31+ Wild Days In Kansas City

Good morning bloggers,

A few snow flurries or snow showers are expected today (it was snowing when I woke up early this morning).  Here is today’s Weather Timeline:

  • This morning:  Cloudy with a few snowflakes falling from flurries and snow showers. Windy & cold with wind chills in the single digits
  • This afternoon:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow showers.  High: 32°
  • Tonight:  Decreasing clouds with a few evening flurries.  Very cold.  Low:  18°
  • Later this week:  A gradual warming trend

We just had our fourth impacting snowstorm of the season with wide spread 5 to 10 inch totals:

  • Independence, MO:  10.0″
  • Harrisonville, MO:  10.o”
  • Louisburg, KS:  9.0″
  • Greenwood, MO:  8.3″
  • Overland Park, KS:  8.2″
  • KSHB-TV:  8.0″
  • Prairie Village, KS:   7.5″
  • McLouth, KS:  7.0″
  • Lawrence, KS:  6.2″
  • Leavenworth, KS:  5.5″

There were a few thunderstorms in some of the bands of snow early Sunday morning.  Stormy, Breezy, and I stayed at the Residence Inn on the Plaza. Yes, they allow dogs there, and as I was walking them at 4:30 AM I saw a flash of lightning and some loud thunder.  Here is a picture of the heavy snow with the dogs ready to get back inside:

Snow March 2

KCI Airport is now up to 31.2″ of snow for the winter. This makes winter 2012-13 the 15th snowiest winter in our recorded history. So, we have now had the  4th (2009-2010 44/2″), 9th (2010-2011 36.9″), 15th (2012-2013 31.2″), and least (2011-2012 3.9″) snowiest winters in the past four years. Wow!

Today will be the 9th day out of the last 10 days with snowflakes falling in Kansas City. I am going to stick my neck out and say that this has likely never happened before at this late of a date.  There has been at least a trace of snow on 9 of the last 10 days at KCI Airport.  The weekend snowstorm put KCI Airport over 30 inches for the season for the third time in the past four winters. Last winter was the least snowiest winter in KC’s recorded history.  Today will finish up our 31+ Wild Days In Kansas City.  Here are the impacts:

  • Impact 1:  February 21, 2013 Major Snowstorm Slams The KC Metro Area produces one foot of snow on the south side
  • Impact 2: February 23, 2013 ONE degree for the low temperature
  • Impact 3:  February 25-26, 2013 Major Snowstorm #2 produces 11 inches at KCI Airport
  • Impact 4:  March comes in like a lion
  • Impact 5:  Storm produces rain on March 8, 9, 10
  • Impact 6:  83° on March 15th
  • Impact 7:  St. Patrick’s Day Storm
  • Impact 8:  March 21st a cold blast and 1/2 to 1″ of snow
  • Impact 9:  March 23rd-24th Snowstorm….5 to 10 inches of snow falls in a very late winter storm

Before February 20th we were sitting on another low snow season with only 5 inches up to that point. Well, that is now a distant memory.  What happened to our winter, and now spring?  We discussed the Arctic Oscillation (AO) in the winter forecast and that if it went deeper into the negative we would have our somewhat dry winter pattern suddenly get energized a few times. Well, this is what happened during the past month:

AO Spread March 24


The AO had been oscillating mostly in negative territory throughout the winter, but in March it didn’t just dip negative, but it dipped down to near record negative territory just after St. Patrick’s Day. The weather pattern over the Northern Hemisphere blocked up, cold air got trapped deep down to the south, and we had a major winter storm yesterday as a result.  The AO is now on it’s way back trending towards neutral, but we will be going into the part of the weather pattern has produced the strongest storm systems near the northeast and mid-Atlantic coast. This will be returning in the next two to four weeks and the AO will likely trend back down again.

The weather pattern will settle down a bit after today’s chance of snow. Spring is coming. I promise!  Have a great day and thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog!


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  1. Spring is already here! You don’t have to promise. By looking at the long range forecast, 60s and 70s are coming soon.

    • Kcchamps;

      We had 7.2 inches of snow in April during the winter of 1982-83. It could happen but the chances are very slim.


    • Hi Kcchamps,
      I remember a pretty good snow storm the first week of April in possibly 1989. A friend and I were driving to The Levee Bar to hear the Sonny Kenner Trio. The drive from south KC to the bar usually took about 20 minutes. That eve it took about an hour and a half. When we arrived at our destination we discovered we were the only patrons! The band went ahead and played their regular set. My friend and I felt like kings with their own personal musicians!!!

  2. Here is the list of the snowiest winter in our recorded history according to NWS. In fact, 2012-13 is tied with 1957-58.


