A Fast-Moving, Compact & Strong Storm System

Good Saturday bloggers,

If you, friends or relatives need to travel this weekend. TODAY is the day as we will be dealing with a winter storm on Sunday. We are dealing with a fast-moving, compact and strong storm system.

The fast-moving component to the storm means conditions will change rapidly on Sunday.

The compact component of the storm means snowfall amounts will vary greatly from north to south based on the track.

The strong component to the storm means when you get into the snow, blizzard conditions will be likely as winds gust to 35-45 mph.

Let’s go through the details.

TODAY: This is the day to travel as it will be a nice day with highs 60°-65°. Rain and snow will be increasing across western Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. There is rain on the east coast with a scattered areas of mix.


4 PM TO MIDNIGHT: Snow will rapidly increase across Nebraska, western Iowa into northwest Kansas. Rain will be found south with KC dry and having increasing clouds. Temperatures will be in the 40s. A surface cyclone will be intensifying in southern Kansas.


MIDNIGHT TO 5 AM: Snow and wind will be increasing across northwest Missouri and north central Kansas. KC will have increasing wind, a few rain showers and temperatures in the 40s.


5 AM TO 8 AM: Blizzard conditions are likely in northwest Missouri with temperatures dropping to the 20s. KC will see temperatures drop to the 30s with rain and snow increasing. Again, fast changing weather conditions.


8 AM TO NOON: The blizzard conditions will continue across northern Missouri with the snow decreasing from west to east. KC will have it’s best chance of snow with winds gusting to 35-45 mph and temperatures dropping to the 20s. Roads will become slick. The surface cyclone will be found southwest of Columbia, MO.


NOON TO 7 PM: The snowstorm will race off to the east and our region will be cold with decreasing wind. The storm will be into the Chicagoland area.


SNOWFALL FORECAST: There is going to be a difference of 1″ to 12″ of snow within a 50 mile distance. Our latest thinking is for around one foot of snow in northern Missouri to 1″-4″ in KC. This is NOT set in stone as a track change of 25-50 miles north or south will make a huge difference, the compact component. Also, remember these snow amounts will occur mostly in a 3-4 hour period with winds gusting to 35-45 mph.  The strong component.




Have a great weekend and be careful.

Jeff Penner

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