A Fascinating Summer Weekend Set-Up

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We did tie the record low in Kansas City this morning. The low dipped to 52° around 6 AM, right before sunrise.  Here is Sunny the Weather Dog getting the paper so we can read about the Kansas City Royals latest victory!  The weather for tonights game at Kauffman Stadium here in Kansas City will be spectacular.  The weather for Saturday nights game is somewhat questionable and depends on how the rainfall pattern sets up over the weekend.  Take a look at the developing surface scenario for Saturday:


There will be a summer stationary front setting up tonight and Saturday morning.  This will be one of the big ingredients to monitor closely this weekend.  Someone at work asked me a good question yesterday.  “Is this more like October or May?”. My answer, “No, this is more like a rare August set up. It is really not like fall or spring at all, just a summer pattern that is going to be fascinating to watch evolve tonight and Saturday”.  It will likely approach 100 degrees near or southwest of Wichita, KS. The pattern will become favorable for a zone of heavy rain and thunderstorms and that zone just happens to be targeting the Kansas City viewing area:


Here is the raw model output from two of them, the NAM you see above, and the GFS that came out early this morning:



Both of these forecasts have a nearly 12″ bulls eye. Yes, that yellowish orange area is 12″ of rain. One model has it north and east of KC, and the other model has it south and west of KC. I should be able to pick out the most likely location by tonight at 10 PM, and I will shoot for earlier, so watch our newscasts today.  Where it is raining most of the day it will likely be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. Fascinating!

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Today:  Sunny and nearly perfect. High:  78°
  • Tonight:  Increasing clouds late. Low: 58°
  • Saturday:  A 100% chance of rain.  FLASH FLOOD WATCH!  Thunderstorms are possible with rainfall amounts from 1″ to over 5″ possible.
  • Saturday Night:  Rain with a few thunderstorms likely.  The Royals game is in jeopardy, but we just have to see how it is setting up. It won’t for certain be cancelled.
  • Sunday: Rain ending with lingering showers possible. High:  75°

Have a great Friday and thank you for participating and sharing in this weather experience. Go to Weather2020.com and join in the conversation as we share this weather experience in a fun and educational way!


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2 comments to A Fascinating Summer Weekend Set-Up

  • nomotiger

    Every heavy moisture with flooding system we have had since the flooding rains in southern Missouri this Spring have all extended slightly farther south then what the NAM and GFS along with the National Weather Service in it’s flood watches have forecasted. I noticed this with the first one in March or April in southern Missouri. The worst of the flooding or heaviest in the guage amounts were one to three counties further south then what the maps were painting or suggesting. That has happened with every big rain event this year, including the last one we just had by about one to two counties further south. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.