  3. Spring is only here by the calendar, nothing else says its spring! It will be interesting to see March stats for temp. I would guess, it will be one of, if not the coldest March ever in KC. I think, there has only been 2 days the entire month where temps were above average and doesn’t look like that will change, as I’m sure something will happen to keep Saturday and Sunday’s forecast high of around 60 from happening as well.

  4. Gary,
    Got a question regarding late spring into summer. If the AO and NAO keep dipping into the negative, would that likely mean a cooler summer(anything might be cooler than last summer) and wet?

  5. Is there a date in the near future when a long-ranger for the rest of our Spring (& Summer??) forecast(s) will debut? Just praying we’ll not have another dry year like ’11 or ’12.

  6. So far we are running 6.9 degrees below average this month. About the same since mid February – 6-8 degrees below average. Not sure where it stands either in terms of coldest March on record, but quite the far cry from last year where we were 6 degrees ABOVE average in March.

  7. Gary, wondering if you can comment on this….I was traveling through St. Louis on Saturday about 2:00PM on the way back to Overland Park and it was 54-56 degrees and they were 24 hours or less from receiving their biggest one day March snow ever and their 2nd biggest one day snow ever. I find this very interesting as the KC area had been in the 30’s most of the week leading up to the storm and St. Louis was mid 50’s within a day of the storm and we hear about sun angle, road temps, temperatures, etc. and how much harder it is to accumulate the snow this time of year. Obviously, it the temperature gets low enough and it snows hard enough during the storm, it will accumulate whether it’s January or late March. St. Louis is 30 degrees as I write this, but they should have had a much harder time getting started with accumulations that we did, given the profiles leading up to the storm. Just curious if you had any thoughts on anything.

    • Any idea what your snow rates were? Did you get to 3/hour? On our 1st big one in February we had 3 and occasionally 4/hour rates-was incredible as we had a foot in about 4-5 hours.

  8. There will be no spring this year, April will be cold and cloudy with temps struggling to reach 50, there will be 2-3 chances for snow as well. May will be cold and cloudy with temps mainly in the 50s , our last freeze won’t occur until around the middle of the month . By the time June rolls around we will finally see some consistent 60 degree weather and may even touch 70 a few times. There will be no severe weather this year (other than record breaking cold) because we will be in one of the coldest spots in the country. Summer (if you want to call it that) will be cool and wet with temps mainly in the 60s to low 70s. Pool and lake weather will be almost non-existent. First hard freeze will be early October and we will have snow on the ground by Halloween . All bloggers will rejoice as we will have the coldest crappiest year of weather on record. Are we still expecting another 1″ today , is there any chance it cool intensify and give us more?

    • Every Man A Weatherman?? LOL
      I do enjoy the heat and humidity of our typical Summer’s…and know that many will not join me in this. But, we don’t need temps in the 100s to make me happy. Also, I would like more humidity than last year’s arid/desert-like Summer. Morning dew is a beautiful thing for helping to control dust.

    • Emaw has lost it. All this crazy March weather has driven him off the edge. LoL I predict there will be no snow in April, certainly none that sticks. Could it be a colder April then normal? Sure. But I there will be plenty of days over 50. I agree we may not see much severe weather this spring, but then again, we haven’t for the last couple of yrs anyway. Totally disagree with summer…I’m sure we will have plenty of days over the low 70s and very few days in the 60s. I guess we’ll see who is closer, the insane Emaw or the sane Heat Miser.

  9. Lol@emaw…what happened to jack squat? I just hope for a wetter summer with less triple digit heat!

  10. Sorry, I should have worded that a little better, as far as severe weather goes this year, we won’t get Jack Squat!

  11. As a bicycle commuter 75% of the time to work I have to say snow is interesting. It’s kind of strange, because initially I thought that ice and snow were scary – I’m actually realizing that on a bicycle you have the distinct advantage of going at a slower speed. With the right tires, you can have decent grip on snow/slush. Ice is still kind of a moot point, but since you are going slower you have more time to anticipiate, think ahead, and do more things to avoid a skid than you would initially think.

    The last winter was relatively mild – and I have to admit the winter of 2010/11 I was just getting in to cycling (only commuted to work once every other week or so) and I kind of ditched the bicycle in the winter. Last year I was cycle-commuting 2/4 days of my work week, and this year 3/4 days of my work week. With an 7.9-8.1 mile each way commute, it’s not bad at all.

    Layering and planning go a long way – running, bicycling, whatever form of exercise you get in! Beats a boring dreadmill at the gym (and paying the $50/month!)

