Let’s Vote Today On This Bad Weather Pattern

Good morning bloggers, It’s FRIDAY!

Election Day is now just four days away.  So, let’s vote on this weather pattern with two poll questions:

Voting for this weather pattern we are in right now (I probably should have been more politically correct and not placed that word “bad” in today’s title):

  • Yes, you like this pattern and are excited about the potential for winter
  • No, you don’t like this pattern and Kansas City will have a very boring winter

A weak cold front moved through Thursday afternoon and evening, and it will be cooler today after yesterday’s 74°.  The front will be stalling to our south, but it means only one thing for us. A few high clouds and cooler weather. It will stay DRY!

The models are all over the place. Yesterday’s fantasy storm system is looking completely different today.  Last year we had almost five inches of rain in November. There is no sign of anything close to that happening this year.  On the above map you can see a deep storm digging down the west coast, but if this verifies, which I believe it won’t, it would just mean another dry warm up for us.

Have a great weekend.


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15 comments to Let’s Vote Today On This Bad Weather Pattern

  • Dobber

    “On the above map you can see a deep storm digging down the west coast, but if this verifies, which I believe it won’t, it would just mean another dry warm up for us.” Gary, what do you mean by this? Are you thinking it will rain?

  • dogncatmom

    Although we desperately need the precipitation, I loathe snow, so I am somewhat happy with the dry pattern. It would be great if we would just get rain all winter long like last winter. So I’m going to vote yes I like this pattern, but I am hoping Kansas City has a very boring winter!

  • sedsinkc

    No I don’t like this pattern. It’s bad for the winter wheat crop and therefore our wallets. But honestly I enjoyed last winter after the previous two humdingers and wouldn’t mind another mild, bland winter as long as we get some rain.

    • sedsinkc

      That said, I do expect this winter will be colder and snowier than last winter. Big stretch to say that, right? ;)

  • Jim

    I vote a very loud NO. This pattern would just maintain the drought and no one needs that.

  • Adam Penney

    Me thinks Gary is trying to pull the ole’ reverse jinx on this “storm” we are talking about. The 12z GFS gives us exactly what we need. With that being said, yes, still time for change.

    As for this pattern, I think there maybe some surprises in order. First of all, since August, temps have been below normal. Have a look at the AO. Its been deep into the negative for quite some time, and if you look back to the winter of 2010-2011, you can remember how this played into the pattern. Now obviously the longterm longwaves have to line up and so forth, but i guess ill lean towards this not being the nightmare pattern everyone expects this to be.

    Colder and snowier for sure. Now whether thats 10 inches or 40, well ill lean closer to 10 :-)

  • McCabe58

    No. This pattern we are in is beyond boring. All the snow haters please unite and continue to wish snow away! That always seems to do the exact opposite! We have to have more snow than last year. I would even enjoy a good rain “storm”. Any kind of weather event with precip would be awesome.

  • trinlivco

    NO, I hate this pattern. If you say you like it somethings wrong with you. Drought is bad for every one. Yes I hope we get lots of snow this winter. Moisture any way we can get it!!! If we dont we will be in big trouble going into spring next year. TR

  • blueskies

    Since Weatherman Brad is a no show, I will answer for him. Yes, I am eksited about the current weather potecial and hope we get 50 or 100 inches of snow this winter.

  • gardnerks79

    Horrible & boring.

  • mukustink

    We need a new and active pattern. The Chiefs suck and are boring we don’t need the weather pattern to be the same way!

  • Farmgirl

    Yes. Since the growing season is over, might as well have mild weather. It has been fantastic for trail riding. I would rather see a rainy winter than a snowy one.

  • weatherman brad

    Sorry everyone, and blueskies i hate when you are mocking me. I have been away because i been studying a lot and since the weather paettern is SO Boring i decided not to comment untill something starts to get exciting. Ofcourse i been still reading the blog.

    I actually hate this weather pattern that we are in and would love it when it gets to the point where it changes, sure i love the snow but absolutly not when it is between 50-100 inches and unlike blueskies who keeps moking me i really do not like it.


  • blueskies

    Sorry, Weatherman Brad. I didn’t mean to mock you. I just remember how well you forecast the hurricane remnants that made it to KC, and was surprised when didn’t post during Sandy, the storm of the century. I look forward to your posts and honestly missed them.

    So take a few minutes off from you studies and post on the blog for your virtual friends.