A cold blast arrives, Hurricane Sandy, Birthdays, & More

Good morning bloggers,

A strong cold front is moving across the KC metro area as I am writing this blog entry this morning. Temperatures will be dropping from the lower 70s into the 40s in about one hour or less.  The weather pattern is blocking up big time, but it isn’t benefitting our area much at all. We will see some rain this morning near and behind the cold front with amounts still rather low, even though a few spots may get near 1/4 inch.  Here is a radar image from 7 AM. Can you see the cold front?  It is the line stretching from just east of Cameron, MO to right through Olathe, KS:

A few convective showers and possibly thunderstorms are finally forming near the front at 7 AM with some rain increasing behind the front.  Here is the 7 AM surface map:

This is a strong cold front. Look at the fast drop in temperatures directly behind this front. We are now experiencing this 25 degree drop that will likely happen within 30 minutes or so. Let us know what you experience as this moves through.

Here is the forecast upper level flow valid at 7 AM Sunday:

We are looking, above, at the 500 mb flow (18,000 feet above us) valid on Sunday morning at 7 AM.  A huge blocking high is forecast to develop during the next few days over the northern Atlantic Ocean. Another upper high has already formed over western Alaska. This is a blocking pattern and Hurricane Sandy is caught in this unusual weather pattern.  You can see that Sandy is forecast to stay off the eastern seaboard.  This next map is the surface forecast valid at the same time:

The track of Hurricane Sandy is still rather uncertain. Being caught in this blocking pattern is not making it easy to forecast where Sandy may go. Sandy will blast across the Bahama’s today, and then she will threaten the eastern seaboard over the weekend into early next week.  Sandy could still turn towards the New England coast by early next week. We will go over the latest details on 41 Action News today and tonight.

Today is Stormy The Weather Dog’s 12th birthday. She is healthy, doing great, showing some signs of being an old dog, and enjoying her life. I love her so much. She sleeps more than she used to, but I think that’s a good thing. I wish I could get more sleep.  Here is a picture of Stormy and me earlier this year:

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog.  Let us know what you think Hurricane Sandy is going to do and we can also discuss this transitioning weather pattern.  Colder air is rushing in from the northwest.  Did anyone have their air conditioner on overnight? And, this likely means today is a rare day where many of us had air conditioning and heating on in the same day. In fact I can’t remember me ever doing that before, but I just turned off the air at 5 AM.  Have a great Thursday.


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14 comments to A cold blast arrives, Hurricane Sandy, Birthdays, & More

  • Skylar

    Just woke up to some heavy rain, too bad the storm was so small. It only lasted a minute.

  • Bananny

    Happy Birthday Stormy!! We have rain, one big flash of lightening and a big clap of thunder here in the Northland.

  • Hockeynut69

    We had a 20° drop in 20 minutes. Solid rain for a bit and strong wind gusts. This is west of I-35 near Liberty.

  • mamaof3girls

    I am ready for cooler weather, this weekend will be perfect. Happy Birthday Stormy! :)

  • Pretty impressive being able to just sit and watch the thermometer drop so quickly…in just the last 3 minutes, it’s dropped from 55 to 52.5


  • Justin

    Gary, what brand of food do you feed your dogs? We feed ours Blue Buffalo. My wife literally researched every big name brand until she found that one. She said her least favorite is Pedigree, but that one seems to be one of the more popular brands out there.

  • dogncatmom

    Happy Birthday, Stormy!

  • greek

    Happy birthday to Stormy.
    Wow, the rain blasted through here earlier, but only lasted about 30 seconds. That stinks.

  • cws9

    Left for work this morning and it was 71 degrees. Drove 3 miles…still 71. Hit light showers and drove the rest of the way…7 miles. Temperature had dropped to 53. 18 degree drop in 7 miles. Wow.

  • sedsinkc

    Happy birthday Stormy! Dogs and cats don’t live long enough, but turtles and parrots aren’t very huggable.

    NHC now recognizes the unusual track Sandy may take. Still a large disparity between GFS and Euro model. Euro and ensemble model scenarios bad for New York and Mid-Atlantic, GFS bad for New England. Given the continued track uncertainty, I’m staying here and not making the road trip. With my luck, I would go and then the storm will stay well offshore, lol.

  • snappernolathe

    Happy Birthday Stormy!!

    A/C to Furnace, Crazy Weather!!

  • sedsinkc

    Latest GFS run coming more into agreement with Euro model, takes center of Sandy hybrid into Long Island instead of Maine.

    • sedsinkc

      This is exceptionally bad for New York City. An intense low moving in from the southeast would first funnel wind-driven water westward through Long Island Sound toward New York, then the barometric pressure-derived water bulge associated with the primary storm surge itself would also get funnelled westward along Long Island Sound, ultimately ending up getting squeezed into the narrow East River. The result could be disastrous flooding, if this scenario played out exactly like the current GFS run predicts. On top of this, the astronomical high tides will be very high Mon/Tues due to a full moon. For New York, the Euro model solution would still be bad, but less damaging, and we should hope later GFS runs converge on the Euro solution, and not vice versa.

  • sedsinkc

    Received 0.10 inches of rain today here in KC North.