  12. We’ve already missed several weeks of what would have been typically severe weather potential. I agree, since we are not going to have much of a spring, I see very few chances of any severe weather this year, As much as I love big time T-storms we don’t need damaging winds, hail or tornado’s either. At least it appears to be a wet spring and I would imagine will continue into summer. It does seem like there are far more lovers of cold and snow weather bloggers including Gary, than us warm weather bloggers.

  13. I don’t see anything on radar that looks like we will get anything other than a few flurries today, and the sun is actually trying to come out in Olathe , ugh! Gary, make it stop we need more snow! Oh well, at least the temp is 30 degrees below normal!

  14. Kcpurple….I live here in kc now. However, I talked to several family members that reported thunder n lightning with HEAVY snow! I can only speculate 2/3 in per hour if you were in the thundersnow. It appears the heaviest was to the n of downtown. Lambert international reported 12.2. Dont know if that was final tally as snow was still falling. Anyhow, had it not been for the intensity a lot would have melted and totals greatly reduced. Regardless, thankful for the moisture!

    • How much over ‘average precipitation’ are you where you live…over the last 2 years? Hard to overcome 12″-20″ below avg in 2012 with just an inch or two over avg so far in 2013. In fact(?), I’ll say it’s impossible. If/when we go 8″ over avg I’ll then relent, though the damage from 2 year’s worth of drought may not be fully understood…even in the near future.
      The soil is thirsty my friends. lol

  15. So the LRC is ………………………………………………………………………………..

  16. If conditions in our area for this storm had been more conducive for severe weather as opposed to snow, would this have been a major outbreak or just a wind/hail type event? We obviously would have had some good rains, nonetheless.

  17. Let’s all pray for another monster in april. GFS guidence has a strong storm plowing through the plains early to mid next week, around the 2nd. Hopefully she dives south and churns up another foot for us. Some colder air would be nice too, low 20’s? Can I be greedy?

  18. Gary, when is your spring forecast? I’m anxious to see how much cold and snow we have in store heading into April! Hopefully in the next couple of days there will be some more 30s and snow/rain chances showing up at the end of your 7-day!

    • We actually had a decent April snow about 5-6 years ago. Kansas had blizzard warnings and close to a foot of snow. I believe KC ended up with about 3-5 inches. I had 4 inches at my place. And keep in mind KC can get accumulating snow until about mid May. May 18th is the record with 1 inch recorded here.

  19. It is snowing moderately here in Lexington. First snow shower of the day. About to head back to school in Sedalia and I have heard from friends there currently are moderate snow showers there as well.

  20. Since we have more snow on the way is the correct way to measure all at once after storm is done,or measure every hour and dust off and remeasure adding all totals every hour until storm or 24 hours is up?

  21. More snow!? What!? Yes! Hopefully it’ll be decent in sure it won’t be a big one like the last 3

  22. Ok, the news just explained the drought has been reduced but it isn’t over so maybe we can stop with that fuss. As for snow continuing and then cold weather throughout summer….well it sucks to live here then.

    • Bob,

      It will be over if rain is consistent in April and May. We see many good chances for rain, using the LRC. We will go over the details of this forecast sometime next week.


      • Is Wednesday’s storm LRC related?… Would fit good with the Feb 21 storm then three day’s later we had another whallop! Hopefully it continues to cycle like this all through spring!!

  23. Gary, I was actually referring to a possible snowstorm a week from Wednesday in the first week of April. Thoughts anyone?

  24. HeatMiser, do not question me, there is a method to my madness! Everything in my forecast above I have seen before. History repeats itself my friend. It’s snowing in Olathe again! Snow is king!

  25. So what’s this Wednesday snow I’m hearing about? How much? And is it a good chance

  26. 2-4 maybe more! Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Emaw you are cracking me up. Reverse to the reverse to the reverse psychology. I’m hoping it works. I enjoy snow but I enjoy hanging by the pool, beer in hand as well.

  28. We actually had a decent April snow about 5-6 years ago. Kansas had blizzard warnings and close to a foot of snow. I believe KC ended up with about 3-5 inches. I had 4 inches at my place. And keep in mind KC can get accumulating snow until about mid May. May 18th is the record with 1 inch recorded here.

    How’s the storm looking for next week?

  29. Gonna be a cold a$$ day working outside bright and early at 8am :-/ can’t wait til Thursday!

  30. FYI Weatherman Kumke occasioally crawls out of his hole and posts comments on Arrowhead Pride. This time last year on that site he emphatically claimed that his “sources” had informed him that Peyton Manning was signing with the Chiefs. It was a year ago almost to the date. Now he is a punch-line on a high-volume site. He is a charlatan at best, a troglodyte at worst.