A Blocking Pattern May Be Forming & Thoughts On Last Night

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The chance of a white Christmas may be going up if some blocking forms over Greenland.  We will discuss this in today’s blog.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night after the frustration over the way the Chiefs lost last night.  It is just a game, so we will get over it. I am pretty much over it now.  I know on other social media there will be a lot of people telling me to “stick to weather”, and I will not take it personally.  I am just a huge sports fan, and it is just my opinion.  I think we just experience Andy Reid football once again.   Andy Reid is a great NFL football coach.  Everyone we know has strengths and weaknesses, and one of Andy Reid’s weaknesses has to do with how he manages games and leads in big games.  We have a history of losing huge leads in big games; examples are in last years playoff loss at Arrowhead after leading 21-3 in the third quarter. They lost 22-21.  And, it happened fast.  Another example is in the Indianapolis loss in the playoffs in 2014 when the Chiefs lead 38-10 in the fourth quarter.  They lost 45-44.  They had the ball at the end, in each game, so Mahomes would likely not have let this happen in those two outcomes.  Last night Mahomes didn’t get the ball.  Andy Reid went conservative last night with the lead again, as the Chiefs lead 14-0, 21-7, and 28-14.  This happened again.  Now this wasn’t a playoff loss. So, let’s hope they got this out of their system. The Chiefs still control their own destiny, and they now must win at Seattle, then at home on the last game of the season against Oakland.  I think they will do it, and we will feel better.  I have a few more takes, and I will discuss this on Sports Radio 810 WHB this morning.

Okay, back to the chance of a white Christmas.  The probability of a white Christmas will be going way up if this blocking does indeed develop in the next week:


This map above shows the GFS model from the midnight run last night.  The High with the red circle around it is a rather strong upper level high closing off just east of Greenland.  This somewhat happened a few weeks ago and it lead to some rather cold weather in the past few weeks and 8.3″ of snow early in this season at KCI Airport.  A block is not forecast to form on all of the models, so we will keep monitoring this in the next few days.  When blocking forms over Alaska, northwest Canada, or Greenland, the jet stream is forced farther south and a becomes a bit more energized.  On this map above, a storm is approaching the plains on Christmas Eve.  It will be a real storm, if that blocking high does indeed develop.



These next two maps, above, shows two different versions of possible snowstorms near KC as Santa Clause arrives around midnight Christmas Eve night.  Again, it may highly depend on how that block forms, if that block forms at all.  So, this is something to, at least for the moment, get our minds off of the KC Chiefs tough loss to take today.

Kansas City Forecast:  The weather looks great this weekend. The sun will return after a cloudy and cold start this morning, with highs reaching into the 50s Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great day and thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Click here for the Weather2020 blog:  Weather2020 Blog  Let us know if you have any questions.



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