A “spring” in your step into December

A Dense Fog Advisory has been posted for the Northland, KCK and areas north and west of KC through 9 a.m.

Use caution if driving overnight/early Sunday morning.  Visibilities may drop below 1/4 mile making highway travel hazardous.

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Good Morning Bloggers.

Feels like spring, huh?  Mild, humid, cloudy, areas of drizzle, a little dreary.  It’s a nice 60-degree start to December.

What would be really beautiful is a nice, steady rain – as we are in a severe drought and over 16 inches short for our yearly rainfall total.

As we discussed yesterday, the key to the weather is in the flow pattern.   Air flow at upper levels of the atmosphere tends to define large scale weather patterns and direct storm systems across the country.  The map below is an upper air chart.  The flow at upper levels of the atmosphere generally follows these white lines.

The west-to-east or zonal flow transports upper-level air from west to east.  It’s not efficient at transporting cold air from north to south.  As a result, the cold air stays locked up to the north and our weather stays warmer than average.  From now through Monday, this flow pattern dominates.

Now look below at the upper air chart forecast for Tuesday.
The wavy pattern indicates a general northwest to southeast flow at upper levels above KC, which is more efficient at drawing colder air southward.  As a result, we get a brief shot of cooler air at ground level behind a cold front  Monday night.  The term “cooler” is relative, however, as it will still be warmer than normal for December.

What’s even more interesting; look how the flow reverts back to “zonal” for Wednesday.

…and mild weather continues through Thursday.  The circular pattern north of Montana represents a closed, upper level low.  This storm system will be more successful at directing some even colder air in for Friday.  Daytime temperatures are forecast in the 40s with this cold blast, which is actually normal for this time of year.  Forecast models are suggesting a much colder blast could follow early during the following week. 

Brett Anthony was on a long voyage this morning.

Here’s a pic of Brett getting ready to run the St. Jude Memphis Marathon.  As of 9:30 am, his run averagered an 11 minute mile with an estimated finish around 1 pm.  It’s amazing the details you can find on the internet.  Be sure to congratulate him when he arrives early next week.  Check him out during the Tuesday morning newscast to see if he has a spring, or a hobble, in his step.

From marathons to football, we’re expecting low-key football weather for the K-State game.

Temperatures during kick-off tonight in Manhattan are forecast in the mid-upper 50s.  Manhattan, KS may dip into the upper 40s by the end of the game, depending on how clear the skies are by the 4th quarter.


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2 comments to A “spring” in your step into December

  • DougHeadyImpersonator1

    Visibility is probably 1/2 mile or so over in KCMO. Cant believe these temperatures! Also I’ve been down to my mom’s the last couple days, and I’ve been watching good old Doug Heady. He is having a snowflake contest too lol. My mom was wanting to enter, but she didnt get time. He is giving away a Sony Bravo TV. I’d rather have the diamonds than a TV lol. Anyways my guess is December 23rd, and we are rapidly coming up on it. How many guesses are left Gary and statistically what are my chances of winning?

  • DougHeadyImpersonator1

    I like knowing my chances. Last week when I was playing Powerball my chances of winning were 1 in 32, and I won $12, which made me break even. The chances of winning the Jackpot were 1 in 175,000,000 or so. The entire time I was just thinking, I still have the snowflake contest, I still have the snowflake contest lol. My friend and I guessed my chances were maybe 1 in 5,000?