A Dry Change to Winter

Good Saturday bloggers,

We are in for an unseasonably warm weekend as highs reach 60°-65°. This means that if you have not put up the Christmas lights or cleaned up the leaves, this will be a great weekend for those activities.  It is also going to be great weather for Christmas light viewing in locations such as the Plaza, Longview lake, the Overland Park Arboretum and Deanna Rose or anywhere else.

A colder pattern arrives next week, so let’s go through this change. It has been rather dry and we could use some moisture, but you will see this change does not hold much hope for precipitation in our area.

SATURDAY: What a great day with almost no wind.


SUNDAY: Low clouds will move in tonight and areas that are cloudy will see lows in the 40s Sunday while clear areas will see lows in the 30s. All locations Sunday will see more clouds with highs climbing to 60°-65° along with more of a breeze from the south.


MONDAY EARLY AM: This is the day of transition as a cold front will be rapidly approaching from the northwest early in the morning. Temperatures will likely be 60°-65° early in the morning around here as we have strong south winds, low clouds and possibly a shower. A snowstorm will be ongoing in the Dakotas.


MONDAY NOON: The cold front will be on the doorstep of KC with temperatures in the 60s, a strong south wind, and possibly a few showers.


MONDAY EVENING: The cold front will be racing east and as it does move east showers and thunderstorms will be increasing, so eastern Missouri has the best chance of meaningful rain. We may see a trace to .05″ as the front zips by. Monday night will be clear, windy and cold with temperatures in the 30s, colder yes, but nothing unusual for December.


UPPER LEVEL FLOW THIS WEEKEND: The flow will still be from west to east like it has been for a few weeks. This flow keeps the Arctic cold bottled up across Canada and Alaska as Pacific air flows in behind each front.  This is going to change this week.


UPPER LEVEL FLOW FRIDAY: The weather pattern will feature a large and tall ridge on the west coast of North America and a deep trough from the North Pole to Midwest. This turns the flow from north to south out of western Canada into the Midwest. So, the Arctic air bottled up in Canada and Alaska will become unleashed and head south.


END OF NEXT WEEK: The very coldest of the air will be found from the northern Plains to Midwest, northeast of our area. Lows may reach -10° in Minnesota while we see lows in the teens with highs in the 30s. We will be on the southwest edge of the cold, so it will be in and out of our area, so we will see some days with highs 45-50 and lows 25-35 into the second week of December. The data is trending drier and drier. So, not only will we not see much rain with the Monday cold front, but the chances of snow with the cold air is rather low for the next 6-10 days.  This may change, but the trend is drier.


Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner

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