A Giant Chiefs Forecast

Good morning,

First of all, congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for the ride they took us on this year. Today is the last day of baseball’s regular season and the Royals were in the playoff race until last week. Maybe they will get to that next level in 2014. ¬†Secondly, good luck to the KC Chiefs today as they go up against the New York Giants at Arrowhead. I have a friend in town and we are going to the game, but he is a big New York Giants fan.

Secondly, the weather will be outstanding for the game.  We will have 100% sunshine and almost no wind. Take a look at the reflection off the pond this morning:

Reflection September


Have a great Sunday and we will look ahead to the changing weather pattern today and tonight on 41 Action News and in the blog tomorrow morning.


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7 comments to A Giant Chiefs Forecast

  • Drought Miser

    The storm coming in off the Northwest coastline has a bunch of energy (near hurricane force winds) with it and this morning I noticed the NWS comment that the front will stall near us this coming weekend.

    Gary is it to early to do a precip timeline on this storm or will you be waiting for the model guidance to come together more later in the week right now there are some vary ence’s either way be sure to to your 500 millbar map I base my job decisions on those they are always close, ty…. drought miser

  • Theo

    The model guidance has been there for almost a week. Strong cold front comes through Friday night or Saturday morning. Rain ahead of it, cold behind it. May get into the 30’s next Saturday night. Where’s Mikey?

  • Farmgirl

    Where is Michelle Apon from? I’m guessing CA or FL. For the past two evening forecasts she has mentioned how are morning lows in the 40s are winter like and then said next weekend will be very cold. Really? Mid-60s is not cold. :)

    If she thinks 40s for lows and 60s for highs are cold right now, she is definately not like the temps here come January. This is awesome fall weather temps for KC. Guess it is all in perspective where one comes from. LOL!

    • StormyWX

      She’s from California originally I think, but came from Oklahoma City as Drought Miser said. But you’re right, I kept frowning and chuckled every time she said that the 40’s were “cold.”

  • Drought Miser

    She is from Oklahoma City well at least she came from another station there.

  • Emaw

    Michelle, don’t let them scare you it might only dip below zero a couple times most winters unless you want to count wind chills. Spring is what you need to worry about, unless of course you like cloudy windy days in the 40s and 50s, welcome to the heartland!