A record-setting morning

Good morning Bloggers,

Let me start by asking how are you liking these refreshing and cool temperatures this morning?

Preliminary reports show that we broke two records this morning, one at KCI and Lawrence. At KCI, the low temperature bottomed out at 54° and in Lawrence temperatures bottomed out to 53°.

Here are the previous records for a few areas:



After this cool morning we are in store a cool and sunny afternoon.

Temps will continue to stay below average.

by the hour tues

High pressure will stay over the region today and into tomorrow.  Therefore, cool nights and cool days will continue.


Enjoy the next fall-like temperatures, because we warm back up this weekend and into early next week.


Have a great day!




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11 comments to A record-setting morning

  • LuvsSummer

    How do I feel about this non Summer like weather? I am tempted to move to the SouthEast where it’s Hot most of the time. :)

  • Hume-Dude

    Anybody who has lived here long enough to know how incredibly hot it can be here this time of year is surely loving this weather. Not like its cold by any stretch, just absolutely pleasant to be outside. You heat lovers are a curious bunch , you actually enjoy it when it is uncomfortably hot outside? I have suspicious feeling if you worked outside you would not care for 90F+ temps…..call me crazy

    Snow , I get it, serene beauty
    Thunderstorms/Severe Weather , I get it, adrenaline rush

    But Heat/Humidity? Blah! Bah humbug!

  • j-ox

    Looking ahead to next week, it appears we’ll be back into our typical 90s-70s July/Aug Summer pattern.

  • Hume-Dude

    This time of year the LRC cycle is stretched out, and transitioning into the next pattern as we go into late Summer. But I am curious, will this cool spell return in early Sept.? ( 55-57 days out would make this cool due again around Sept. 6-9 ) Or will the new pattern take over by that time and result in completely different outcome? Might need Gary on this one…..

    • Hockeynut69

      HD- I asked the same question a few days ago. I wasn’t sure if there was one more round of this LRC or if we will be between the old one and the new one developing. I thought if there is one more then maybe a few areas could have a frost by September 10th. Btw- I never received a response.

  • Drought Miser

    It can stay like this the rest of the summer close the pools shut the fountains down let’s get fall going early!!!

  • robyn corzine

    Great weather for July. Looks like we won’t get in the upper 40’s like Gary thought but I’ll take lower 50’s in July anytime!

    Great fishing weather hey Hume??

    Gary says we should be getting wet in the next couple weeks. I hope is correct. Starting to dry out a bit.

    • Hume-Dude

      Great weather TO fish in, not necessarily best fish catching weather though. Believe it or not, fish behavior is greatly influenced by the weather and its associated elements. It is not just wind direction ( wind from west , fish bite the best, wind from east, fish bite the least ) like is commonly thought, but usually the driving force behind the wind direction as in frontal impacts and low/high pressure areas dictating the wind direction. I have found that prior to a front or low pressure area arriving( falling pressure), the fishing is great. But after the front or low pressure leaves ( rising pressure ) , the bite turns off significantly. Blue sky post frontal days , although beautiful weather to fish in , are the most challenging days to fish. I will take a cloudy, sometimes windy( sometimes not? ) , even stormy day to fish over a perfect clear day anytime!

      • luvsno

        You are absolutely right about that. Catfish were biting on Sunday afternoon…..caught 12 :) even though it rained that morning, the front had not pushed all the way through,