A Nice Sunday, then More Changes

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

The weather today will be windy, warmer, but nice.  It is about time!  Highs will reach the 60s with periods of clouds, a great day for a race!

The next series of changes begin Monday as a storm system and new cold blast arrive.  One of these days we will stop talking about cold blasts as May is around the corner, right?  There are some signs this may be the last intense cold blast with all subsequent cold fronts not being as powerful.

Below is the time line for the weather through Tuesday.

Today: Periods of clouds, windy and warmer with highs in the 60s.  Wind: S 15-25 mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy and cool with lows around 50°.

Monday morning:  It will likely be a dry rush hour with temperatures warming to the 50s, see MAP #1

MAP #1: Monday morning.  The cold blast and storm are organizing to the northwest.


MAP # 2: Monday Afternoon/Evening. Highs will reach the low to mid 60s. Then the cold front arrives around 5-6 PM with a good chance for showers and thunderstorms.  The chance for severe weather is very low as it will not be warm enough and there will not be enough low level Gulf moisture.  However, some thunderstorms could produce small hail.


MAP #3: Monday Night.  The cold front, showers and thunderstorms will move off to the east as the colder air rushes in on northwest winds 15-25 mph.  Temperatures will fall to the 40s, then 30s.


MAP #4: Tuesday early morning.  A new area of cold rain will rapidly form after midnight Monday night as a system rotates southeast through the Rockies then east into the Plains.  So, Tuesday morning’s rush hour will be rather unpleasant with temperatures in the 30s, northwest winds 15-30 mph and a cold rain.  Ouch!  Yes, that is snow in northern Kansas.


MAP #5: Tuesday.  This going to be a wet and raw day with temperatures in the 30s to low 40s, northwest winds 15-30 mph and a cold rain with some snowflakes possibly mixed in! Northeast and central Kansas may have a period of light snow. The sky clears Tuesday night, most likely leading to a freeze Wednesday morning with lows 27°-32° in the area.


Next weekend will see a warm up to at least average, which means highs approaching 70°!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Jeff Penner

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10 comments to A Nice Sunday, then More Changes

  • ksloco

    sure is nice to hear one of you guy’s mention a last big cold front. I sure hope your right.

  • smiley10

    Please let this be the last strong cold front!

  • HeatMiser

    It’s kinda funny. I made fun of Old Man Winter back in late January, calling him an extreme underachiever and pathetic. Every since it’s like he has been violently thrusting us the “up yours” arm.

  • JohnM

    “Some snowflakes” is all well and good. Seeing a snowflake in the air doesn’t bother me. Can someone assure me, however, that there will be NO MORE ACCUMULATING SNOW until after this summer and fall are over?

  • Drought Miser

    Are we talking actual snowflakes or slush balls again? I’m leaning towards fluffy rain to much warm air around and sun angle a big factor this time of year


    Sun angle warm air is all well and good but last week I was dodging snow showers. So it may snow some flakes but accumulation of any sort is not going to happen.

  • JohnM

    And while I’m at it, can the KSHB meteorologists acquire a thesaurus over the summer and come up with synonyms for “blast”? I would love it if the word “blast” were omitted from all future weathercasts.

  • Drought Miser

    Oh just got your point John, hmm… well two more months and the days start getting shorter on our way towards fall wait we need leafs before they can fall! Ha

  • OlatheMatt

    I just saw a “most accurate” intro before Penner went on air at the beginning of the newscast. This weekend, I heard “Kansas City’s most accurate for 10 years”. Cant remember if that was on TV or on air.

    I have been watching KSHB for a long time, and followed the blog for many years. However, still clinging to that title, and misleading people to thinking they are still rated the most accurate in KC through carefully worded graphics or talks, when it was recently lost is enough for me to leave. That is wrong, it is manipulative, and it shows distress at a mild defeat. I never thought I would have to think like this because the label of “most accurate” in KC did not mean much to me. KSHB weather team had always done very well in their work. Now that these ads of most accurate are still being flashed upon the screen and being talked about within the past few days, after they know they lost that title, but word it to appear still holding it….its time to tune to someone else. Im tired of the hype for ratings anyway.

  • RickMckc

    You have got to be kidding me.