A Stormy Summer Morning

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It is a stormy summer morning in Kansas City. A line of thunderstorms was moving across the KC metro area between 6:30 and 8 AM as an organized complex of thunderstorms developed early this morning.  This radar image below shows the IT heavy thunderstorms that is followed by steady rain. There has been a lot of lightning with this system. This disturbance will at least somewhat impact where the severe weather will develop later in the day and we are doing the analysis now.

6:22 AM Radar

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 6.21.32 AM

It was quite active over northern Missouri on Wednesday evening. Thunderstorms produced tornadoes in Iowa, and then the band of severe thunderstorms drifted south into northern Missouri and there were hours of severe thunderstorms producing flooding and a few tornadoes. Here are the reports from yesterday:

June 28 Severe Reports

Today’s Weather Set-Up:

This mornings thunderstorms have made a big dent into today’s severe weather risk. There are still many uncertainties. Here is the updated risk as of mid-morning:

As of 9 AM there was a rather strong summer disturbance tracking east across Nebraska. The MCS continued near Kansas City and it was not ending any time soon. This will continue to impact the risk.  The SPC took out the enhanced slight risk due to these significant changes. We still need to see how it sets up later this afternoon, but it is rather obvious that the rain will continue for a few more hours and we will know more by mid-afternoon.

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience. You can still comment over on Weather2020’s blog and comments will be open this weekend on this blog.


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