A Storm Is Showing Up!

Good morning bloggers,

A series of upper level disturbances are moving overhead today and these will congeal into a much stronger and organized storm by Wednesday.  We have some light rain or mist in the area this morning, but this is not going to add up to much for us. By Wednesday, however, this storm will become another storm that will threaten the northeast coast, but this time there isn’t a hurricane involved and it is a lot weaker. It still may produce strong winds and rain on the Jersey shore into New England later Wednesday.  Here is a look at the surface forecast valid at 6 PM Wednesday:

The exact track of this storm is still uncertain, but it will make some headlines on the national news the next couple of days even though the news is going to be dominated by tomorrows huge election day.  Upstream from this eastern storm are some interesting developments for us.

What happens next is now catching our attention for next weekend.  Energy is forecast to dive over the western states into the southwestern United States and then turn our way.  Storm systems have been quite organized off the west coast and over the eastern states, but not necessarily in our area and this is one of the reasons it has been so dry.  We will have a rather nice warm-up ahead of this western storm.  And, then by the weekend the energy is going to move out into the plains.  Here is a forecast map, on the right, valid Sunday night.

If this storm is just slightly slower and a bit deeper we would then have a wide spread heavy rain event with a few thunderstorms and a chance of some snow on the back side. Yes, I said snow!  But, if this is any weaker and a bit faster, then we would experience a few showers and miss this storm system. Since we haven’t quite had this part of the weather pattern yet in this year’s LRC, I just am not sure how this storm is going to affect us right now.  At least we have something heading our way later in the week.

We will go in-depth into these developments on 41 Action News today and tonight. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.  Happy Election Day Eve!  Tomorrow is a big day for the United States and the world.  We will be electing our next president of the United States which could be Obama again, or Romney. We will find out soon.  Our weather on Election Day looks nice with the sun returning and a high in the lower 60s, while today will be breezy with temperatures in the 40s.

I took the above picture yesterday morning with Breezy and Stormy enjoying the nice day.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog!


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41 comments to A Storm Is Showing Up!

  • f00dl3

    Don’t get modelitus Gary! Chances are heaviest rain will be south of us along I-44 and we will get maybe 1/10″ as normal.

  • frigate

    Sorry, Gary…we’ve seen this all before and just that you mention the scenario of the storm speeding up and missing us, already lends credence that is what will happen again, besides being 5 days out. This pattern has entrenched itself repeatedly with areas just south and east getting all the beneficial rain and we get a few drops and hundredths. I will still hope though…we have to keep hoping this drought ends sometime!

  • Jerry

    Which systems/events that have occured since October 1 — when the new cycle started — could you see as potentially returning the next time through with significant precip for our area?

  • mowermike

    Not all bad this morning, had .24 inches on the west side of Liberty. Nice steady rain between 4-6 this morning. Good little drink, at least in my area. George had a great forecast last night, said rain was likely. Other forecasts just called for isolated sprinkles and a few showers.

    This little clipper should repeat later down the road, hopefully snow next time. This pattern could be filled with NW flow clippers…followed by warm-ups.

  • luvsno

    Whatis wrong with the blog……have had a very hard time accessing it for the last few days

  • luvsno

    What is wrong with the blog……have had a very hard time accessing it for the last few days

  • McCabe58

    Nothing is wrong with the blog. Lets all hope for snow this weekend! Heavy rain would be okay with me too!

  • mowermike

    Latest GFS does show rain developing here Sat. and expanding and becoming heavier just south and east of here. Also, shows a band of snow on the backside of the system. 70’s to snow is possible this weekend.

    Something to watch…. 700 more model runs to go

    • Again, Mike. A bit slower and deeper and we will have a nice wet storm. A bit faster and weaker and we could get not much. Let’s hope for slower and deeper.

  • weatherman brad

    Oh goodie, my favorite 4 letter S word is in play for the weekend. I gotta say, BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!!!.


  • Bananny

    I hope we get rain this weekend but no snow. I am heading out of town on Thursday and do not want to miss the first snow (or any snow for that matter. It might be all we get).

  • rred95

    Maybe we willl get a kc champs posting with snow maps (which i like) later this week if the storm digs and slows!

  • McCabe58

    It’s almost a week away, but if it is slower and deeper Gary would we just see a brief snow shower on the backside or possibly heavier than a snow shower?

  • sedsinkc

    Had an overachieving 0.15 inches of rain last night and this morning in KC North. Re the weekend storm, we’re about due for our once-a-month decent rain during this drought.

  • luvsno

    Are the kshb.com Weather Rate 7 Day graphics off by one day ??? It shows 90% chance of rain for tomorrow (Tuesday)..and 40’s for next Monday

  • Craig

    The latest GFS has a significant period of snow next Sunday night and Monday morning.
    Anyone have 11/12 in the snowflake contest?

  • weatherman brad

    O gosh, i am still giving some thought on my guess for the snowflake contest. I know the deadline to enter is in like two weeks or so. I am currently thinking somewhere between DEC 10TH-DEC 30TH. but not quite sure what to guess though so nobody take mine please..


  • Gary, Will you(KSHB) pay the taxes,to whom ever wins the Snow Flake contest

  • Kole Christian

    I did make a fun guess at November tenth if you go back and look at earlier blogs in early October

  • Kole Christian

    Here’s my post from October 16th

    • Kole Christian

      Kole Christian
      October 16, 2012 at 12:36 PM
      I’m sticking with November 10th for our first inch of snow. Everything is a month early this fall.

  • RickMckc

    Nothing showing up on this one … yet. :)


  • Kole Christian

    “http://wxmaps.org/pix/mcigfs.png” This shows about 2 inches, given temps, probably more like a slushy 1/2-1 inch

  • exmidwestguy

    It’s too bad you have to scroll through rude comments to find the comments about the actual weather. There are some miserable people on here.

    • mukustink

      So what is your comment about the weather? Kind of the pot calling the kettle black hey? Are you on of those miserable people?

      • chopperHD

        Dude…you are as dumb as you are a jerk. He didn’t say anything about writing a comment, he stated you have to scroll thru rude i.e., your comments, in an effort to find weather comments.

        Get a life

        • mukustink

          Chipper, Chipper, Chipper. Why are you so hateful? Are you out of your medication? Take a deep breath and relax it will be ok. You need to talk?

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Sure hope and pray you are right about the big storm next week end. Bring on the RAIN!!! The weather should change because it will be opening week end for gun deer season. If its going to happen it will be next week end. TR

  • mukustink

    A storm is showing up then it’s not showing up then it’s showing up again or is it? Lets wait until Thursday or Friday ok.

    Brad I see mom has given back your computer. How can you sleep at night knowing you let the east coast down during the storm of the century? Come on Brad stay of the naughty sites please.

  • McCabe58

    Gary… Why the hell have you allowed ^^ that douche to stay on this blog?… I wish you would actually do something about it rather than just ignore the whole situation.

  • McCabe58

    Tush we all know you have multiple names on here bro.. How about you stop trolling and get a damn job other than your wannabe storm chaser gig lol.. Pathetic people these days I tell ya.. If they would just add an ignore feature to the blog these trolls couldn’t do this anymore. It really shouldn’t be that hard to add one on here..