9:45 PM Update

Good late evening bloggers,

There is an area of snow heading our way. I do believe it will snow, but our snowfall forecast from the earlier newscasts is likely about right.  Right now, an area of snow between Salina and Dodge City is heading our way. If that area holds together we will get the one to two inches that I have in the forecast. Farther north there may be two to three inches closer to the Iowa border, but I just don’t see much of a chance of more than this.  So, I am 100% confident that it will snow, but I am going to stick to this map below at 10 PM:


An Arctic front will be moving through by Thursday with single digits likely on Friday morning.  Brett Anthony and Jeff Penner will be tracking this beginning at 4 AM. Try to get some rest.

The rain has continued to fall. What a great day of rain for many areas!  I will be showing radar off the top at 10 PM.


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43 comments to 9:45 PM Update

  • Kcchamps

    I say 1-2″ for the metro but I am hoping for more

  • shoedog

    Looking at radar this seems to be spinning North, I don’t see metro getting an inch, hopefully wrong!

    • Kole Christian

      The moisture is being pulled north but the track of the storm seems to be about right still to give us what Gary predicted. And it also seems like Gary had a hunch the models would back off the precipitation and it looks like at least at this juncture that he will be right.

  • R-Dub

    Guys, I’m heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan this week so I know I’ll see plenty of snow. For a small fee I’ll FedEx you back a cooler of the stuff…

  • pjjayhawk

    I drained 1.2″ out of the rain gauge at 9:30. Pretty decent rain – in Shawnee.

  • Kole Christian


    Please do!

  • stjoeattorney


  • HeatMiser

    Interesting. I am in Lawrence and the new advisory for us has upped the totals to 2-4 inches. Sounds like Gary disagrees with the NWS on that one.

  • HeatMiser

    TWC is predicting 3-5 inches for KC.


    Finally dropped a degree now that rain has stopped

  • bkstrvl

    Suggestion: Move the radar/warning map further into the corner rather than the current location which intrudes too far into the TV viewing screen. Or perhaps there is a setting of some sort on my TV which can adjust the picture so that will happen. If so, if anyone can help me with that, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • grassmankc

    Up to 1.46″ of rain in Greenwood MO.

  • numbers

    Fluffy fat flakes falling in Salina! Blanketing everything. So pretty.

  • better_than_you

    Anybody else see that new development SW of Olathe? Sign of things to come?

  • melafinatu

    Anyone else notice how TWC’s female meteorologist’s always seem to be pregnant?

  • McCabe58

    Yikes… The radar isn’t looking good for snow in the metro. Especially nit looking good for me here in pleasant hill :( oh well

  • rkguitarist5

    Sleeting pretty good right now in Liberty

  • Hunter

    Sleeting in Blue Springs (I-70 Exit 18).

  • McCabe58

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but with the dew point at 34 and the humidity at 94% I think this will hold together and possibly strengthen a bit when it gets even closer to the metro.

  • McCabe58

    Maybe it’s going to be just rain? Temps are at 34 and the precip is getting closer and closer..

  • kcjc777

    Moderate snow here near Zona Rosa in the Northland. Looks like this first band fired up right on top of us basically.

    Dusting on grass and the deck but it isn’t sticking to paved surfaces yet.

  • overlandpark4me

    LOL, what happened to those 20-30 mph winds at midnight? Does anyone have a clue anymore? Honestly. First it was snow at 9, then oops,it’s 36 degrees. Then the wind, oops. Then they say I-70 up. it’s 3AM and still above freezing here. Whatever.

    • Weatherman Kumke

      Jack Squat!

      • kcjc777

        It’s snowing here… And accumulating…

        So, no, not jack squat for everyone.

      • mowermike

        Already snow covered here on the NW side of Liberty. No tornadoes yesterday here but accumulating snow this morning.

        Just on the grass, but its an accumulating snow. Snowfall forecast looks to be right on track, at least up in north KC. This was never suppose to be a big snow.

    • mowermike


      No where in any forecast was the snow suppose to start at 9. The winds are currently gusting to 31mph and snow is moving in. 1-2 inches is likely by noon today. Its below freezing for many north of 70 now. Forecast looks right on track.


      Snow is increasing and most of the city should go into a steady snowfall for 2-4 hours. I already have 3/4 of an inch on the grass.

    • You obviously got your forecast from another source

  • TRuch2012

    Started snowing on the plaza at about 3:00 o’clock but its still above freezing by 1 degree. According to the weather channel app on my phone 100% chance till 4 then 80% till 5 than 30% chance for the rest of the day. So if its going to accumulate the temp needs to drop more. It’s not even accumulating on cars yet here.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Started snowing in olathe around 3am. we had freezing rain and sleet before that.

  • McCabe58

    Gary’s snowfall map may be a bit off…

  • hippygoth

    Well, I’ve been looking for the snow in Lenexa, think I just found the sum of it on my neighbours car…


  • Kcchamps

    looks like the snow is really falling apart on the radar… doesn’t look like we will even see 1″

  • ml2001

    maybe .5″ in the grass at the airport, roads are in great condition

  • Kole Christian

    Slight accumilations here just 1 mile north of Parkville.

  • Kole Christian


  • mowermike

    One healthy band of snow moving through now should be it for this little snow event.

    Untreated roads have flash froze and snow is now accumulating on them up here on the NW side of Liberty.

    Ended up with 1.09 inches of rain and should finish with about an inch of snow with this final band.

  • hippygoth

    Just drove from 87th and Renner (Lenexa), to 87th and Antioch (Overland Park), no issues on the way out, snow wasn’t heavy, and the roads are treated.

    The way back it appears the salt crews have forgotten to salt the 87th and I-35/69 intersections on the 87th bridges, they’re starting to get snow covered, along with a few intersections. Wind was starting to blow the snow around a little more.

    Thats it for the H. road report, now I’m off to camp outside a salt barn with a video camera…


  • terryatbethany

    Hey Gary just in case your are interested I had 3 inches of snow here in Bethany.Looked real pretty when I looked out this morning with the snow all over my shrubs and a male cardinal sitting in my burning bush and the female cardinal at the bird feeder.By the way you were the only one to predict what we would get right one the nose. NOAA way over predicted as usual.