A Stretch of Decent Spring Weather

Good Wednesday morning bloggers,

We are at the start of the longest stretch of nice weather so far this year!  We are expecting 4 straight very nice Spring days.  Actually, today will be the most annoying as winds gust to 30-35 mph.  Below we will take you day by day through Sunday.  The nice weather comes to a screeching halt on Sunday.


We are in a Red Flag Warning for an enhanced fire danger.  This due to the warmer temperatures, low humidity, gusty winds and dry brush.  The grass is starting to green and this will help to reduce the fire danger.  Also, the Red Flag Warning is not in effect southeast of I-35 as there will be less wind and conditions are more moist.


A weak front will move through with little moisture.  So, no rain is expected with the front.  We will have a 10 degree temperature drop along with a reduction in wind.  Although, winds may gust 15-25 mph for a time.



This will be another nice day as high rebound to the 70s along with a light wind.  A weak disturbance will race by early in the morning and could spawn a few showers and thunderstorms.  In the map below, you can see a bit of rain in eastern Missouri.  This is a 5 PM map, so this would move through our area 5-10 Am Friday.



This is the weekend day to get things done outdoors.  The weather looks great as highs reach the mid 70s along with a 10-20 mph breeze.  It will even be a bit humid as dew points rise to the 50s.  But, as you can see there is a cold blast organizing in the northern Plains.  This will be headed in Saturday night-Sunday along with a storm system coming out of the Rockies.



What a change!  The cold front by later Sunday will have blasted south into the southern Plains.  We will have a chance of thunderstorms Saturday night with the front.  This will then be followed by a cold rain, north winds 15-25 mph and temperatures falling from the 50s to 40s on Sunday.  We do need the rain and hopefully amounts will be .25″ to 1″ or more.  We will be updating the latest on this next storm system and cold blast the rest of this week.


The cold air will likely lead to a freeze Monday and/or Tuesday mornings.  So, like we said yesterday, our advice is to hold off on planting the tender vegetation until early May.

Have a great day.


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14 comments to A Stretch of Decent Spring Weather

  • Hume-Dude

    Based off the powercast solution, looks like the main energy (again) is off to the East/NE of here in the great lakes region. Scattered showers at best for us, so with limited moisture to work with ( as usual ) dew points in the 50′s , I hate to say another weak storm with 1/4″ precipitation amounts as the rule. By Sunday we will be in the middle of April, with a rain deficient growing by the day and only weak systems in play, fire weather warning everyday. The system yesterday was TEXTBOOK drought showers….any other season and that would have been nice little wave of heavy showers…instead they barely get the ground wet and huff and puff to even get here. Radar shows returns but rain struggles to reach the surface, POOF its gone! I am sure some you actually consider yesterday as a rain event, I assure you it was not! Barely settled the dust…..I will get off my soap box when we get a BIG rain (2-3″) Not holding my breath….

  • luvsno

    One year ago today…this is what I wrote (in a calendar that I keep unique weather events)

    April 9, 2013
    “wow, just looked at a map, and that was some contrast this morning at 11 am. 72 degrees in Kansas City and 17 degrees in Goodland KS. The front is on the move heading our way, and the battle begins tonight. Strong t-storms are forecast here tonight with a snowstorm in Neb and MN. Then our temps will crash for 2 days.”

  • Drought Miser

    Hopefully this setup with El Nino type of patterns beginning to take effect we can get this Drought behind us !!!

  • AW

    Could be up to a 7/10ths of an inch here in Leavenworth. Not quite rain, but not quite Thunderstorms. I would go with rainy-thunder, or T-Showers. If it’s rainy thunder, it’ll be moderate and steady. If it’s T-showers, a lot could fall in a short amount of time, leading to flash flooding. More likely rainy thunder. Let’s see how this plays out.

  • AW

    Channel 9 showing no rain at all any farther south than St. Joseph. I think this is wrong.

  • Hume-Dude

    I’ll take rainy thunder , thunder rain , T-showers , T-storms , or any other combination of wet goodness. What is a T-shower anyway? A lighter T-storm? Rain with thunder would still have to be produced by a Cumulonimbus , so that would automatically be a Thunderstorm, so why the description of rain with thunder? I think they basically trying to confuse us. These are the things I wonder……

    • Drought Miser

      On a regular reporting map such as for aviation the symbol is the same if a shower has thunder and or lightning then it’s a Thunderstorm for that recorded hour or whatsoever interval that airport or weather reporting station uses… correct???

  • mgsports

    On Saturday along Dryline Northeast,Centraleast KS have a chance of Severe Storms. Sub day Models don’t no yet,

  • batman

    Gary please enlighten me as to whom the american scientist are that you referred to in your Masters press release. Does anyone know as to whom Gary was referring to? Are there any scientist at all using the LRC?

    Seeing as there has not been an answer to this question on this blog, or the LRC blog, I will assume that this was a bit of a tale that was put out there. If indeed this is true don’t you feel you hurt your credibility by sending out a press release with something that is not correct? Hoping to have a pleasent discussion on this topic as I feel it is a very important topic to discuss.

    • Dobber

      A tall tale batman?

      • batman

        I don’t know if it’s tall or short but it does appear to be a tale. The silence on the subject speaks volumes. I’m a bit dissapointed in the fact that a press release contained inaccurate information or what appears to be inaccurate information as I know of no American scientist who uses the LRC. Do you by chance know of whom he was referring to?

  • Emaw

    Cold blast shmold blast, compared to last spring that cold fronts got jack squat!