70° Is On The 7 Day Forecast

Good morning bloggers,

Time change this weekend! Move your clocks forward one hour Saturday night!  We lose one hour and the data comes in one hour later!

Kansas City Time-Line:

  • Today:  Mostly cloudy & dry through 4 PM. There is a slight chance of a band of snow or rain showers later this afternoon and evening.  High:  40°
  • Tonight:  Decreasing clouds and a bit colder.  Low: 21°
  • Thursday:  Becoming mostly sunny and warmer. High:  49°



A band of precipitation has formed northwest of Kansas City. We will be tracking this area all afternoon. It may make it into KC by the evening rush hour.

The warming trend will continue through early next week with a couple of bumps in the road.  The warming trend will likely peak Monday with a high near 70°.  The two speed bumps on the way to 70° will be today and Saturday.  Two weak and disorganized storm systems may bring us some light precipitation and clouds, but other than these two small distractions it will feel pretty good.  It is 36 degrees warmer this morning than it was just two days ago when it was 7 below Monday morning!

Overall, we are in the drier and calmer part of the weather pattern. One strong system should affect the middle part of the nation around mid-next week, but right now the models are showing this storm as also weak and disorganized. The stormier part of the pattern will come back later this month into April and this is when we will have some good chances of more wide spread precipitation.

Have a great day, and let’s keep our eye on radar and see if any precipitation forms later this afternoon.


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27 comments to 70° Is On The 7 Day Forecast

  • yourmom

    This is great news!

  • luvsno

    I have a question about the LRC. This year the length is 56-58 days. Amazing because 57 days ago yesterday we tanked to below zero….just like we did on Monday. :)
    My question is does the weather correlate, not only 56-58 days ago, but also the days in-between the beginning of each cycle ? Hope I am putting it right. Say, the weather is similar each day ..45 days ago, etc.

    What cycle are we in now ? And each year does the LRC contain 3 cycles ?

  • Drought Miser

    We just got enough sunlight in the mornings to start at 7:00am and now they want to take it away??? Does any one else feel they should just leave the time alone? I mean come on this is the 21st century we all have the ability to start our chores early or to work later and adjust ourselves and our power needs to the ever changing daylight hours in the spring and fall do we not??

    • rred95

      I agree, I dont see any positives in changing the clocks around twice a year. Get rid of it.

      • NoBeachHere

        Get rid of it. In SE Indiana, they don’t change the time, they just move into Eastern TZ in fall and back to Central TZ in spring, weird. They call it fast time.

        • luvsno

          So, in SE Indiana, they spring AHEAD one hour in the fall, then fall back in the Spring ?? So essentially they do change the time, but just do the opposite of the rest of the US ?

          • NoBeachHere

            Well, they just stay the same time, all the time, never change. They are so close to Eastern TZ line that they adopt the ETZ in fall. When spring comes they fall back to CTZ. Like I said, weird.

            Anyone have an idea on how long the NAO can stay neutral and what could possibly happen if it went way negative???????

  • This bad news!!! Only 8 months till Winter Begins again, and the way things have been going, hopefully this is the year with no summer just wet and 70-90 for highs!

  • AW

    I think that, just like November, it’ll warm up, but, this time around, I think it’ll warm right back up again with some strong to severe thunderstorms for the KC area, leaning towards the strong side instead of the severe side, but I think that, even if these thunderstorms are severe, it’ll be super isolated severe thunderstorm, and mostly hail as the severe component, not wind. As for monday, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 73 or 74 degrees, if were lucky even 75, but we’ll have to keep monitoring this. Last year on the 15th, it was 53 degrees for the high, but the day before it was 83 degrees. Hoping for 83, not 53.

  • jasonatt

    Debating about going to the weather spotter class in Lees Summit tomorrow. How long is the class? Is it educational? Do I really need a HAM radio? If so, do I need to have a license to use it? This is something that I want to do but am completely buried in other activities so it really needs to be impactful or postponed until the other activities end in a few years.

    Thanks for any input.

    • gwh64063


      I’m planning to attend that training in LS, too. I’ve to a couple of those in years past. HAM radio is encouraged but not required to be a SkyWARN storm spotter. They have a website for making trained storm spotter reports. Yes, a license is required to transmit on HAM frequencies if memory serves me correctly. There are, I believe, three levels of licensing with each higher level gaining your authority to transmit at higher power levels (in addition to using other, restricted frequencies), I believe. The Jackson Co NWS storm spotter class usually includes a table where a local HAM radio club will setup with lots of information about HAM and how to become an operator. Hope that helps.

    • gwh64063

      Oh, and I’ve found that these classes tend to last about an hour to hour and a half. I’ve found them very educational in their discussions regarding storm types, storm formation, making storm reports, storm safety, etc.

  • AW

    Other stations showing 63. Gary, you must have a completely different model, or does it update sooner?

  • Farmgirl

    Is Monday’s 70 a calm or light breezy 70, or hang on to your hat 70?

  • yourmom

    Spring equinox date is March 20, 2014. Not too far away.

  • cm21

    Is it too early to use the LRC to think about a Royals Opening Day forecast for April 4th? Sounds like that could be when the active pattern returns??

  • stjoeattorney

    AT 1150 the snow is about 10 miles to my NW based on TOP radar, I bet it passes by before 4pm in KCMO.

  • Kole Christian

    Nice steady snow here in Maryville. Not too wind or too cold. Very pretty to stand outside and watch.

    • Drought Miser

      I hope it holds together amazing we can get snow on a 40 degrees day but on a 2 above day we get sleet for the most part ahhhh mother nature slays me sometimes

  • GarySaid71Degrees

    It will never reach 71. Gary hints at it, but it won’t happen. (Even though the smart money is on listening to Gary, then realizing that the exact opposite thing will actually happen.)

    Yeah, weather is complex. At least one station has cracked the code, though, two years and counting.

    • NoBeachHere

      He’s back. Funny, I didn’t see a bridge.

      • luvsno

        The bridge is still undergoing reconstruction…he used the detour to sneak over here. When the bridge is done they will put in a toll booth and he will be flagged and won’t be able to get an E-ZPass.

    • Dobber

      are they the most accurate?

  • luvsno

    dougy is at it again on the 2020 blog….moderator needed over there !

    • luvsno

      Is it strange that dougy and GarySaid71Degrees posted very close to the same times..on both blogs ? i don’t think it is strange at all. I think they are the same person since you can use different user names on the 2 blogs