A Look Back & A Look Ahead To Some Summer Heat

Good morning bloggers,

I have just arrived back from Boston. I showed the Cycling Pattern Hypothesis (LRC) to many of my peers. You should have seen their mouths drop.  We are sharing this technology with all of you, and have done so for 15 years in this blog and on the Weather2020 blog. We have now combined the blogs. Most of the commenting has been over on Weather2020 if you want to join in the conversation and thank you in advance for participating and sharing in this weather experience.  This has been a fascinating spring and summer so far.

Here is a picture from this morning:

Version 2

The last rain showers from this storm system were swinging across the south KC metro area early this morning.

Rainfall totals:

  • KCI Airport:  0.10″ and 0.38″ for the month
  • Overland Park, KS:  1.94″ and 3.12″ for the month
  • 143rd and Switzer:  4.00″ and over 5″ for the month

Let us know how much rain you have received.  As you can see the amounts vary quite widely as KCI Airport, the official KC recording station is sitting at 0.38″ for this firs half of the month.


The weather pattern is now calming down again.  This map above shows the weather pattern valid at around midnight tonight.   There is a closed circle, the anticyclone backed up over the Rocky Mountain states again. Look closely. There is an upper low, a monsoon disturbance in the middle of the anticyclone.  Or, a cycling inside the anticyclone. Very interesting indeed.  We will watch this closely over the next few days as it meanders eastward.  It will be rather hot in the next week as the anticyclone is forecast to move back out over the plains stronger than it did this week.   We will look at the cycling pattern and what is ahead of us tomorrow. Have a great Friday Night In The Big Town. I will be back to work next week.


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