winter.

  • goodlifegardens

    My daffodils are blooming. How do I send in a picture?

  • mowermike

    I found out why winter hasn’t shown up.(sad)

    Old Man Winter Died on Nov. 12th 2011. He was the President and CEO of winter. So, they had to elect a new guy and he has been struggling on how to perform his new job. The report shows that they think Spring and Fall had something to do with his death.

    I just spoke with the new CEO and he claims that he will deliver one last blast of snow in March and he promised to be back in full force for the start of the 2012-2013 winter season. He mentioned that Spring has much more in it’s budget then he currently has and that’s the reason for them winning out. He is sorry to all the snow lovers and he will work hard to make it up down the road. He also stated that the last CEO that has since passed went on a generous spree the last few years and was just handing out inches of snow in the bulk.

    I also found out that the new CEO is a JAYHAWK FAN!!! Interesting….

    • luvmygsp

      Mowermike -Fabulous!! I love this! My kids will get a kick out of reading why there was almost no snow this winter! :)

    • rred95

      ‘A jayhawk fan” to bad, he obviously wont be qualified to handel his new job. He will be preoccupied with whining about the refs.

      • austin_83

        Rred95…you must be a Missouri fan…check the spelling of “handel”. Did you mean “handle”? The KU bookstores sell dictionaries if you need one…

  • sedsinkc

    Hey Gary, one of my FB friends who still lives in Mineral Wells, Texas where I went to high school “liked” my FB comment that said you mentioned Mineral Wells on your weathercasts last night b/c it was 80 degrees there. I miss those warm early spring days. I used spend a week in Mineral Wells visiting my mom every March to get a head start on warm spring weather. Since her passing 2 years ago in March I haven’t been back.

  • sedsinkc

    As for next week’s storm threat, just saw a nice GFS forecast dewpoint map valid next Tues at noon showing 55 degree dewpoints knocking on the S side of KC and 50 deg dewpoints to SE Nebraska and SW Iowa. If we get sufficient surface warming and sufficiently strong upper air dynamics, that should be sufficient to set off at least a few potentially severe thunderstorms near our local area Tues. afternoon or evening, most likely just S or SE of us though.

  • davidmcg

    A few scattered showers in South Nebraska and North Central Kansas, do you think they will make it to the KC/Topeka area or dry up?

  • McCabe58

    So many GayU fans on this blog.. I’ll be laughing while you are all crying after we take this last border showdown from you on your own court. Everyone in the United States knows Ku had basketball and ONLY basketball. Get back at me when you can compete in more than one sport. And to those who are going to cry about this being a weather blog!.. Do us a favor and shit up before you comment lol. That’s my jacksmack :)

    • bobloblaw

      Judging from your post, I have absolutely no idea why anyone would ever have anything negative to say about Missouri fans. You really reached your intellectual peak with “GayU”.

  • McCabe58

    Shut**** Forgot to run by the KU bookstore lmao.. What a lame ass comment. Can’t really expect anything more from a KU fan though. Okay, I’m done now. Sorry all had to get that off my chest.

  • Theo

    Gary, you really just said on your 5pm weather segment that this year’s LRC has all storms fizzling out before they reach KC. That wasn’t very wise to say. You know better than that.

    Where ya at Champs? Still time to wishcast that snow in here for Tuesday. Maybe Wittle Wicky can help.

    MU fans: count all of your national championship banners! That would be zero!

  • Theo

    I thought this was a rivalry game? KU leads the series 171-95. Pretty lop-sided ass-kicking, if you ask me.

    KU has won 19 out of the last 24. Some rivalry, huh?

  • McCabe58

    Again, when you can talk about another sport besides your one and only basketball get back to me. With Mizzou gone next year you guys Might win all your games lol.. In a WEAK big whatever they’re going to call it. Oh and theo I truly hope a tornado picks up your house and throws it hundreds of feet from where it was originally built this spring ;)

    • calikufan

      Ok…someone tried to argue this last time. You guys have won no big 12 regular season championships. You won 1 title in 1952 in baseball. You lead the football series by 1 game. I’d take a revenue team that continues to dominate than all of my teams being mediocrity.

      Oh and leave it to a mizzou fan for being violent.

  • Emaw

    Good lookin’ forecast man, winter’s over baby! I think maybe some of the mu fans are still a little sore from the (3rd) a$$ whoopin’ this year the cats laid on them the other night. Good luck in the SEC.

  • McCabe58

    Nahhhh we’re still ranked higher than them.. Oh wait, they aren’t ranked LOL

  • f00dl3

    What does MU / KU have to do with the weather blog? Is it seriously that boring of a winter where we are letting any topic enter this blog?

  • davidmcg

    Well, we are getting hit by a gust front from this little weather system here in McLouth KS. Winds NNW 31.1 gusting to 42.6

  • NorthlandKB

    Snowing at I-29/Barry!!! Wow…didn’t expect this! :)

  • ChiefsFan

    Gary, any snow accumulation with the snow tonight? Here in downtown KC, I see NWS has 30% chance before midnight, thanks

  • ChiefsFan

    NorthlandKB anything sticking?

  • davidmcg

    Raining here in McLouth now

  • NorthlandKB

    No, lots of very quick moving huge flakes. Just enough to splat on the concrete and melt. 40 degrees.

  • ChiefsFan

    Thanks, NorthlandKB,nothing down here in Downtown KC yet

  • Emaw

    I love snow. . . When it melts on contact.

  • NorthlandKB

    …and we’re done. :(

  • McCabe58

    Oh god F00dl3 I knew it was coming.. Who made you in charge of the blog? Yes, it is indeed a weather blog, but when there isn’t a dang thing going on besides some exciting flurries coming our way we can talk about whatever we want. Skip past the non weather related stuff if you don’t want to see it. There will be no accumulation of snow tonight or the rest of this “winter” you all should have just given up with me weeks ago.

  • It snowing i Olathe, Love it!

  • yewtrees

    It is snowing in south OP!! What is going on here???

  • Emaw

    No worries, you don’t have to be “shovel ready”. . .

    • There is one last snow shower moving across the KC metro area. The heaviest snow will be near downtown at 8:45 PM, and then that’s it. Can you imagine this same line in April? It would have been a line of thunderstorms.

      Have a great night.

  • NorthlandKB

    “snowing” (and I use that term loosely) again. Pretty good little burst all at once, though.

  • Alex Pickman

    Hey Gary,

    Just had a moderate snow shower with huge flakes here at Whiteman AFB. Lasted about 10 min and is now tapering off. Looks like a very nice week ahead. The trees look like they are about to leaf out. Bring on Spring!!

  • f00dl3

    You don’t have to have 60s dewpoints for tornadoes. Look back at March 12th, 2006. While the afternoon storms had 60s dewpoints, the tornadic storms in the morning that produced a few tornadoes and baseball hail only had 51 degree dewpoints to work with. Never underestimate the power of a dynamic storm system!