A look back at the rain & ahead to cooler air

Let’s start off looking at the rainfall numbers from last night. First up, the official reports from the National Weather Service reporting stations.

The observation in St. Joseph is obviously wrong. Probably an issue with their sensor there. Same thing in Lawrence, but that may have been due to a small power outage.

This is the radar estimated rainfall for the last 36 hours:
2 PM
As always: Your mileage may vary. Heavy rain does NOT fall at the same rate over a large area. You may have found yourself under a heavy part of a cell, while your neighbor was not. This can cause a difference in amounts. Also keep in mind that the rain reports from the official sites are collected in a similar manner. The heaviest part of the cell might be five feet from the collection bucket, so the numbers could appear smaller.

We did set a record at K.C.I. for 24 hour rainfall.

As you can see, it was also the first time in years we saw that much rain in 24 hours. Last time we had anything close to that was in August of 2009 where we picked up 3.18″.
Rain chances will be slim for Friday & Saturday, but it appears they  pick back up a little bit on Sunday & Monday as another system floats by to our South. In addition to that, a cold front will be diving to the South next week.

This will once again allow for some slightly cooler air to spill into the area. This will keep our daytime highs in the low to mid 80s for next week. Perfect weather for the Missouri State Fair, which kicked off today in Sedalia.
If you’re making plans to head to the fair tonight or Friday, here’s what you can expect for the evening concerts:

Also going on tonight: the Chiefs pre-season begins. If you’ll be heading to Arrowhead, this is the forecast for tonight:

I am not expecting rain. Could there be a small shower? The chance is slim, but I cannot rule it out totally. However, I think fans will likely stay dry.

Hopefully your area got the rain it needed. I am sure there are some who did not. At least we have chances for more rain coming up in the near future.

Have a nice evening,

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12 comments to A look back at the rain & ahead to cooler air

  • VerySkeptical

    Great to see a widespread rain. Nice to see a no hype, no mathematics blog too. (whatever adds to 57 days lol). Thanks for the bonus blog JD.

  • robyn corzine

    Great blog JD! Yep I’m soooo glad I was wrong. I received 2.80 at the old homestead. It was much needed rainfall for sure as it was pretty dry. “You know your high when your mouth is plenty dry.” Who is that lyric from??? He’s an oldie but goodie! Have a great weekend. Off to down under for some business and pleasure! Stay cool KC!

  • AW

    Yesterday I was walking outside. It had rained for approximately 1 hour. I was running. I saw a puddle up ahead. I decided not to avoid it because I thought it would be tiny. IT WAS 4 INCHES DEEP! Leavenworth is really hilly, so I should have expected that. What I want to know is why there was no flash flood warning put out…

    August and September look to be rainy. Drought Monitor already has Leavenworth out of the Drought, and since that was updated Tuesday, a lot of locations are probably out now, too. Not even abnormally dry here in LV.

  • yewtrees

    September ‘polar vortex’ and winter forecast 2014-2015:


  • beverlyb68

    Interesting map of rainfall. Linn county, Kansas had amounts up to near 5 inches and it didn’t look that way on the map I saw. Most LaCygne residents had 4.5 – 5 inches in their rain gauges this morning.

    • Hume-Dude

      My dad reported 4.5″ at our farm in Vernon Co, MO , But I didn’t believe him! I reported the estimated precip I saw from the NWS, which was around 3″. However, after speaking with several of our neighbors, I can confirm we actually did have 4.5″!!!
      We had very high PW values ( 2″+ )which enhanced our rainfall rates and made those storms VERY efficient rain producers. A month worth of rain about 3 hours time. Did not completely fill my new pond, but put about 5-6′ of water in it, which is impressive considering how dry it was before the event.

  • Came home to Concordia after a few days with family in St. Louis and found 3.2″ from yesterday. Add this to Monday, when we sat in the middle of a narrow, slow-moving band of showers that dumped 2.0″ in my gauge and the .32″ on Tuesday morning, and we’re over 5.5″ for the week! W00t!

  • stl78

    Can we plz stop calling it a polar vortex! Fall is around the corner. Cold fronts will continue to increase and grow stronger. Is every strong cold front going to be called a polar vortex? Tell u what, if we already name storms, lets take it a step further and name every polar vortex!!

  • Bill Z.

    Wow, stick to weather, I guess. Sorry JD. Hope the Royals stay hot and the weather cooperates for their most important home stand in 29 seasons.

    • luvsno

      Are we going to get more rain ? I hope so. Olathe had one of the lower amounts of the area…1.61…..but I think our neighborhood got more. Ground is still very damp. Not sure where the official reporting bucket is for Olathe. We are on the west side…central…not far from Olathe North high school. Anyone else near here that can tell me how much you got from the 2 rounds?